Thousands Mash Through Boise Mall Doors

Doors were broken, and shoppers were scraped and bruised as thousands surged through the Boise Towne Square Mall in Boise, Idaho at 1am this morning. Raw video shot by KTVB shows rampage hordes trying to squeeze themselves through just two doors at one mall entrance. It appears that some of the doors swung outward and it was impossible to open them with the crush of consumers pushed up against the glass.

The pile of flesh is so great that the first shoppers literally have to pry and pull themselves into the mall. Screams are heard, one girl is crying and holding her face, and a pregnant mother is barely able to get her belly inside. It’s like watching a herd of hogs trying to pass through a thimble. Even with this commotion, the overall mood is bright and exuberant as shoppers race to get their hands on holiday deals.

VIDEO: Thousands smush through doors into Boise mall [KTVB] (Hat tip to WhatThe…!)
Bumps, bruises & broken doors as 10k jam into mall [KTVB]

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