7 Ways To Blow Your Holiday Budget

Bankrate is concerned that you’ll spend more than you can afford this holiday shopping season, so they’ve got a list of 7 “budget busters”:

1. Don’t make a list
2. Act like Santa Claus
3. Go overboard with gift cards
4. Grab the first thing you see
5. Wait until the spirit moves you
6. Put it on plastic
7. Buy now, pay later

Remember, folks, avoid financing consumer debt. Bankrate’s expert says: “If you don’t have $10,000 to buy those new couches and end tables for your living room then I really don’t think you should be financing it.”

7 common holiday budget busters [Bankrate]


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  1. ahwannabe says:

    I need to get more sleep. I read this as “7 Ways to Blow Up Your Hotel.”

  2. UpsetPanda says:

    @ahwannabe: Sounds like Monopolgy, Baghdad edition.

  3. SoCalGNX says:

    I would add buy all the pricey electronics and games so that your kids don’t feel neglected in comparison to “everyone” else.

  4. BigNutty says:

    PARENT ALERT! There are toys for your kids that do not require a battery or electricity. Your kids could actually learn to be creative, imagine, learn to problem solve, play outside and grow up normal.

    All this for little money. Try to remember the toys that you grew up with, if you had normal parents.

  5. mac-phisto says:

    8. impulse buy the junk at the register.

    gap got me on this one last year when i stopped there to buy some gift cards for my sisters. i bought a couple of those RED candles, thinking they’d make a nice inexpensive gift to wrap. seriously, how much can a candle be?

    imagine my surprise when two $25 gift cards & 2 candles totalled out to over $100. color me red.

  6. dualityshift says:

    I’d have to get them to take the candles off the bill, but it is the Gap, and I can see the clerk saying “All sales are final.”