Top Posts Of The Week

Is This Playstation 3 Too Dusty To Be Repaired Under Warranty?
“We now have pictures of the Playstation 3 that Sony refused to repair under warranty because the unit was too dusty.”

Dust Voids PS3 Warranty
I just got off the phone With PS3 customer support who kindly informed me that my PS3 is “too dusty” to be replaced under warranty. But won’t provide pictures unless they are subpoenaed.”

Sony CSR: What? No! Dust Doesn’t Void Your PS3 Warranty!
“A Sony CSR admitted to reader Ive that dust should not void a Playstation 3’s warranty. Transcript and audio, after the jump.”

American Airlines Passenger Arrested Covered In Salad Dressing, Missing A Shoe
“The salad dressing that covered the man, and the walls of the jet bridge, was from an open box of food that was sitting on his lap.”

Best Buy Employees Selling “The Last Wii” Over And Over Again?
“About 30 minutes later, I heard this announcement on the store’s PA: “Attention Best Buy customers! Julie is now walking through the store with our last Nintendo Wii! If you’re looking for a Nintendo Wii, please look for Julie!” And there was another salesperson doing the same thing as the first – walking the aisles of the store holding the Wii above her head.”