9 Common Ailments And The Cheaper Generic Drugs To Treat Them

It’s not just for the cereal aisle anymore, generic over name brand saves behind the pharmacy counter too. Generic drugs work just as well as name-brands, often at a fraction of the cost. One-size does not fit all and only your doctor can tell you if switching to a cheaper option is right for you.

Condition / generic drug / cost per month
Allergies, hay fever, hives / loratadine / $13
ADHD / Metylphenidate / $40
High LDL / Lovastatin / $34
Depression / Fluoxetine / $42
Diabetes, Type 2 / Metformin / $42
Heartburn, GERD / Prilosec OTC / $26
Insomnia / Zolpidem / $29
Osteoarthirtis / Ibuprofen / $18
Schizophrenia / Perhenazine / $56

Check out Consumer Reports big database of ailments and the most cost-effective drugs available to treat them.

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