Who Should Play Kevin Trudeau In The Inevitable TV Movie?

More than one reader noticed a remarkable similarity between FTC repeat offender and infomercial king Kevin Trudeau and Dallas do-gooder Bobby Ewing—er, Patrick Duffy. Which makes us wonder: if there’s a TV movie in the works about Trudeau, and there certainly should be, who should play him? Share the wisdom of a crowd and cast your vote.

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  1. betatron says:

    I feel this poll is remiss in not including Chris Parnell (SNL, 30 Rock-Dr. Spaceman) and will file a complaint with the FCC to that effect. Thank you for your time.

  2. roche says:

    Since when did this blog turn into TMZ?

  3. ironchef says:

    I vote for OJ simpson.

    It takes a BS artist to play one.

  4. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    John Slattery, currently playing Longoria’s husband on “Desperate Housewives” would be good, especially if he dyed his hair dark for the part.
    He’s incredibly slimy.

  5. jwissick says:

    How about Tom Vu?

  6. faust1200 says:

    Luke Wilson – I hate him too.

  7. ironchef says:

    @Greasy Thumb Guzik:

    damn…that’s a better match than Patrick Duffy.

  8. BigNutty says:

    He has such a big ego, he would probably play himself, then he could also collect more money.

  9. frankblevins says:

    I agree he should play himself. Then he could write a book about how the feds tried to shut down production of his movie.

  10. katzeroo says:

    I say Kevin Spacey. Hey may not look 100% like him (maybe a hairpiece?) but boy can hey act like a creepy conman sleazebag if he needs to. I doubt he does TV movies though.

  11. SpenceMan01 says:

    I’m doing a write-in: Minnesota Governer, Tim Pawlenty.

    Pic: [news.minnesota.publicradio.org]

  12. Gaambit says:

    @Greasy Thumb Guzik: I came in her to say EXACTLY this! Sure, John Slattery doesn’t look as much as Trudeau as some others, but his acting will more than convey what a d-bag Trudeau is! Well done.

  13. reimero says:

    I’ve got a friend who is a professor of drama in the Chicago area who would be perfect for the role. Especially since his name is also Kevin Trudeau (no relation.)

  14. adehus says:

    For some reason, I want to say Richard Gere.

  15. 4ster says:

    Vince Gill, or barring that, Charles Barkley.

  16. PiningForTheFnords says:

    See, now I always thought he looked like Ryan Stiles for some reason.

  17. Gedden says:

    Oh man the guy from super troopers looks exactly like him…

  18. kenposan says:

    How about no one so this asshat doesn’t get anymore money from his wanton ways, cause I’m thinking someone would have to buy the rights to his story, right?

  19. n/a says:

    Both he and Michael Pinkus are both quacks who shouldnt be allowed to broadcast, screw the 1st amendment rights, by the way michael pinkus is a scientologist also.


  20. n/a says:

    I forgot to add about the google search of michael pinkus and if you scroll down youll see a thing on scientology and his name listed, unless by some bizzaro universe that he isnt the same pinkus.


  21. helloitabot says:

    Andy Milder. The guy on Weeds who got in the motorcycle accident. Spitting image.


  22. stopshopping says:

    Take a look at Richard Gere! Could be perfect…