Best Buy's Myspace Forum For Sharing Dumb Customer Stories

There’s a forum on social networking site Myspace where Best Buy employees share the dumbest things customers have ever said to them. They range from the “I probably should find another job:”

wheres the bathroom



To the whimsical…

I was standing in the middle of Media and a customer asked me where the CDs were (they were directly behind me, and in her direct line of vision), I threw my hands in the air and like a Magician shouted “Behold!”

…to the absurd.

A lady came into geek squad while i was at LP slammed an insignia vcr dvd combo on the desk and said
My budy took the player flipped open the vcr slot and there was 2 slices of bread crammed n the slot and a piece of bologna n the dvd slot.

With over 386 postings in the forum, the verdict is clear: America, you’re saying a lot of dumb things in Best Buy. Is it any wonder they can get away with scamming their customers?


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  1. DashTheHand says:

    Some of those sound fake. And by fake, I mean bored nerds that are trying to one-up the other nerds on things that could have happened yet most likely never did.

  2. vastrightwing says:

    Best Buy is terrible. Recently, they just told me they won’t honor their warranty for my camera. That’s OK, ’cause now they can explain to the judge why.

  3. crescentia says:

    Most of the people who work there don’t have a clue as to what they are trying to sell. Now who is the dumb ass bitch?

  4. ThomFabian says:

    Yeah, us consumers suck for having to ask where the bathroom is.

  5. pegr says:


    I bet she forgot to plug it in…

  6. homerjay says:

    @pegr: either that or she doesn’t actually exist. Dash is probably right.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean that many consumers aren’t dumb as toast.

  7. Tux the Penguin says:

    @vastrightwing: I had a similiar run-in with them on their warranties. Geek Squad actually tried to tell me that they wouldn’t repair my computer (under their additional extended warranty) and then fell back to say that they wouldn’t honor a Best Buy warranty.

    Just blow up the part of the warranty that covers you and the receipt on day of purchase to poster size and sit back and laugh.

    In the end, they repaired it. And paid court fees.

  8. stardeo says:

    I can just picture it now: Best Buy employee helping a young man pick out a new computer system for mom and dad for Christmas. The Best Buy employee brings up the extended warranty. The young man grabs the display model of the computer, shakes it violently, screaming:

    “But will it BLEND!?”

  9. FightOnTrojans says:

    I used to work at an amusement park where the employees where treated so horribly, someone actually created a website/bulletin board for employees to log on and talk to one another and/or about one another and management. Best stress reliever ever created. Now new employees are forced to sign an agreement to never log on to the site nor post anything, as if they are able to monitor your web-surfing at home. This Best Buy forum looks like it’s the same thing, just a way to relieve the stress/boredom of the job they work.

  10. bearymore says:


    Well known urban legend. Usually it appears as a customer who thinks the CD ROM drive is a cupholder. See which has a whole page of computer stupidity stories.

  11. eco says:

    hahah actuall I wouldn’t be surprised if these were true. I worked at bestbuy for about a year and I saw some pretty stupid stuff that went on.

    i was asked (when i worked in digital imaging/cameras)


    i mean come on.

  12. LowerHouseMember says:

    I wish I knew of a site like that to vent on when I worked at Target.

    Dumbest thing a customer ever said to me – a relatively old man brought up a CD to the register. Don’t remember what CD it was but it doesn’t really matter. I rang it up, it was $12.99 or whatever, but he stopped me. “That price isn’t right, it’s supposed to be on sale.” Well, that happens occasionally. I asked him how much it was supposed to be. “Fifty cents” he tells me. Um, that really doesn’t sound right. “I’m sure, there was a big sign up advertising CDs for fifty cents!” Knowing there was no way that could be true, I asked someone to run back to Music to take a look. Of course, they came back and told me there was no such sale or sign. But the customer was still insistent. So he offered to walk back with me personally and show me the sign. We get back there and sure enough, there was the sign: it was advertising the release of the latest album from 50 cent.

  13. mexifelio says:

    Hmm, i don’t see the photo albums where they upload stolen pr0n from people’s computers they’ve “fixed”.

  14. zentec says:

    Having worked with the buying public, I can’t help but believe that a majority of these stories are true. People can be so rude at times, let alone uninformed, uneducated and/or simply crazy.

