We don’t necessarily agree that this Circuit City customer should have gotten a purple thumb drive for the same price as the same black one, or gotten a deal after it had expired, but two things are certain: One, he pursued his deal beyond the point of reason, and Two, the complaint’s ornate tone and its litany of gripes makes for an entertaining read. [CheapAssGamer]


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  1. chrisgoh says:

    No matter how valid your complaint, you still need to consider the value of your time. This guy probably put in a full days work just to try and save a few dollars.

  2. JKinNYC says:

    That was waaaaaaaaay too long for my lazy ass to read. Anyone care to summarize?

  3. uricmu says:

    By the way, how did he try to use the coupon on getting a Nintendo DS? I have that coupon and it specifically says: “no game consoles”

  4. invaderzim says:

    This guy is scary…

  5. canerican says:

    Summary: A guy went to Circuit City to buy some stuff, they didn’t have one of the things that he wanted therefore he couldn’t use a coupon for 40 off $200. They had another color of the item he wanted but for more money and they wouldn’t match the price. So he whined alot. He wanted stuff for free, and when he went back like 9 years later another item that he wanted to buy the first time wasn’t on sale anymore. So he was mad again.

    He is as wordy as Stephen King, with the talent of B-rate comic book writer, you didn’t miss much.

    I find it ironic that he posted at CheapAssGamer, I agree with most of that, except the Gamer part.

  6. HeyThereKiller says:

    @JKinNYC: “I don’t want to spend an extra $25 on a thumb drive even if the proceeds go to Alzheimer’s research, therefore I will buy nothing, depriving myself of the best deals of the year and my friends and family of their holiday presents.”

  7. This is why it’s best to just avoid all those big box retailers this time of year. Just use retailmenot.com grab a coupon code and buy from stores that actually have the items in stock and wait for the mail carrier to bring your goodies.

  8. iMike says:

    I think this is actually a work of fiction. Tip off was near the end of the diatribe:

    My girlfriend also advised gathering up as many corporate Circuit City e-mail addresses as I could find, and sending copies of my dilemma to them…

  9. Trick says:

    Way to go, Sparky. That minimum wage earning job can wait while you waste a long amount of time trying to get something for free or save a few bucks… especially on crap you readily admit cost more at CC than elsewhere!

  10. ironicsans says:

    “You don’t have what I want? Then give me that other thing for the same price. No? How dare you say no to my reasonable request! I’m entitled to it!” About half-way through I wondered if this was meant as parody.

  11. JKinNYC says:
  12. ChrisC1234 says:

    No Soup For You!

  13. humphrmi says:

    LOL. I read it all. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless.

  14. He grabbed one of the purple Alzheimer’s charity thumb drives and manually overrode the price to match that of the black thumb drive, $15, perhaps figuring that they won’t remember being shorted in a few days.

    Asshole. As if he cares what they “figure” about selling it for less. He’s the one who insisted on getting it cheaper in the first place!

    Why didn’t he just buy everything the first time he went in and take it up with corporate later? Then when he was offered a gift card he could have asked for one that would make up the difference in the prices of the thumb drives. Heck, he could have asked for a gift card in the store instead of demanding that they rip off a charity.

    @chrisgoh: Did you catch the part where he complains about the amount of the gift card offered?

    Following this, Britney offered to send me a $10 gift card to make up for my troubles. Yes, ten whole dollars…I informed Britney that this was woefully inadequate, indeed less than I had even spent in gas during my two trips to Store 700.

    Unbelievable. (Also makes me wonder about his definition of “not terribly far away”)

  15. j-yo says:

    Someone had way too much time on his hands. I just hope he finds the courage to continue living.

  16. motoraway says:

    I’m surprised the neckbeard was able to survive all of that time out of his parents basement. Such a drama queen. I don’t think he mentioned the cold weather enough. This is the reason customer service is heading down hill, consumers like himself.

