Sears Unable To Fulfill Black Friday Online Orders, How About Something Crappier Instead?

The deep discounts some retailers offered on Black Friday are biting them in the ass – they were too popular and can’t fulfill all the orders. Some are trying to scramble to offer alternative deals, but since they can’t compare, they smell like bait and switch… and now that it’s been almost a week, bait left over from last Friday sure don’t smell too pretty. Here’s what reader Ian has to say about Sears failure to sell him a TV at advertised price…

I bought a 46″ Sharp LCD TV online at for $999.99 on Thursday night (11/22) because I saw the offer advertised for the Black Friday Sale. I figured they’ll probably offer the same deal online, and I don’t have to wake up early to fight the crowd. I can order it in the comfort of my own home. I placed the order, which went through and the website indicated to me that this item was in stock and ready for delivery (otherwise the order would not go through, right?). After finalizing the order, it indicated that the TV would be delivered on the following Sunday (11/25). Well, it’s now Thursday and I don’t see a new TV in my living room. In fact, I have been on the phone doing battle with their famous customer service reps trying to track down my TV.

After having made several calls to them, the conclusion was that they’re out of this particular TV, and it looks like they won’t be able to deliver the same TV any time soon. So instead they’re offering a 10% discount on any other TV. After doing some research on their website as well as other stores that carry flat screen TVs, I can’t find a deal that even comes close to the initial offer. $1000 for a 46″ LCD TV made by a reputable manufacturer is just unheard of, and Sears won’t be able to honor it. Now they’re forcing customers who have made similar purchases to buy a more expensive TV. Do the terms “breach of contract” and “bait and switch” mean anything to Sears? My Brother-In-Law made the same purchase as well and he’s getting the same runaround treatment.

So for any of you who are considering buying anything from Sears…DON’T. Sears is the epitome of what is wrong with Corporate America. Their primary concern is profit and have a blatant disregard for ethical business practices and preserving a brand image. I was a lifetime Sears shopper until this last purchase. Never again.


Ian Y,

(Photo: lisa scheer)

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