Holiday Travel Season Off To A Rough Start

Technical problems, fog, rain and other weather issues are already causing delays at several airports says USAToday.

Dallas Forth-Worth lost radio communications in two control towers, causing all incoming and outgoing flights to be delayed while the problem was fixed.

Heavy fog delayed flights at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California was shut down briefly due to the weather. Newark and LaGuardia saw delays due to high winds, while Chicago O’Hare blamed heavy cloud cover, though how this instance of “heavy cloud cover” is in any way different than “normal weather from Nov-April in Chicago,” we don’t really know.

Snow is expected in Colorado tomorrow.

Should be fun!

Holiday travel off to a rough start [USA Today]


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  1. ekthesy says:

    90 minute delays at LGA and EWR (we had quite a bit of snow this morning up here in the mountains of New Jersey), and over 2 hours (!) at ORD…gee, I’m sure glad Bush opened that military airspace. If they can ever get planes off of the ground, it may come in handy.

  2. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    Wow – get out of town. Rain, fog, and snow is causing delays? Who woulda thunk it?

    This kind of constant hovering by media outlets gets people all riled up over normal weather circumstances. Everyone needs to chill.

  3. @pinkbunnyslippers: “get out of town.”

    I think that’s what they’re trying to do! ;)

  4. target_veteran says:

    Looking out the window in Chicago. Yeah, that’s some pretty heavy fog cover out there. It’s been various forms of rainy since last night, and the fog level actually increased during the day instead of going down. So, they’re right about O’Hare (and probably Midway).

  5. sleze69 says:

    Groups that should jump on the “global warming” bandwagon: Insurance companies and airlines. Why? Global warming causes eradict weather patterns such as drought (wildfires) and more powerful storms and hurricanes.

    Of course you can’t blame the airlines for the weather, but I bet there would be fewer delays if we could take the temperature down a degree or two.

  6. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: LOL! Thank you. I needed that today!

  7. whickey says:

    i got to LGA at 10am this morning. it is now 4:30pm and I am sitting at a bar waiting for a plane.

    I was supposed to go to YYZ today at 11:40am, and the fight was pushed to 12:20 (weather delays)..then the flight was pushed to 1:40pm with the agent citing problems with the aircraft. oh but wait, it gets better..

    at 1:20 they cancelled our flight. but it wasn’t for problems with the aircraft, it was with cancelled because of weather. smells like absolute bullshit to me. whats even more interesting is i watched them push the aircraft away from the gate with no passengers or crew in the plane (sounds like it was a problem with the aircraft yes?)…but im sure AA doesn’t want to do shit for anyone and said it was ATC/weather related.

    what even fumed me more was this old nice couple trying to get rebooked. the ticket agent was an absolute asshole to them and they guy never raised his voice / acted out of line etc. he was simply asking if she could confirm with air canada whether or not they had a chance in making the other Toronto flight because he was going to visit someone who was ill.

    American AIrlines is the one airline I hate to fly because I have yet to meet an agent / manager / anybody who gives a shit about the pax.

    So in true new york fashion i decided to go to Chicago instead of Toronto to continue my journey for work. That flight was at delayed until 6:30.

    What a great day!

  8. SodeDogg says:

    I drive right past O’Hare to go to the office every day. I could barely make out planes as they approached the landing strip this morning and it is worse now. Glad I’m not trying to get anywhere that requires an airport today.

  9. bsbeamer says:

    just flew PHL to Orlando and was #30 on the runway for takeoff… needless to say, we were late for arrival and departure

    flight back from Tampa to PHL was late too…

  10. BigNutty says:

    What the Fudge? You can’t control weather and I’m sure anyone that is going to be late would be better off getting there alive than dead.

  11. ekthesy says:


    If you left LGA at 10 am, you could have driven to Toronto by now. Probably would have cost you $100 in gas round-trip.

    This, to me, is the root of the “too many regional jets” issue, which in turn is one of the major causes of ground and air congestion. People fly between easily driveable cities (i.e. NY-Boston, Albany-Cleveland, NY-Baltimore/Washington, etc.) If these routes were severely restricted in terms of flights per day, it would take a sizable number of regional jets out of the skies and off the runways.

    Obviously, people fly these routes because they “have” to get there TODAY…office DEMANDS it or what-how. Forgetting, for a moment, that the American office demands far too much productivity out of its staff (resulting in these “you must be in Cleveland on Monday and back in the office Tuesday), folks like Whickey need to be provided an incentive to drive instead of fly. Whether that incentive is by force or not, that’s up to the FAA.

  12. JustAGuy2 says:


    My office demands a lot of productivity out of me. It also pays me well. It’s my call to make, not yours, so, honestly, butt out.

  13. JustAGuy2 says:


    The FAA shouldn’t be deciding there are “too many regional jets,” but it could be deciding “there are too many flights trying to arrive at JFK at 5pm.” Then, if they (a) slot control the airport, and (b) auction off those landing slots, everyone can figure out what actually makes sense. Maybe that means that all those slots are taken up by RJs going to DC, since that’s what people actually want and are willing to pay for, and maybe they’re 737s going to Dallas or Des Moines, but no reason to ban the RJs if they’re the economically efficient aircraft to be flying.

  14. ord2fra says:

    The east coast airspace thing is a joke, since those routes have been available for awhile, and are only of real use when a line of thunderstorms is draped over Appalachia. For vis/cloud cover, all the airspace in the world won’t help.

    ORD has six runways. On a real good day, five are in use. Today, 4 were, two arrival and two departures. Figure each runway can land about 32 airplanes an hour. So, with only two runways, ORD was landing 64 per hour. The slots are based on 80, which is no problem when things are clear and winds are under 10 knots. I have seen ORD land at 96-100 per hour, which is great. But, it requires stable and clear conditions.

    Among professionals, check this page:
    This is a real-time display of government-imposed limits on traffic into the nation’s airports. The ‘AVG’ column at the top is the average delay in minutes. Thus when you hear that you have a ‘wheels-up time’, it’s usually pretty close to this number.

    Fly safe folks…

  15. Smd75 says:

    Im flying out later today PHX to EWR. I hope all is well. The internet is saying its on time… for now