Only 22% Of American Importers Of Chinese Goods Have Reviewed Their Supply Chain

A survey of global manufacturers found that only 22% have reviewed their supply chain in light of the Mattel lead toy recall situation. Of that number, 1/3 said they would change how they go about evaluating suppliers. 30% said they were sending quality inspectors to overseas plants. Most of the executives said their greatest fear in doing business with China wasn’t defective products, but that the Chinese would make knockoffs of their wares.

Survey: Global Manufacturers Staying Put in China [the smart cube blog]


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  1. kirkvanhouten says:

    I bet Art Vandelay is that 78%.

  2. CyGuy says:

    The study results might be a bit deceptive. What’s most relevant is what percentage of products have been reviewed. The 22% might represent 95% of products imported from China, or it might represent 5%.

  3. Beerad says:

    Also, why would every single manufacturer go through the hassle of re-evaluating their supply chain? If I manufacture, I dunno, wooden widgets, or some sort of industrial machinery component, am I really that concerned about whether there might be lead in my product? I would think that you would quickly figure out anyway if your widgets weren’t, you know, made of wood, and you probably aren’t expecting your industrial gizmo-thingy ™ to end up in the hands of little Cindy-Lou-Who on Christmas morning, where she’ll just pop it right in her adorable mouth and suck out all of the delicious toxic heavy metals.

    To recap: Toy/product-for-kids manufacturer? Might want to maybe take a look, depending on your product. Anyone else? Probably not.

  4. csdiego says:

    Which is why I’ve reviewed my own personal supply chain into my own home and always reject the Made in China label if there’s any other choice. It’s not as hard as I first expected it would be to find things made in countries I can live with and even the USA.

  5. Crazytree says:

    see no evil

    hear no evil.

  6. ZitosGhost says:

    Thats good, most of those “quality inspectors” do not speak Chinese so behave like a fish out of water during the whole trip, hiding in the hotel room and getting a quick “tour” of the factory. What nonsense. Make your own toys or pay the consequences yuppies.