Open Guitar Hero III Inside The Store, Some Boxes May Be Empty

Jonathan, an EB Games employee, wants to let you know that you should open your new copy of Guitar Hero III while you’re still in the store, just in case it’s missing the game.

Hey guys, I’m currently an EB Games employee.

Today my Store Manager opened about 3 new GH3 bundle boxes in front of me to verify the contents due to a client coming back to the store yesterday immediately after buying a 360 bundle because there was no game inside. My Store Manager could not accept the return for obvious reasons (open box, missing game) and the client, sadly as you can guess left the store quite angry about it, but after checking out all of our latest GH3 360 shipments and finding out that each and every box LACKED the actual game, we immediately emailed corporate about it.

It could be an isolated incident, but to be sure… I seriously recommend people that if they buy them, to open the GH3 bundles in-store to keep themselves out of any possible trouble later on.

The more we hear about this sort of thing, the more we are in favor of opening things while still inside the store. Annoying? Yes. More annoying than being accused of stealing an item that you never received? No.

We imagine this issue is going to be a lot of fun for retailers on December 26th.