Those die-hard Macy’s hating Marshall Field’s lovers held another protest outside of the flagship Chicago store this weekend. They will never give up. [WBBM]


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  1. FREAKHEAD says:

    yeah, children and families are going hungry this holiday season, lets protest the name change of a dept store instead.

    /From Chicago btw…don’t care.

  2. DjDynasty says:

    Yea, Let’s protest a department store that doesn’t give to the homeless the way the old “brand” did.

    Sorry, But I support the boycott, not only because it was a Chicago icon, but honestly, Wal-Mart sells better quality private label clothing!

    Also, Big business is that this site is against, even if all 849 stores were owned by Federated Department stores, by NOT changing the names, it creates a false sense of “home town business” which makes people shop at those businesses more than chains. I personally don’t spend money at chains, and don’t support them anymore than I have to. The only big business I actually give money to any more is Apple, Sprint & ComCast

  3. DrGirlfriend says:

    Is Macy’s going to end up being the only department store in the country? They are buying up stores left and right.

  4. Pylon83 says:

    Bunch of crazy people. I live around the corner from Macy’s on State Street and I’ve seen the nut jobs out there protesting and giving out pins, etc. Clearly they have far too much free time. Protesting a corporate name change, please….

  5. dantsea says:

    First world problem.

  6. RocktheDebit says:

    @DanB: Yes, we live in the first world. And we’re trying to protect local culture. You wouldn’t be so dismissive of protesters in front of Iraq’s first McDonald’s.

  7. Pylon83 says:

    Local culture? It’s a DEPARTMENT STORE! It’s not the Cultural Center, or Grant Park. It’s a store that sells clothing, cosmetics, and furniture.

  8. stevebmd says:

    @DjDynasty: “The only big business I actually give money to any more is Apple, Sprint & ComCast.” Is that out of choice, or coercion?

  9. cabinaero says:

    Here in the Twin Cities, some people still refer to Macy’s as “Dayton’s” — and Dayton’s hasn’t existed for over six years now.

  10. TeraGram says:

    I was back in Chicago over the summer for the first time in 14 years.

    I went into the State Street store. I

    I expected change. A store that doesn’t change stagnates and dies. But, it wasn’t Marshall Fields anymore. No, it was Macy’s. It was the same P.O.S. department store that you can go to anywhere in the country.

    It used to be special. Very, very special. Now’s its just crap.

    AND WORST OF ALL they’ve completely ruined Frango mints.

    Macy’s sucks. They suck in Chicago and they suck out here in California.

  11. Maulleigh says:

    I for one applaud our new Macy’s overlords. Now I can perhaps get FrangoMints in New York?

  12. DjDynasty says:

    @stevebmd: Pretty much because they are the only big companies I can’t seem to survive without. Comcast in Chicago knows they suck a lot more than Brian Roberts will admit, I’ve had a running 50% discount for years, Sprint, that’s a whole story that would need an entire article devoted to, but basiclly Most months they pay me to use their service.

    @Pylon83: Ever hear of the “Field” Museum? Yes, he built it and paid for it. Ever hear of the Adler Planetarium? Yep, CEO #2 of the company paid for that. Ever hear of the Palmer House Hotel? Yep, one of the partners from Field’s owned that too. What ignorant people like you don’t get is that after the Chicago fire, if it weren’t for Marshall Field’s who owned most of the real estate in the city to begin with, this city would not have been built up to the grandure it is today. Bluntly, Without Mr. Field, we would have turned into a second class city like Detroit or Denver

    @drgirlfriend: R.H. Macy & Co filed Bankrupcty in 1994 because of a hostil takeover attempt, Federated filed it in 1996 after aquiring Macy’s because of the debt load they took on with Macy’s and the whole company has been in the crapper since! Now let’s look at the brands that FDS Abolished that never once filed bankrupcy, with the exception of the John Wannamakers chain, the rest were stable, well liked name plates that had better name recognition than Coca Cola. To hear people talk about those stores pre-macy’s “To get a present from (insert local store name) it was special and magical” Well, It was because May Department Stores got it right the first time. It was because Macy’s filed Bankrupcy twice that a lot of vendors were left screwed out of money. Ralph Lauren hates Macy’s with a passion, was quoted as saying so when asked about the name changes. The high end designers pulled out, coach is going to pull out when the contract to supply runs out.

