PR vs Blogosphere, A Lesson

Brandweek featured us in a a nice piece about “customers striking back.” Mentioned are our Macbook smasher, the failed Dell takedown of our 22 Confessions Of A Former Dell Manager, and how Tmobile said it had fixed the $$1,766 in fraudulent charges on a reader’s account when they really hadn’t. The takeaway: be honest and make your customers happy and you will be rewarded.

The Customer Strikes Back [Brandweek]
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  1. BigNutty says:

    There are very few company’s left that use the “honesty” method of marketing.

    It’s much easier to say whatever you think will get the consumer to purchase your product and worry about complaints and refund requests later.

  2. ludwigk says:

    Ugh, that macbook smashing ninny was such a baby. Water damage is totally obvious when you take a machine apart. You see splotches of corrosion, and sometimes cooked liquid directly on the logic board. Just because he didn’t spill anything on his laptop doesn’t mean that nothing was spilled on it.

    I once came home from work to find that the ceiling in my apt had leaked above my desk. My perl programming book was a waterlogged mess, and it was sitting less than 6″ from my $3000 new laptop, which was open, and sitting on a podium pad. Miraculously, my laptop was completely unharmed, but I almost had a heart attack when I figured out what had happened.