  17. JessiesMind says:

    Ugh, I can’t believe I’m getting ready to say this but… Go Circuit City! Guy went in there with a sense of entitlement. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people immediately start making demands over every little (usually imagined) issue instead of calmly presenting the problem and pausing for a beat to let the company offer some sort of compensation.

    The worst is in a restaurant. “My steak was overcooked. I want my meal comped.” Whoa pal, someone’s played this game before, I’m thinking.

    Oh, and did anyone else get the feeling that the author of this complaint was sneering as though he’d just stepped in dog sh*t as he typed the phrase “current events”?

  18. Pylon83 says:

    What an over-entitled jerk. I imagine the management at Store 700 got a real kick out of this loose cannon.

  19. witeowl says:

    @iMike: Laughed out loud, I did.

  20. coan_net says:

    Um… even without the thumb drive, he would have had over $200 to use the $40 off coupon. If he REALLY wanted to spend his money and use the coupon, he could have…. but it seems like what he REALLY wanted to do was complain.

    I mean if a store says they can’t find an item and won’t price match another – O’well. If it is an advertised item, take the ad to Wal-Mart or Best Buy and get a price match for the same item.

  21. matt1978 says:

    Geez, you should read the responses on the forum. Quite a lot o’ jackasses.

  22. EtherealStrife says:

    A blogger in the making. >< Thankfully his species has difficulty breeding with the rest of the population.

  23. Wubbytoes says:

    Man, what a jerk. You are not entitled to anything, just let it go!

  24. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Is there like, a Cliffs Notes version?
    I really dislike Best Buy, but I have to say, he’s in the wrong.
    They can’t be required to have all things in stock at all times at the price the consumer decides he’d like to pay.

  25. wellfleet says:

    I work in a big box retailer and this is the kind of customer we wait for our entire lives. Not only would I relish saying ‘no’ to this guy, I would tell all my friends and coworkers about him over drinks at Friday”s.
    First of all, you have to be absolutely insane to go shopping on the *busiest* weekend of the entire year. You have to be deaf, blind, and certainly dumb to expect to not wait a single moment when there are literally 500 people in a store. You have to be equally asinine to not realize that thanksgiving ads are for two days only, and that doorbusters are just that.
    Way to cheat the Alzheimer’s foundation, way to irritate, annoy, and cheat people over a few dollars. How much is your time worth? Do you get paid by the word? Good lord, I don’t know where store 700 is, but I’m going to find out and look out for you.
    Good luck. I have a feeling you’re going to get on the wrong person’s nerves one day.

  26. endless says:


    as a fellow bigbox kid, this goes beyond just waiting for a customer, this is the one that the story gets stolen, and told like it was your own customer to the new kids. this is legend.

  27. rubberkeyhole says:

    I work at BBY, and even though this whole diatribe took place at CC, I still want to hug those managers that refused his stupidity.

    First of all – trying to get someone to hold your hand while you shop for a JUMP DRIVE on the weekend after Thanksgiving? Not happenin’, dude – and to be honest, I think he was the only one that really cared about the damn jump drives. Not only do stores take a huge cut on anything sold the day/weekend after Thanksgiving, but getting the district manager involved over not only a $15 jump drive but a $130 DS is probably the stupidest thing ever.

    Second of all – maybe he should have gotten it through his thick skull that they can’t cut the price on a charity item because – hey! – the profits go to that charity! Thanks, moron, I hope you get Alzheimer’s and you eventually will need some $34 treatment that your asshole counterpart refused to pay because he wanted a JUMP DRIVE. At the very least, I hope he buys a faulty jump drive that loses his life manifesto right as he’s about to print. SOMETHING to make this kid understand how karma works.

    I don’t care who you are or who you tell – if people want their electronics, they’ll get ’em, even if it means going to BBY or CC, regardless of some butthurt asshole trying to get whatever the hell he wants at whatever prices he picks out of a sale flyer (regardless of WHEN they were valid).

    I’m sorry, I could go on forever – maybe it’s because I’ve worked in retail for so long, or maybe it’s because I just got through the Black Friday-Weekend working.

