Bank Of America Uses Outdated Photo Of Chicago In Ad Touting "Local Commitment"

Now that the LaSalle Bank merger is complete, Bank of America is looking to win over the notoriously neophobic population of America’s 3rd largest city. To that end they’ve taken out a full page ad in Crain’s touting Bank of America’s “local commitment” and ability to provide “global capabilities” to businesses that want “every competitive advantage.”

There was just one problem with the ad. The photo they used was so old that the Chicago Sun-Times building (demolished a few years ago to make way for the Trump Tower), is conspicuously present in the skyline.

“We intend to have an impact on the Chicago banking landscape, but this was not what we had in mind,” a Bank of America spokesman said. “We’ll fix the ad.”

The faux pas offered the Trib an opportunity to heap more criticism on the Marshall Field’s usurper:

Macy’s, which bought Marshall Field’s, mistakenly labeled Wabash Avenue as “Wabash Street,” Randolph Street as “Randolph Avenue” and Washington Street as “Washington Avenue” on new backlighted directional signs posted throughout the State Street store near escalator banks.

Picky, picky, Chicago.

Old picture taints Bank of America’s new campaign to woo Chicago [Chicago Tribune]
(Photo:David Paul Ohmer)