New TSA Screening: Empty Out All Your Electronics

The TSA is testing a new level of security screening at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and it requires you to take every electronic component out of your carry-on luggage and put it in a separate bin, reader John tells us. He writes:

“According to the TSA this is a new test program designed to speed up the screening of carry on-baggage…”

“…but, based on my observations, it’s not real clear on how this is going to speed things up as each bag had to be passed through the X-Ray, all of the electronics people forgot about removed and placed in a separate tray, then both the bag and the tray X-Rayed again.

The TSA could not explain how they thought this would speed things up but they seemed sure that this additional screening will make all of traveling lives much easier, “once everyone gets used to it.”

If this plan gets deployed nationally, travelers who like to bring a lot of gadgets on-board will have to put with the hassle or rethink their packing strategies..

(Photo: DevWalla)