    However, I’m sure many will agree that many a Best Buy employee has little room to question the smarts of their customers.

    As far as Best Buy is concerned, see what happens when you hire a bunch of kids at cut-rate wages? You get embarrassing moments on the internet.

  15. Canadian Impostor says:

    While working at EB we had those LCD touchscreens you’re supposed to sign your name onto using a stylus.

    She swiped her credit card, and I turned around to grab a bag. She pulled out a pen from her purse, signed the screen but was upset that it didn’t work, so she started gouging her name into the screen before I turned around and yelled at her to stop.

    The stylus was in the little stylus holder directly above the screen.

  16. SVreader says:

    Yeah, the toast is an old urban legend.

    But if employees need to vent, let them. Although someone asking where the bathroom is isn’t outrageous, I can understand how the frustration of working retail can add up.

    When I worked at a big box pet store in college, the thing that always bugged me was when people would swear that we had moved something that had been in the same place forever. “Where is the dog food? Well you moved it! It wasn’t there a month ago! I don’t know why you’re always moving things!” I guess these people were just embarrassed that they couldn’t remember where a section was?

  17. mgyqmb says:

    @DashTheHand: If you’ve ever been to any sort of videogame message board, you’ll see this practice repeated over. and over. and over.

    You basically hit it dead on. I always like the “what stupid things do soccer moms say when u r buying videogames lol?”. All the stories tend to follow the same plotline:

    Soccer Mom: Do you have ‘Game X’ for the Nintendo 360?
    Clerk: Well, ma’am
    Original Poster of Thread/Nerd: ACTUALLY, game x is only for the playstation, and it’s an XBOX360. Tell your kid to stop being loud in the store.

    Ad nauseum. I feel as though this is what’s happening at this bestbuy forum.

  18. Buran says:

    Want more?


    At least they’re not demeaning enough to call it ‘consumerssuck’ like we’re all mindless automatons, or walking wallets.

  19. Buran says:

    @svreader: “Where’s the bathroom?” is a perfectly valid question, since not everyone has been to a store before or has walked past the sign, and if you’re desperate you have no time to look for it.

    Stores DO move things around, too…

  20. savdavid says:

    These employees obviously don’t have time to do their job because they are so busy talking about the customers.

  21. ex_ea_slave says:

    Just because they serve you, doesn’t mean they have to like you.

  22. Dickdogfood says:

    There was a period about ten years ago where no matter what big-box store I was shopping in, no matter how I was dressed, within minutes, without fail, at least one person would just assume I worked in said store and ask where such-and-such section was or if the store had this or that consumer item. It just flabbergasted me. It wasn’t as if I was wearing brightly-colored vest or a nametag, the usually signifiers of HELLO-I-WORK-HERE-CAN-I-HELP-YOU. I have no idea what was so inherently store-clerky about my appearance or demeanor. Or if I naturally attracted D-U-M-B customers.

  23. SVreader says:

    @Buran: Um, I didn’t say it wasn’t valid, and I offered a personal example in which things were not moved around. Read, dear.

  24. Smoking Pope says:

    The toast-in-the-VCR story is old and most likely apocryphal, but I did witness first hand an old 5 1/4 floppy drive with a graham cracker in it. Of course, as any parents out there have already figured out, the customer had young kids.

  25. sixseeds says:

    I used to work at a big box bookstore, and I’d believe most of those stories. People can be incredibly dumb — and nasty about it. A frequent example was “that book on TV, with the blue cover.” Sometimes they couldn’t even specify a channel, and a lot would ask if we couldn’t just search for blue books, and chew you out because typing “blue” into the search engine wasn’t very useful.

    One of my personal favorites, though, was the customer who came in adamantly demanding “that book by Jane Eyre. No, not the one about her, the one she wrote.”

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  26. Blueoysterjoe says:

    The comment about the lady and the toast sounds urban legendy to me.

  27. backspinner says:

    Since consumers are human beings just like store clerks and CSRs, they can be stupid and unreasonable too! (surprise, surprise)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these stories were true. If I worked in retail and had to put up with crap like this every day I’d be posting right up there with them.