    To Quote Mr. Lundgren. “Shopping is an emotional experience” He’s right, but since the macy’s change over, I’ve experienced EVERY emotion but happy when it comes with dealing with that sub-par private label whorehouse called Macy’s. Alfani? Well it sounds like Armani. Charter Club? Donald Trump? Didn’t all his businesses go bankrupt too? Perfect match! Martha Stewart and her federal prison decorating patterns. Usher who’s probably a drug dealer, Kenneth Cole who doesn’t even design his own clothes that are put in Macy’s, Van Hueson the same people who own the rights to Calvin Klein, INC, Charter Club, Donald Trump, Chaps, and other popular low end designer labels. And I.N.C ? Yea, Who the hell is that! Ain’t shit international about it.

    So yes there may be other things in the world that need to be dealt with first, but world is a perception. What matters in my world may not matter in yours, and vice versa.

  13. DjDynasty says:

    @Maulleigh: They taste VERY waxy now! Like candle wax melted on chocolate frosting, almost everyone has been returning them because of bad quality.

  14. MMD says:

    I do think that Macy’s callous disregard for the feelings of Chicagoans is worth complaining about. When the name change happened, the overwhelming majority of Chicago residents hated the idea, but Macy’s just ignored us.

    Is it local culture? I’m not sure…but Marshall Fields was a part of Chicago history. There are apparently displays at State Street that refer to the 100th anniversary of the store that make no reference at all to the name Marshall Fields. Sheesh, Macy’s…how oblivious can you be?

  15. bohemian says:

    I’m torn. Marshall Fields stripped the Minneapolis tradition of Dayton-Hudson and turned the flagship store downtown into a Marshall Fields.

    But the Macy’s incarnation that used to be Daytons and used to be Marshall Fields really sucks. The selection and quality is horrible.

  16. Rando says:

    Rofl, people should really grow up and learn to get over things.

  17. Rando says:

    @drgirlfriend: Doubtful. There is still Sears, JC Penny, Kohls, and a bunch of other ones.

  18. Rando says:

    @DjDynasty: You do realize Macy’s is one of the biggest contributors to charity, right?

  19. Me - now with more humidity says:

    People still shop IN stores!? Who knew?

  20. Rando says:

    @TeraGram: Mints taste the same to me…Macy’s didn’t change the receipt, rofl.

  21. Rando says:

    @randotheking: recipe*

  22. Rando says:

    @Maulleigh: I think they’re at every store, and much cheaper. I got a box for $8.

  23. dwarf74 says:

    I don’t get the anger. I used to Christmas shop at Fields once in a while. I hardly bought anything at all, but it was fun. This year, I shopped at the Macy’s at that location. Still, had a good time. It was a great store nonetheless, and more affordable to boot.

    I’m not going to say it was a great change, but really – it wasn’t an awful one.

  24. Sytteg says:

    We traded Foley’s for Macy’s not a big loss if I never have to hear those annoying Red Apple Sales commercials again. Our #1 department store is and has been Dillards based in Little Rock, AR. We also have JC Penneys, Sears, Kohls, and Belk. We also have a Nordstroms women in our high end shopping area. I’d be sad if Dillards was taken over with Macy’s. We also used to have Mervyn’s but they started a long decline in the mid-90’s and closed 2-3yrs ago after a long close-out from one of those annoying liquidation firms.

  25. DjDynasty says:

    @randotheking: Working on one of the charities in Chicago that Marshall Fields contributed to, Macy’s contributes company wide (849 Macys, 30+ Bloomies)slightly less than what Marshall Fields (60 stores) donated to Chicago, Minn/St. Paul, & Detroit markets ONLY!

  26. DjDynasty says:

    @randotheking: No Frango’s are not at every store, you have to ask for them, they are difficult to find in most locations, and typically expired.

