Speed Airport Security By Packing Neater

Instead of cramming your carry-on with crap, the TSA says we can all make security lines go faster if we pack neater. They want you to pack in layers; a layer of clothes, then a layer of electronics, then a layer of any heavier items. This way, the security folks can more quickly determine the bag does not contain an explosive device. For once, something the TSA said actually makes sense.

Traveling for the Holidays? SimpliFLY [TSA via FareCompare]


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  1. Amelie says:

    Yes, it does make sense, but the scanning isn’t what is holding up the line – it’s a number of things, including taking off your shoes, dumping everything you own into separate bins and incompetence. Regardless this is all bullshit. The TSA is basically there to give the “appearance” of security and I’m not falling for it. I will do things to make my life easier, but I’m not packing my stuff in layers for their convenience. They can go ____ themselves.

  2. BigNutty says:

    And so if your a terrorist, you should now pack your items in layers. This will help how?

    So the TSA can now see the electronic radio that is actually a bomb in nice layers with your clothes which will now make the line go faster.

  3. B says:

    I’ve found that bringing minimal stuff in your carry-on luggage and checking as much as possible works well. Do you really need a mouse and magic markers on that plane-ride?

  4. check as much luggage as possible, are you out of your mind? I bring everything i can thru carry-on, including my laptop, enough clothing for 3-4 days, a sleeping bag, mp3 player, camera and anything else I think i’ll need. Baggage handlers are low paid and theft is a serious problem in most airports. Not to mention the added time for check-in and picking up the bags at the luggage claim.

    If the government wants to take my freedom away for temporary safety, then they’re the ones who have to deal with going thru my stuff, like it or not.

  5. Elvisisdead says:

    You ^^^ must also be the person that believes that you are entitled to an entire overhead bin to yourself. The better way is to gate check your item. If you’re one of the last ones on the plane, it goes directly into the hold without handlers fingering it. They’re under a time crunch to get it off the plane at the end of the flight and there’s less opportunity for theft. It also ensures that it actually gets on the right flight.

  6. tande04 says:

    Seeing as whenever I fly I inevitably end up pulled off to the side for “additional screening” (I must fit the skinny white kid profile) I could see this coming in handy if there was any logic behind it other then “because we said so”.
    I can appreciate that the TSA wouldn’t go into detail on why to pack this way because it could be used against them but why would I want to pack my stuff with the heaviest stuff, I probably won’t need access to, on top of my gadgets, that I will, seperated by only a t-shirt and pair of undies. Thats why I have a bag that keeps all of that stuff seperate for me.
    Maybe I should just flip my bag over when I send it through and everything will be alright.

  7. BigBoat says:

    As I’m sure many of the readers feel, I too have a problem with doing favors for people that are basically screwing over your rights for considerably little gain. Yet at the same time we’re all in this situation together; one person making the line go faster helps everyone else. Appeasement to minimize ill feelings for your fellow man, or civil disobedienceassholery?

    What’s the greater good here?

  8. legotech says:

    wait a second, they want my clothing on the bottom, THEN my electronics and THEN the HEAVY stuff???

    Umm, yeah, screw you.

    @BigBoat: I agree that it would be easier if we all just went along with whatever they want….just remember, thats how it starts.

  9. Voyou_Charmant says:


    backed 100%

    Conditioning is conditioning.

  10. capitalass says:

    @Elvisisdead: I try to take two overhead bins (one on each side of the isle) and push enough under my seat that it gives the person in front of me some support. I feel that by doing this, I am able to provide a more restful experience for my fellow passengers while ensure that weight of the plane is balanced. It’s only considerate. I tend to be a more anal passenger though.

  11. capitalass says:

    @BigNutty: I think that when “terrorists” (can’t we just be pc and call everyone freedom fighters?) pack a certain way, it certainly is helpful for everyone. For example, one should make sure that the plastic is centered, keeping heavier objects, like shrapnel, on top. I believe that this would allow for a maximum impact experience. The baggage handler would quickly identify the objects, doing a good job, and the “freedom fighter,” would take out as many annoyed travelers as possible, also doing also operating effectively. It’s clearly a win-win.

  12. Jozef says:

    If the person monitoring the x-ray machine has at least some common sense, I’ll get pulled aside for a hand inspection. That’ll delay me maybe for two minutes once every four flights; it won’t delay anyone else on my behalf. I personally don’t have a problem with that at all (even though in my case it’s not messy packing – that’s a waste of space – but the lead pouch for my film).

  13. jamesdenver says:


    Except for those of us who travel light and refuse to check luggage or wait 45 minutes to retrieve it.

    I’ve gone all over the world with a backpack and messenger bag. Weekend trips I just use a large messenger bag. If I buy something while traveling I mail it home.

  14. EtherealStrife says:

    I’ll make sure my layer of dirty underwear is always on top. Just for you, TSA!

  15. dirtymoney says:


    LOL! Then THIS ( [gizmodo.com] ) is just perfect for you! You can even hide your ipod in it. LOL! I would just LOVE to see the TSA agent’s face when they open up your bag to see this on top! LOL!

  16. vlv723 says:

    I wish the TSA gets terminated when Bush is out. This agency is a waste of my time and taxpayers’ money when I used to travel for my job. These jackasses almost missed my flight and got searched because I had a “tired” look on my face.

  17. KJones says:

    My way is to keep all the electronics together in a laptop case or in the original packaging. When they see the commercial box, they assume it’s the original item.

    Off topic: One poster mentioned the time wasting of taking off one’s shoes and such. I have a nylon belt with a plastic buckle that I wear going through airports. Half the time, the idiots say, “Take off the belt” even AFTER I tell them it’s plastic. Being plastic, it obvious does not set off the alarms and my pants don’t fall down while I’m carrying my bag.

    The clueless morons just won’t listen, even if they can see the belt. If I were lying and it was metal, it would set off the alarm anyway and I would be arrested for not following instructions. If it’s plastic and nylon, then it’s not a danger. Common sense seems to be too difficult for some people.

  18. MikeHerbst says:

    Not a viable recommendation for those of us who use the Bundle-Folding method to reduce clothing wrinkles, either…

    Like most, I’ll not really be inclined to make life easier for the TSA jackboots until the rules about what I can and can’t carry on make a little more sense.

  19. but they’ll still do the full cavity search for me, right? flying wouldn’t be the same without it!

  20. Caswell says:

    All of this and the TSA still continues to fail every “notice the device that looks suspicious” test that’s thrown at them.

    It’s all designed to make the ignorant feel safe. The only reason we’re safer than we were before 9/11 is that those highjackings depended on the behavior of “sit down and shut up and you’ll be OK” and that paradigm shifted before the day was done.

  21. MYarms says:

    Who the hell cares how I pack my stuff. The TSA’s undercover agents are still getting through checkpoints with bomb making materials and guns and stuff. Obviously the people checking luggage are not doing a very good job and it seems just a little bit arrogant to throw that back on the passengers.

  22. FatLynn says:

    I just dropped in to say that a TSA agent found me with an inappropriate item on Friday, and told me just to “put it back in my bag where nobody would see it”.

  23. Chols says:

    I was held up recently because of a wedding ring in the bin. Coupled with my keys and wallet, it did look pretty deadly.