Is Comcast Overloaded With Last-Minute Orders For The NFL Network?

Reader Dana is trying to order the Comcast Sports Tier in time for tonight’s “Old Favre, Young Favre” battle between the Packers and the Cowboys, but she says she can’t even get Comcast on the phone.

I just tried to call Comcast, and the recording tells me they are ” too busy” to actually connect me to a customer service, due to the high volume of calls they are receiving. Like many other people, I am unfortunately taking the bait and trying to get the NFL network for tonight’s game. We waited until the last minute on purpose, as we want to keep this extra service for the shortest amount of time possible. I am actually trying to call a company to give them my money, and they are disconnecting me on purpose?! Huh. Is that a common practice these days?


Whoops. That does sound unusual. Anyone else having this problem?


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