Consumers Cellphone Bills Up $13 From 2005

Consumer average monthly cellphone bills are up $13 from 2005, from $60 to $73, according to a recent J.D. Power and Associates survey. The growth is largely due to the cost of extra phone features like photos and video sharing, texting, and downloading songs and videos. However, only 34% of consumers say they use their phone’s photo features…

So, either most people are using the features besides photo-sharing, orr a bunch of people have signed up for add-on monthly photo sending plans they don’t even use.

If the latter is true, it’s another reason why it’s always good to check out your bill and see if you really need some of the additional plan features you might have been talked into. A site called Validas scrutinizes your cellphone bill to see if there’s any savings you can get by changing your plan around. The first bill analysis is free.

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(Photo: Getty)