  28. Indecision says:

    @Buran: “”Where’s the bathroom?” is a perfectly valid question…”

    It is, yes. But you try answering that question several times a day, five days a week, for 6 months straight and tell me it doesn’t get old. (Hint: It does.)

  29. BoraBora says:

    I think some customers are busy and/or lazy, and just look for someone who works at the store rather than look around. Also, some stores are a bit overwhelming if you’re looking for something specific and have very little time.

  30. startertan says:

    Ah, I miss my BB days. Nothing beat being an EE during the day and then a retail sales zombie at night. Oh, how I miss the rampant abuse of the discount. I made so much money buying things for people and taking a cut of their savings. I used to go into BB on my days off and just walk out with a shopping cart full of stuff. And they couldn’t say anything since my day job paid more than what the store manager made.

    My favorite BB story was this cheap @ss guy who came in and demanded the rear projection TV off the floor. We sold it to him and I suggested that we deliver it since it was A) huge and B) $75 (when delivering a $2K TV it’s worth it). He refused and said he’d take it home tonight. I asked what he drove, used to love seeing people cram big TVs in Toyota Corollas, and he said a truck.

    We roll it up front and he pulls up in this Sanford & Son looking beater pickup that had sh!t piled in the back. Rusted fencing tools, and I think part of a bathroom sink. We helped him load it and off he went. I wonder how far he got before it either got punctured by the crap in the back or flipped out the back of the bed.

  31. Bay State Darren says:

    I don’t really know about the Best Buy site, but in the defense of the above-mentioned Customers Suck! site, they don’t rip into customers in general, 99% of posts are about either people who just don’t treat others like human beings or those who just make total fools of themselves. The stories there are actually wicked funny. It’s right after Consumerist in my bookmarks. [I’m not a troll for them, just a lurker. I don’t even have a login there.]

    Actually, I just skimmed the Best Buy one. Wow, do 12-year-olds write those posts? Please don’t lump these two sites together.

  32. Klink says:

    Techies have to deal with this stuff all of the time.

  33. chaintothread says:

    I feel for these guys, I really do. There are some truly stupid people walking around. On the other hand, the reality of the situation here is that these people work at Best Buy. What did they expect from these mouth breathers? The kind of people who spend their money on video games and slipknot cd’s are exactly the kind of people who can’t find a bathroom or think a VCR makes toast.

  34. vladthepaler says:

    It doesn’t make toast!

    Ma’am, if you read the instruction manual you’d know that if you want toast, you have to plug the toaster in and pour water into the slots on the top.

  35. mk says:

    @sixseeds: I was totally thinking the same thing. I worked at B&N for years, and my favorite were people who heard about a book yesterday on NPR but don’t remember the name or author, or wanted the new book with the orange cover. I always wanted to say “You’re in luck, we organize our books by color. We’ll just go browse the orange section.”

  36. evilkoala says:

    when I was at best buy back in the days I was stocking a new release CD in the very front and a customer came up and asked if we had the exact item I had in my hand. I shook my head and sadly said we were sold out…

  37. thalia says:

    Half of these sound fake. I’ve worked in electronic retail before and half the time, I actually witness incidents with ‘stupid’ customers and when my coworkers tell everyone about it later, they always make the customer seem at least 20x more rude and stupid than they actually were, even to the point of saying the customer cussed them out of started throwing a hissy fit when they didn’t.

  38. Bay State Darren says:

    Almost forgot: Sharkbait and Shark Tank for similarly-themed site where they actually post legitimate greviences. Best Buy did it wrong, but in other cases it’s justified venting.

  39. uricmu says:

    I didn’t even know best-buys have a customer accessible bathroom, don’t think that I’ve ever seen a sign. In a store that big and that confusing, makes sense to put a sign..

  40. Jaysyn was banned for: says:


    Please keep us updated on this.

  41. LTS! says:

    Stupid customer’s deserve to be called out just as much as stupid employees and stupid corporations.

    I’ve been there, I’ve seen stupid things. I had a lady read me the serial number for her computer. Naturally it was a different format than the vendor used… upon further investigation it was deemed she had been reading the UPC code from a box of cereal. “Read me the serial number from the box” Okay, well there we go.

