Great Moments In Commercial History: Good Old Tom

Reader Marissa writes:

As a criminal defense attorney, I must say, I am extremely suspect of where all these heaps of “scrap gold” Tom’s customers have lying around came from.

Oh, wait, my suspicion appears to be well founded:

Halapin is in prison at the moment. He was sentenced in July to two years for breaking into his sister’s Naugatuck home and stealing the family’s jewelry to sell on the streets of Hartford – and at the TV-advertised “Good Ole Tom’s” precious-metal dealer in East Hartford.

There are some other versions of Tom’s commercials that I couldn’t find on YouTube,including my favorite of the creepy blond woman canoodling with her little piss and shake dog and talking about how lucky she is that her dead husband left behind all that scrap gold.

Well, that sounds terrifying.

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