Cyber Monday Isn't The Busiest Shopping Day For Online Retailers

ABC News informs us once again that so-called “Cyber Monday” (today) is a creation of the National Retail Federation, and is “by no means the busiest day for online sales, just as Black Friday is not the biggest day of sales for most stores.”

“Retailers are having special Cyber Monday sales, and the way I see it, if retailers are attaching a sale and calling it Cyber Monday, it’s true,” says Scott Krugman, spokesman for the National Retail Federation.

“Black Friday is a great day for creating energy, buzz and excitement about the holiday season,” Krugman said.

The sales do exist, however, and can be perused at the National Retail Federation’s website, “

The actual busiest shopping day is the Saturday before Christmas, as any former or current retail worker can attest. Online shopping tends to peak on the last day that items can be shipped in time for Christmas, says ABC.

Cyber Monday: Myth and Reality [ABC News]


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  1. Rando says:

    I’ve yet to see ANY good cyber monday deals.

    This is garbage.

  2. ideagirl says:

    @randotheking: yep

  3. avantartist says:

    i never even know about this ‘cyber monday’ until this year.

  4. sleze69 says:

    This reminds me of the annual day where the internet reboots…

  5. mammalpants says:

    spend spend spend ‘merka!! smokem outta thurr holes!

  6. mopar_man says:



    Agreed on both.

  7. MrEvil says:

    Cyber monday is a load of marketing BS. There are not great deals that make this day any more special than any other. All Best is offering is free shipping….whoop deee dooo. has some pretty good deals, but they always have good deals so again saying that this day is special is somewhat moot.

  8. Pennsylvanian says:

    I tried to order a book and some CDs from amazon today with supersaver shipping, but they said they couldn’t get the stuff to me before December 25. If I wanted to upgrade my shipping, different story. Screw them. Can’t deliver it in 30 days? What kind of online company are you?

  9. MYarms says:

    DUH, you’d have to be an idiot to believe that “cyber monday” wasn’t invented by the stores that are pushing it.

  10. Posthaus says:


    The whole idea they went ahead and named these days just screams “Marketing 101.”

  11. swalve says:

    @MrEvil: It was real a few years ago when everyone didn’t have home internet, and did their interwebbing at work. As more people get home internet, this thing will disappear.

  12. The actual busiest shopping day is the Saturday before Christmas, as any former or current retail worker can attest.

    I thought it was called Black Friday not because it was the busiest day of the year but because that’s when retail stores get out of the red financially.

    However, if there aren’t any good deals or even an increase in shopping there’s no point in calling it Cyber Monday at all.

  13. boxjockey68 says:

    Cyber Monday was just created this year right?? well…hopefully next year it will be worth looking….

  14. quentin says:

    Why is the media STILL using the outdated word “Cyber”? Wasn’t on one of those list of overused words? Internet Monday sounds better to me.

  15. Denada says:

    @quentinr: I think just “Monday” would be even better.