Phishing Scams Hurt The Brands They Target

Ars Technica reports that “42 percent of adults in the UK feel that their trust in a brand would be greatly reduced by receiving a phishing e-mail claiming to be from that brand, according to an online survey conducted by research firm YouGov.”

While this is certainly unfair, we can’t help but feel that it’s probably true. The endless stream of phishing emails claiming to be from Bank of America make us feel irritated with Bank of America even though we don’t have an account there and know perfectly well that they aren’t sending us phishing emails. Irrational? Certainly.

Anyway, here’s the (obligatory) part of the post where we remind you not to click links in emails. Type them in yourself.

Study: It might not be fair, but customers lose faith in phished brands
[Ars Technica]