  28. l0stn0tfound says:

    While he had some issues… He could have avoided the whole situation by realizing his coupon wouldn’t have worked anyway because it doesn’t apply to game consoles (including portable ones).

  29. anneofandover says:

    This is probably giving them too much credit, but maybe Circuit City had their phone system shut down so they could help the customers who had acutally taken the time to go to the store instead of those calling on the phone. I know I hate it when I’m standing in a store and the salesperson makes me wait while he/she answers a call. I love a bad customer service tirade as much as the next person but this guy needs to move on. He is wrong on so many levels.

  30. eastx says:

    In response to the guy 3 spaces above me, the DS package in question actually sells for $160 and was on sale for $140 during Black Friday weekend. However yeah, he CAG in question expected way too much from Circuit City.

  31. JeffM says:

    It is unrealistic to expect a business to price match like items of different colors. They have different SKUs I would think therefore different prices. You think Amazon would sell you another Zune after the $80 brown ones sell out? :)

    Deals are probably offered by the manufactures as such… CC would be totally in the clear if they had just told him that instead of jerking them around, but then again I don’t think any of the big box retailers have decent customer service. He should have anticipated that and simply found another ~$15 item before checking out to ensure he got all of the other discounts.

    How hard is it to find a 2GB key drive for under $20 these days? I got a coupon for a free one at my local Micro Center at the beginning of the month… maybe I should mail it to him!

  32. CC would be totally in the clear if they had just told him that instead of jerking them around…

    @JeffM: How was CC jerking him around about the thumb drive? They flat out told him that they wouldn’t change the price.

  33. whitedevil01 says:

    I’m shocked with the actual concept that this person actually exists. This guy is not a “consumer” but a “problem customer”… I’m sure all levels of management realized this from his initial attitude towards the first sales associate.. not to mention his contempt for store employees. He needs to get over himself, he’s not “all that and three bags of potato chips”.

  34. Youthier says:

    My favorite part –

    It is telling that I have Circuit City’s corporate number memorized. It is 1-800-THE-CITY.

    Really? That’s telling. I now have the CC corporate number too. And I’ve never even dialed it.

  35. mac-phisto says:

    well, i’m going to be the unpopular fellow here. this is why i don’t shop at circuit city. i’ve had similar issues in the past. i don’t think this guy is a “problem customer” at all & i think his story shows the inability of stores such as circuit city to fulfill their driving mission statement – to provide a quality shopping experience.

    he took the proper steps at the beginning to make sure that he could enter & leave cc with the items he wanted at the prices he wanted. what he ran into was a series of bad experiences caused by poor management. inventory errors, broken phone systems, inept customer service reps, inflexible managers & poorly trained associates.

    what exactly was he asking for that was so outlandish? he wanted a jump drive that was purportedly in stock. absent of that, he wanted a comparable deal on a comparable item. that seems reasonable.

    i find it funny that so many “consumerists” are quick to pass judgment here. have we not all encountered a similar experience? how many times have we read stories of consumers getting the run-around? how is this any different?

  36. kellyd says:

    @mac-phisto: Yeah, dude, I’m totally voting for you as unpopular.

    I worked in retail, but it wasn’t big box. Jerks like this guy were my favorite kind of customer. Sorry, sir, but it seems the item you seek is not in stock. No, you can’t name your own price for a similar item. No, we’re not going to spend all day talking about this–just because you have a whopping fifteen dollars in your pocket does not entitle you to waste my time.

    Too many people think that because they are the customer, they can make outrageous demands and should be treated like princes all the while. Get real, dude; the reason your life is so meaningless that you devote that much energy to a thumb drive is because you’re a jerk and you treat other people poorly. There aren’t enough thumb drives in the world to make you worth that store’s time and energy. Go back to mom’s garage and play with your toys. jeesh.

  37. bookling says:

    Ugh. I work in a big chain retail store (not electronics, thankfully), and I would have customers like this all the time. “Why won’t you just let me spend my money here?” Seriously? We would love for you to spend your money here, but you’re asking us to give you lower prices that you’re not entitled to, which does not benefit us. I believe good customer service is important, but the whole point of a store is to make money, not cater to the whims of every customer.

