Can't Watch Your Premium Cable Channels ? Ask For "CCV Hit"

Now you don’t need to get special tender loving escalation to enjoy the same solution as Charlie of Charter Decides To Care That Reader Can’t Watch Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares fame. Reader Mangopants had the same problem where he couldn’t watch a specific channel. He writes, “After 5 months, 60+ calls to Charter (not exaggerating) and 3 visits from technicians I finally got a supervisor visit this site and read this article and the related problem article – she sent a “CCV Hit” to my box – fixed the problem right up!” A little Googling shows it’s the reset code for premium channels and it’s not just for Charter, “CCV Hit” works for other with other cable companies and on other DVRs.

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  1. SaveMeJeebus says:

    Why average consumers need to know company jargon to get business taken care of is beyond me. This is something that should be on the tech’s checklist already.

  2. BK88 says:

    But educating CSRs to an appropriate level would cost money! Duh!


  3. UESC says:


  4. eelmonger says:

    The first thing I do when I have a problem with my cable is call up and tell the voice menu to “reset.” This sends some kind of signal that causes all my boxes to restart and fixes almost all non-outage problems I’ve had and I don’t even have to talk to a real person!

  5. bsbeamer says:

    Now only if Comcast would let me watch digital cable without their crappy box, then I’d be golden.

    It was fantastic for the two weeks when I first got my HDTV that I was able to watch digital cable through the digital tuner on my brand new Sony Bravia 40″ LCD TV, but then one day I turned it on… and nothing. Ever since I have been forced to use “the box” to watch everything and pay their $5 per month per box fee.

    That alone has prevented me from buying an HDTV for my bedroom and even thinking of buying one for any other rooms.

  6. DanGarion says:

    I work in the cable TV industry and I can 100% guarantee that if you called regarding an issue with your premium channels they had already tried hitting your box numerous times. That is the initial trouble shooting step for any customer that is having issues with only premiums. So there had to be some underlying problem other then just a “CCV Hit”.

  7. DallasDMD says:

    @DanGarion: Don’t underestimate the incompetence of the average cable company.

  8. TehRev says:

    DALLASDMD is right. Horrible incompetence abounds in that industry. Before I freed myself from charter there is only one person I would deal with at my local office. If someone else came up I’d say no that guy is the only one who has ever fixed anything for me without coming in 6 times.

  9. DojiStar says:

    I am amazed that it took him 60 calls to get the issue rectified. Everytime I have called Charter with issues regarding channel reception, one of the first things they do after they ask me to unplug the box and plug it back in again is to send some code to it. fixes it everytime.

    He must have been getting the overseas support in India. That’s the only thing I can figure. They are the worst.

  10. headhot says:

    A hit, or reset is the first thing they should have done before sending a tech out. If you have digital cable, and you get some channels but not others, 90% of the time its the box entitlements, which means either the account in the billing system, the set top controller, or the set top itself has the wrong setting.

  11. HeHateMe says:

    A CCV hit is not the answer unless you have a cable card. CCV stands for “Cable Card [Host] Validation” which is used to essentially “tell” the cable card which channels to authorize. This will not work unless you have a cable card. Chances are that the “supervisor” doesn’t deal with a lot of technical aspects and sent one of a couple different hits to your DVR or DCT. In many cases a CCV hit to anything other than a Cable Card can actually lock up your cable box and cause it to stop working completely requiring it to be replaced. Anyway, as it’s been mentioned before, chances are that they sent many hits to your cable box before they sent a tech out, they probably just sent the wrong ones. If you must know what hit to send, try a “warm reset” hit which will turn the box off, then back on. This will usually authorize the channels that you are not receiving, but should be.

  12. jdmba says:

    Other than outages, I have had luck with going on wikipedia, finding the cable box, and doing their resets. On my Motorola Series III DVR (Time Warner, previously Comcast) they have increasing reset levels, and advise whether it is destructive (e.g., you lose your stored programs, you lose your scheduled programs, both, etc) or not.

  13. MYarms says:

    Down here with Brighthouse cable they call it pinging the box. In my last apartment our cable connection would randomly lose different channels several times a month. Usually it was the higher number channels like BBC America, Discovery Science, the National Geographic channel, etc. All you would have to do is call them up 24/7 and tell whoever to ping the box and that would fix it until the next time.

  14. mangopants says:

    Hi all –

    To give some details – I can’t tell you how many times in the 60+ phone contacts I reset, unplugged, powered down, received hits and read serial #s off the DVR to the “tech support” people on the phone. I talked to many people in the US, and overseas too.

    The error message I would get on my TV when accessing BBC America started with “Cable Card Pairing Issue” followed by a bunch of numbers. Again, I read this error message ad nauseam to those techs and supervisors on the other end of the line. Amazing that no one sent the CCV Hit before this lady did.

    I don’t want to talk poor about Charter Communications, but after all the failed attempts to resolve the situation and broken promises given to me – I echo DALLASDMD’s comments.

    I’m soooooooo glad this is fixed!

  15. HeHateMe says:

    @mangopants: with this new information, it appears that your TV uses a cable card that you got from Charter, or you use a cable box that has a cable card slot. This reinforces my statement that the CCV hit should only be used when you have a cable card that has been supplied to you by your cable company. A CCV hit will not work on anything other than a Cable Card. This is very important to remember as calling into the cable company and demanding a CCV on your regular ol’ digital cable box will do nothing to it but potentially lock it up.

  16. HeHateMe says:

    sorry, hit submit too quickly. I was going to finish with this: The title of this post should be corrected so that people aren’t needlessly calling in for a CCV hit when it won’t help them. Again, the only time a CCV hit will work or should be sent is when the consumer has a cable card in their home. If they have a standard digital box there are other hits that should be sent.

  17. DanGarion says:

    @mangopants: Wait, this new information opens up some questions. Do you have a cable box from your cable provider or are you using some other type of DVR that a cable card goes in.

    Also @HeHateMe: This is not entirely true, if this is a new as of July “OCAP” box it would have a cable card installed inside it, and thus could need a CCV hit, but I know in our system of no reason why a CCV hit would be needed since the OCAP boxes work just like regular boxes, except that the FCC required that all new boxes have cable cards installed in them.

  18. mangopants says:

    I have a Motorola DVR supplied by Charter.

  19. swalve says:

    @bsbeamer: Get a cable card for your tv.

    @DanGarion: The new boxes that have cable cards in them are just like any other tv or dvr with a cable card in it. The cable card handles authorization, the tuner handles tuning.