Auto Shop Owner Flees, Leaving Unfixed Cars, Unpaid Employees In Wake

Blaming insurance companies, Fox Collision of Arkansas closed all of a sudden, leaving customer’s cars stranded in the middle of repairs, and employees with bounced checks. KTUL tracked the owner, Tod Foxx, down in Colorado, driving a Cadillac Escalade that Hertz has been looking for for 2 weeks. He has a new venture in wealthy ski resort town Aspen, selling leather wraps and blankets. In a letter, Fox asked employees to be patient as he tried to raise money to take care of the final week’s payroll. Former employees have opted instead to file a class action lawsuit.

The Search For Todd Fox [KTUL] (Thanks to Nik!)


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  1. SammyKitty says:

    I live in Bartlesville (just north of Tulsa) and we’ve been hearing about this since it happened. I’m surprised that he thought he could hide.

  2. boandmichele says:

    that guy can really class up a joint, let me tell you.

  3. nothing says:

    I read through all of the articles on KTUL. The owner sounds like a real tool. One of the employees was diagnosed with prostate cancer a week before the shutdown, a week before his insurance was canceled. Fortunately a doc stepped up and performed the surgery for free. It’s good to know that even with all the bad there is still some good out there. Shame on Fox for stranding hundreds of employees without warning.

  4. humphrmi says:

    You gotta wonder about people sometimes. It feels to me like he thought he could slip away, dump his obligations, and start a new business far enough away and under the radar just enough to keep his previous life from catching up with him.

    But this guy from KTUL – Burt Mummolo – seems like he didn’t count on this guy dogging him. I give kudos to this reporter.

  5. TulstinNative says:

    Um, this happened in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA…not Arkansas. I used to work right across from Fox Collision when I was home from college during the holidays.

  6. BigNutty says:

    I went to work one day and the IRS had locked the place up with notices plastered on the door. That was real nice, especially since it was our payday.

    At least this guy was tracked down. But it still remains to be seen if he has the money to pay what he owes. It’s one thing to have a class action lawsuit obtain a judgement, and then it’s another thing to try to collect.

  7. TulstinNative says:

    Oh, dur. Looks like Fox does have locations in Arkansas and Kansas as well as Oklahoma. But, the map does show him driving from Oklahoma to Colorado, which makes for some cognitive dissonance. :P

  8. iamme99 says:

    Maybe the internet vigilante squad will take over:

    As mentioned if the person doesn’t have any accessible $$, then the winners of a law suit are SOL.

    In this wired world, it isn’t as easy to move to another state, assume a new name and find another group of people to take advantage of like it was in the not distant past.

  9. MrEvil says:

    You’re telling me he couldn’t scam enough out of insurance companies to stay afloat? Seriously, body shops have two price lists, one for people that come in for uninsured work, and another for people that are coming in on an insurance claim. The price list for the insurance claimaints is significantly higher than the prices charged to non insurance customers. I do lots of computer work for body shops here and they all do that. Either Todd Foxx wasn’t charging enough or he spent all the money on hookers and blow. If you can squirt paint onto sheet metal and can replace car parts it’s pretty difficult to fail in the collision repair business.

  10. Trai_Dep says:

    Typical that he’s a SUV driver. Typical.

  11. HOP says:

    why don’t the employees just take over the abandoned business?they could finish up the work and get something out of it……….

  12. Ayrk says:

    Living in Tulsa, we got to see this unfold (and as an aside I remember the Linda Soundtrack commercials and they were as awful as you think they were).

    What is really strange about this whole thing is that Fox collision was pretty successful here. I drove by one of the repair centers each day after work and it was always busy.

    Of course the fact that there are signs on the doors stating that everything is government owned leads us to speculate either tax issues or higher crimes. But yeah, it was crazy. One day they just close up shop. Had to have police around to help everyone get their cars back.

  13. mike1731 says:

    Trivia question — there’s a “Fox Collision Center” operation in the Wichita KS area, which operates a number of body shops through the metro area. Are the two companies connected? Fox in Wichita advertises up the ying yang all the time on tv, yellow pages, etc, seems to be very retail oriented. Does anyone know?