    And on the horrible injustice this guy suffered by being told online that the item was in stock, and it actually wasn’t: shit happens. Maybe it just sold and the website hadn’t updated yet. Maybe another customer picked up the last one and put it down on the other side of the store. Maybe someone stole it. Maybe it’s buried beneath the unbelievable pile of boxes in the stock room and hasn’t been unearthed yet. Maybe a shipment didn’t come in. It happens. There are more things going on in a big store like this than most people realize, and there are never enough employees to catch everything.

    A good employee will do what they can to make you happy, but one must accept that sometimes there truly is nothing that can be done, and just accept an apology. If it gets to the point where you have a store’s corporate hotline memorized, it’s time to do what so many threaten to do but just can’t: stop shopping there. I think some people just create situations to complain about.

  38. JeannieGrrl says:

    Good God, that guy is a tit.

  39. mac-phisto says:

    @kellyd: how is someone who has money in their pocket & wants to spend it in your store “wasting your time”? isn’t your job in retail to make sales? i mean, are you a salesperson or are you a clerk? there is a difference – one helps the customer spend that $15. the other just swipes cards & makes change.

    this is why i think that incentive pay is so important in a retail environment. wage workers “show up”. anything more than that & they’re grossly underpaid.

  40. Abbott says:

    I had no idea Ignatius J. Reilly shopped at Circuit City.

  41. joellevand says:

    All I can think of is that old SNL sketch of Celebrity Jeopardy: “Once again, good charities have been deprived of money.”

    I once worked for The Body Shop. We sold Until There’s A Cure charity bracelets for $25. We also had a rewards club that entitled you to a free $25 item after you made so many qualifying purchases, excluding The Bracelet, of course.

    I cannot count the number of people who threw tantrums (and once their rewards card) at me because they could not get a *charity* item for free.

    Here’s my other problems, his desire to deprive a charity of money aside, with his story.

    1. He didn’t read his coupon and drove to the store without doing so to see the exclusions on it.

    2. He went shopping on Black freakin’ Friday and expected above-level customer service. That’s just insane.

    3. He didn’t even *need* the USB drive to complete the $200 purchase, assuming the coupon was valid for that.

    4. Assuming problem #1 could be worked around (and if he was *nice* to the staff, I’m sure it could have been), he could have purchased the charity drive (or another $20 USB drive — there are many of them!) and asked corporate for the $25 difference as a gift card, thus not depriving the charity of money.

    5. He tried calling again and again and again after he received a recorded message saying the store was closed and then got pissy that people hung up the phone on him. Hmm. Because that’s what In Store Customer Service people want, to have to deal with someone screaming at them when they should be in their cars on their way home after a dozen-or-so hour shift during the busiest weekend of the year.

    6. Manufactures set prices, not the big box stores usually. As pointed out above, you can’t get a black Zune for the price of a brown one because one is discontinued, the other is not. Also, *IT WAS FOR CHARITY*, prick.

    7. He admits he could have gotten some of the items cheaper elsewhere. In fact, he probably could have picked up the DS bundle the first trip there (as it was the cheapest BF door buster I saw) and taken care of the rest another time.

    8. He wanted BF ad prices *after* BF!

    This guy is the kind of “I am always right” jerk who I’ll assume has never worked retail and I really hope there’s a special circle of Hell for this type of customer — one where they have to eternally work customer service for some large corporate entity that only serves jerks just like himself.

  42. theblackdog says:

    I stopped when he demanded the special price on the DS bundle. Anyone who actually bothered to read any Black Friday ad knew that the $139.99 at CC or $149.99 at other stores was a special price at that time only.

  43. JeffM says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation:
    RP: Sorry – Almost a month past relevant…

    I was simply stating that if they wouldn’t have wasted his time making him wait around while rummaging through their stock trying to find the item and forgetting about him- they’d have no issue. Regardless, I still don’t feel like this guy had much of a prayer.