Comcast: Wanna Pay An Extra $2.95 A Month For TiVo?

TiVo says that you will soon have the privilege of paying Comcast an extra $2.95 a month for TiVo service (on top of what you already pay for a DVR).

“We are very excited by the emphasis that Comcast has placed on this product within its organization and their plans to aggressively market it at a $2.95 up-charge as well as through packaged bundles and win-back offers,” Rogers said. “Further, we are pleased with Comcast’s plans to promote and market the value of the TiVo experience, which will leverage many of their marketing assets including cross-channel TV.”

In the Boston area, Comcast’s regular pricing for a high-definition DVR (the model that supports the TiVo software) is $16.94 per month, meaning TiVo service would be $19.89. Comcast confirmed that it will add the $2.95 up-charge for TiVo service

Are you excited?

Comcast to Charge $2.95 Extra for TiVo DVR Service [Multichannel News]

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