Couple Loses 25% Of Property To Litigious Neighbors

A Boulder couple lost 25% of their property after a neighbor used the legal principle of “adverse possession” to west control of it. For 25 years, Richard McClean and Edith Stevens used part of a vacant lot owned by their neighbor, the Kirlins. They extended their rock garden into it, held parties, and stacked wood upon it. Recently they filed to suit to take control of the land. The judge ruled that since the Kirlins hadn’t contested the Stevens use before, they were less attached to the property, and awarded the claim to the litigants. Naturally, the case has caused an uproar in the Boulder community who are delighted to have discovered a land grabber within their midst. The Kirlins plan to appeal, and the Boulderites plan to hold protest picnics among the lots scrabbly grass and weeds.

Stevens: Loser in property case ‘disgruntled’ [Daily Camera]

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