  27. masdumas says:

    Macy’s blows! I know that customer service is bad across the board, but they are trying hard to lose people. Along with that they are taking things that were Fields (the giant tree, the walnut room, etc) and trying to act as if Field’s never existed. the service was so bad on Saturday at State Street that it brought my wife to tears.

  28. ancientsociety says:


    Of course these people keep protesting, because our good-for-nothing, podunk media outlets keep giving them publicity. These are the same 50 or so people who were protesting two months ago, then two months before that, and so on.

    Actual Chicago citizens (like me, my friends, and neighbors – not these suburbanites with too much time on their hands) have bigger, more important things to worry about than what ONE dept. store is named – huge budget shortfalls in city and county gov’t, the lack of initiative to fix our broken public transit system, the lack of affordable housing, tax increases, police brutality, widespread corruption of public officials, etc. If these same protestors put half the initiative they already do into protesting ACTUAL PROBLEMS, things would get a lot better around here.

    @DjDynasty: Field’s is gone. Get over it.

    History (since you’re apparently so versed in it) is change. Stores close. People come and go. That doesn’t detract from the contributions Field’s has made to this city IN THE PAST. Just because one dept. store is gone does not spell the end of philanthropy in this city.

  29. Youthier says:

    11 months out of the year, the loss of Field’s doesn’t bother me. I just avoid Macy’s crap selection and shop at Nordstrom’s.

    But in December… Field’s was my Christmas tradition and I HATE giving up traditions.

    Also, it was pretty damn cold on my side of the lake last weekend so these are some hardcore dissenters.

  30. jmackowi says:

    These people are idiots. Who cares which department store it is?

  31. dantsea says:

    @RocktheDebit: Field’s is gone. Get over it.

  32. Abogada says:


    I worked at Daytons while I was in college, and that was nowhere near sixty years ago. It hasn’t been gone that long.

  33. Abogada says:

    Ah – SIX years. I need bifocals.

    In our family, we call the store D’macy Fields.

  34. dfp says:

    What’s so painful is to read the “get over it- change is good” attitude espoused by a number of posters. Yet any one who who works in human services can tell you (you ALL want us when you wind up in ER) there’s more to this story than a bunch of folks with nothing better to do or needing to “get a life”. In fact, they care about life and the quality of it. Shopping , like it or not, is HUGE in this country and those who got it understood that it was a very personal experience and tried to appeal to their market. Macy’s is a once size fits all. “Marshall Field’s” j-even with other owners, understood that their base was across the spectrum of Chicago and had something for all and catered to it. Macy’s attitude is very much one of “Take us or leave us”. And, understandably, the majority of Chicagoans ARE leaving it.

  35. DjDynasty says:

    @ancientsociety: “When you take a mortal man, and put him in control, watch him become a god, and people’s heads a roll” It’s the Symphony of Destruction, and Chicago is doing it. If you were an actual real Chicagoian, you would know corrupt public officals, and police brutality is part of our history and future. Vote Early and Vote often! The fact that the protest is able to go on without Police bothering these people is an act of god, because Police in Chicago break up every protest after an hour.

    The reason the media keeps giving us attention, is because the “economic advisors” who said 2 years ago this is the biggest blunder next to changing the recipie of Coke are watching this closely. Everyone is doing an “I told you so” is where you can complain, they used to respond to the complaints, now, they tell you to go away and shop elsewhere and you guys thought Wal-Mart had bad service! Macy’s feels their market is between Nordstroms, and the Bon Ton Group of stores, but in reality, Carson’s provides better service than Macy’s, better products, and they have always been Carson’s in Chicago.

    You want property taxes to stay low? throw the gays out. Seriouslly. The gays find the run down area’s and make them attractive and increase the value. Lakeview 20 years ago was not a safe neighborhood. Edgewater & Andersonville 10 years ago wasn’t a safe neighborhood, and now their expanding into Rogers Park.

    As far as Transit systems, I think public trans should be a private corporation regulated by the goverment the way the Post Office is.That way they have to be self funding, instead of giving all the fares back to the city, and waiting for their cut. Don’t think that’s how it works, call the RTA and ask to speak to someone in accounting.