Consumerist Neighborhood eBay Garage Sale

There’s infinite space on the virtual folding table that is the comments section for readers to add their eBay auctions – a great way to clean out the closets and make some extra cash to pay down bills or build up savings. We’ll get this started with two items of our own:

Sony VPL-PX10 XGA LCD Projector Used (currently $56)
Green Chrome Mini Metro Messenger Bag w/ Cell Holster (currently $.01)

Add your stuff in the comments, and check out what other Consumerist readers are selling.


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  1. jrr316 says:

    Linksys WRVS4400n Router –


  2. UESC says:

    i can see your phone number on the bottom of the projector… just a heads up!

  3. iEddie says:

    Apple iSight Camera –


  4. ahwannabe says:

    Vintage clothes for teh gurlz:

  5. ElizabethD says:

    Lands End women’s size medium (10-12) polarfleece lined red rain slicker. EBay auction number 180184542349. $6.99. Like new (teen daughter thought it was “dorky” and wore only once or twice).

  6. 75Sasha says:

    New make-up and hair products (Too Faced, Hard Candy, Origins, Redken, Tigi etc):


    And Cleveland Browns vs the Bills tickets:


  7. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @ElizabethD: Your daughter is nuts (I mean that in the nicest possible way, lol)… This is perfect for my little sister, who is in need of a super nice jacket suitable for rainy, cool Texas weather. My bid’s in.

  8. RandomHookup says:

    Everything is new.

    [] Belkin Tunebase FM for iPod Mini & Nano

    [] Coca Cola collectible remote control truck

    [] Handcrafted Pakistani silk throw pillow

    [] Windows Live OneCare security & update software

  9. fluiddruid says:

    The ‘rents had me help them put stuff on eBay over Thanksgiving. Here they are:

    Griswold rabbit cake mold

    .6X Century Wide Angle Converter XL

  10. sscamatt says:

    [] Memorex CD-RW Drive 48x 24x 48x CD Burner

    [] Rosewill RV350 ATX 350W Power Supply

    [] Initial IDM-1731 Portable DVD Player

    [] 4 Bridgestone Potenza RE92 215-45-17 Tires

  11. sscamatt says:

    [] 4 Bridgestone Potenza RE92 215-45-17 Tires

    [] Initial IDM-1731 Portable DVD Player

    [] Rosewill RV350 ATX 350W Power Supply

    [] Memorex CD-RW Drive 48x 24x 48x CD Burner

  12. woejilli says:

    A couple digital cameras, some laptop and desktop ram. Plus a ton of old video games.


  13. homerjay says:

    WHat? No more DJ crap, Ben?
    Must be a distant memory now…

  14. Slusy says:

    Selling a bunch of baby stuff:

    2 Baby Gap winter bodysuits, 0-3 months: []

    3 Baby Gap girl’s bodysuits, 0-3 months: []

    New Robeez, Yellow w/Flowers, 0-6 months: []

    New Robeez, Yellow w/Flowers, 12-18 months: []

    New Robeez, Blue w/Red Crab, 18-24 months: []

    New Robeez, Blue w/Whales, 12-18 months: []

    New Robeez, Blue w/Whales, 6-12 months: []

  15. rwakelan says:

    new nintendo wii with wii play and extra nunchuck


  16. Mike Panic says:
  17. Helen Kaminski Rabbit Fur Cloche Hat: []

  18. ElizabethD says:


    Hey, cool. Thanks for the bid. I <3 Consumerist!

    Teenagers by definition are at least somewhat “nuts.” Not to mention that they drive their parents nuts too. :-)

  19. Segars says:

    The O.C. Seasons 1-4, Complete Series in Mint Condition.

  20. pnnypnch says:

    Mink lined leather jacket []

  21. kretara says:

    Apple iMac G4 17″ LCD, 1.25 Ghz, 80 GB, 512 MB, Superdrive

  22. SaraAB87 says:

    Selling lots of popular, discontinued toys:

    Poochie Puppy Virtual Pet watch from the 1990’s


    Nano Pet Rough Rider Virtual Pet:

    Big Lot of Yu-gi-oh Toys, Figures and Trading Cards:

    Lot of 2 Speed Racer Action Figures Mint Condition

    Big lot of Beyblade Toys, Accessories, Clothing

    Over 50 Neopets Items including Trading Cards and Plush

    Big Lot of 12 pieces of NEW Pokemon Merchandise from 1999 Including a Plush Mew and Plush Pikachu


    Pokemon Curtain for kids bedroom (NEW):


    Pokemon 3 Legendary Birds Giant Combat Figures (NEW)

    Huge lot of over 1000 Pokemon Stickers (NEW)


    Pokemon 13 Pieces of NEW Merchandise from 1999 Including an electronic Talking Togepi


    Pokemon Lot of 37 NEW Action Figures in 12 Packages from 1999-2000


  23. bigrthanUSsteel says:

    14″ Compaq Presario V2000Z Notebook


    This was up for auction last week, and the winning bidder ended up being someone using an account fraudulently–it had to be relisted. :(

  24. Gaambit says:

    I just finished placing over 50 listings for assorted Marvel and DC graphic novels (and some lesser knowns, too) over the weekend, so this coincided perfectly.


    If that doesn’t work for whatever reason, just search for seller “gaambit”.

  25. ahszach2009 says:

    Unlocked Blackberry 7105t

    New Sony Camera Case

    Brand New American Eagle Jeans

    New Dymo Letra Tag Labeler

    Thanks Consumerist and Thanks for Looking!

  26. thalia says:

    Working Commodore 64 for auction, just 99¢. My oldschool baby needs a home!


  27. tgesource says:

    Here is all My Items. I have 2 Mac Minis, 2 Nintendo Wiis, A Compaq Notebook, 2 Upconverting DVD Players, an X-Box 360, and HD-DVD Player, Sony Digital Camera, and a Mac Mini Apple Care. ENJOY!

  28. zncjmom says:

    My kiddos toys to make room for the toys Grandma buys them…
    Thomas Take Along Lot – []
    BC Builders – []

  29. shan6 says:

    Is it too late to post my soul on ebay?

  30. xskeptictankx says:

    Glow in the dark Eiffel Tower jigsaw puzzle: []

    Talladega Nights DVD (barely used): []

    Black high heels, size 7: []

    SODA brand women’s slip-on shoes, size 9: []

  31. liakw says:

    Clothes, really:

    NYC t []

    FCUK T, Medium []

    2 for 1! abercrombie & AE tanks []

    Lucky brand tiger tie dye S []

    Pre-owned but well maintained.

  32. SmoovyG says:
  33. megaradjenni says:

    I have tons of stuff! Nintendo Wii, clothes, shoes, some awesome DVDs, check it out!