Alamo, Rudely, Doesn't Honor Costco Discount

Due to the Costco membership second driver discount, I suggested that my parents use Alamo on their trip to visit me. When my mother told the rep on the phone and again at airport pickup that she was a Costco member for the free additional driver, they told her there was no such thing and they had never heard of it. I have used this discount, and it was the only reason I recommended Alamo. Rather than contacting someone else who might know of the partnership discount or listening to their customer, they were rude to my mother and she left with no second driver rather than pay the additional $9/day they were asking for.

Since my mother told me what happened, I have sent four emails to Alamo customer service, thinking the error may have been in the local agents. I received the same treatment, but from different representatives in each response. In summary, it’s not their problem and the discount does not exist but we should contact Costco with our concerns. Although it is my opinion that it is Alamo’s problem, and not mine, I will be sending this summary to Costco also so that they can see how their “partners” are treating their members.


That’s really a shame. Alamo managed to turn good word-of-mouth and personal recommendation, the most powerful form of advertising in the universe, into two dissatisfied customers. We feel bad you couldn’t get your discount, Jenny, so here’s 385 car rental discount codes for National, Enterprise, Budget, AVIS, and HERTZ. Alamo isn’t on the list.

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