Too Stinky To Fly: "Unfamiliar Smell" Grounds Southwest Flight

An “unfamiliar smell” grounded a flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Thursday after flight attendants noticed the smell shortly after take off.

The flight returned to Pheonix as a precaution and the passengers were put on another plane about an hour later.

A spokesperson for Southwest said that the smell may have been coming from “cleaning solvents.”

Whatever! We’re glad they turned the plane around. Recently, a U.S. Airways flight crew suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning after noticing a weird smell on a flight to Boston. That flight also turned around and landed safely.

‘Unfamiliar smell’ prompts Southwest flight to return [Arizona Republic]


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  1. headon says:

    So you’re saying Southwest stinks.

  2. DallasDMD says:

    Don’t fly Southwest after a high-fiber meal.

  3. ahursh says:

    Can we get an extra “o” in To?

  4. Adam Rock says:

    “Too” stinky, you mean? It’s painful to read errors like this from an awesome site like this!

  5. protest says:

    um, my recent northwest flight smelled, literally, like fresh sh*t and they didn’t ground the plane. why do these mofos get special treatment?

  6. glass says:


    not without buying another vowel.

  7. specialed5000 says:

    @protest: I’m guessing that the key word here is “unfamiliar”. Shit is a pretty familiar smell on many planes these days.

  8. nffcnnr says:

    Someone musta had McDonald’s breakfast that day. :o[

  9. Finder says:

    Ooooooh, that smell!

  10. lostalaska says:

    Sorry everyone, from now on no breakfast burritos before boarding the plane it’s a new FAA rule =P

  11. Crymson_77 says:

    @specialed5000: ROFL!!!

  12. protest says:

    sigh, yes we can fly a plane at 30,000 feet, but we still can’t properly deal with poo.

  13. econobiker says:

    They actually use “cleaning solvents” on the planes these days??? I’ve actually seen a wet airplane seat left from a young child peeing while she slept…

  14. strixus says:

    Jee. Here I am remembering a Southwest flight I took once where not only did it smell – there were still chunks and streaks of uncleaned vomit RIGHT NEXT TO MY SEAT.

  15. Jeff_McAwesome says:

    Must have been a new crew. I know what smell they smelled, it’s called “Pheonix.”

  16. realjen01 says:

    Phoenix is spelled incorrectly.

  17. SVreader says:

    Fantastic choice of photo.

  18. calpchen says:

    @svreader: “I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.”

  19. headon says:

    What they are smelling is the new boarding system. It Stinks.

  20. FLConsumer says:

    @specialed5000: That’s it exactly — cleaning products inside planes are rare these days, hence the flight crew’s unfamiliarity with them.

  21. Can we also get Phoenix spelled right both times?

  22. KivaWolf says:

    Are they sure maybe it wasn’t the fish they were planning on serving?