"You're Switching My Apartment to Comcast? I'm Moving Out"

The recent FCC regulations that banned apartment buildings from foisting certain providers on helpless tenants doesn’t seem to be helping one PCWorld blogger:

Last week the apartment complex I live in near Greenbelt, Maryland, sent a letter stating that starting January 1, 2008, Comcast will be the only Internet service available for residents. That’s reason enough for me to move.

You might have heard that Comcast’s customer service is so low that the publishers of dictionaries are trying to think up new words to describe it. Abysmal is too kindhearted a way to describe it.

Yes, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) here in the United States recently outlawed apartment complexes entering into single source contracts like this — which force a particular vendor on apartment residents. But I don’t hold out much hope that the FCC is going to come to my rescue.

Publishers of dictionaries aren’t the only people trying to think of new words to describe Comcast’s customer service. We invented one once, back when we were living in Chicago. “Fuckwiched.”

“Fuckwiched” is when Comcast misses 5 straight appointments then on the 6th one, you catch the tech sitting in your alley where he thinks you can’t see him, eating a sandwich and leaving a message on your cellphone telling you that he’s sorry you weren’t home.

You’re Switching My Apartment to Comcast? I’m Moving Out
[PC World]
(Photo:Tyler Durden’s Imaginary Friend)

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