    Just because you don’t run into stupid people everyday does not mean they do not exist.

  42. motoraway says:

    No self respecting company would allow its employees make such comments about its customers — “stupid” or not.

  43. XianZomby says:

    @savdavid: Yeah, throw it right back at ’em. Because they have an online forum where they can complain. And they probably “have too much time on their hands.” Just like bitchy consumers.

    Sometime in 1988 I met my first laser printer, an Apple Laserwriter. The attached computer was a IIcx I think. I was playing with maybe Mac Paint. There was a template there for business cards. On the template were some dotted lines and a tiny little scissors icon. The intent, I believe now, was that when you printed your business card you’d cut there with the scissors. At the time I was convinced… hey, “laser” printer, its gonna cut this out for me on those lines with the laser! So I lassoed those dotted lines and copied them into the clip board, and then pasted them back down in a blank file into a shape I was pleased with. As if those black and white bits carried with them some magic laser printer “cut here” codes. When I printed that document, I expected the paper to come out of there precut, razor clean, along the path I’d drawn, using whatever laser was in that printer. Duh.

  44. mantene says:

    Can I ask a stupid question? Never having worked at Best Buy (and I can see that they are obviously all well educated people who can spell and form proper sentences there) or any retail store I have no idea what they are talking about when they refer to an LP. I know they aren’t suggestion that giant records are working at Best Buy so can someone fill me in?

  45. clementine says:

    I work in a library and people do ask for certain colored books. Google the name “chris cobb” and the words books and color to see a great art project where one guy went into a bookstore and actually arranged all the books by color for a publicity stunt.

    Here is one article about it –

  46. clementine says:

    I found a better site for the exhibit by Chris Cobb. I should have gone to Flickr in the first place.

  47. supra606 says:

    @LTS!: I agree with this. If consumers can make fun of companies, then companies can make fun of consumers – if there is a valid reaon. I do not shop at Best Buy often but I was there last Christmas when someone in my family asked for a Best Buy gift card. I waited in their gift card line for at least ten minutes while the poor employee that was selling them attempted to explain how gift cards work to two people. It was beyond ridiculous. Judging by their questions they had never even heard of these revolutionary, straight from the future items known as “gift cards.” When they had finally left the Best Buy employee looked like he was ready to cry and having heard what they were saying I could definitely sympathize.

  48. dantsea says:

    For more hilarity, check out the customers_suck community on LiveJournal. It’s always fun to figure out which posts are real and which ones are bullshit.

  49. MyCokesBiggerThanYours says:

    Hahaha. Right own. Half the stuff we hear about bad consumer experiences comes from unintelligent consumers.

  50. MariSama44 says:

    The fact is, people are stupid and really mean to retail workers. I’ve worked retail a long time, and it is maddening how retarded people can be. But I do think an internet forum is a little over the top…when I get a bad customer at work, I just laugh about it with the people there, I dont go home and ‘blog’ about it.

    These people need to go to college and quit their shitty jobs if they hate their customers THAT much.

  51. dantsea says:

    Oh damn. Buran beat me to it.

  52. MariSama44 says:

    @mantene: LP is Loss Protection. At Target its AP, Assets Protection…etc…they’re the people who watch security cameras and nail shoplifters.

  53. wring says:

    @Canadian Impostor: that happened to me at Macy’s.

  54. wring says:
  55. ExtraCelestial says:


    i get that almost every time i’m in j crew. i dont even have to be wearing their clothes! i can be carrying a purse, talking on a cell phone, shopping with a friend, does. not. matter.

    im sure a lot of these are fake but im sure a lot of them arent. dumb customers isnt just a best buy thing, this is something anyone working directly with the public has to deal with. in general, people are stupid. end of story.

  56. Sytteg says:

    It’s not just retail here in the petrochemical industry the concern for safety often inspires some stupid questions. Most common is the request for special order cable, usually 1 pair plus shield. Custom cable is all special order and it take 6 months lead time and minimum order is 10,000m, yes 6.25 miles. We’ve never had a customer survive that quote price with most custom cable starting at $3-$4/foot or ~$120,000 on projects under $3mil. For comparison our biggest unit uses less than a mile of cable to wire instruments on packages up to 100m long.

  57. JayXJ says:

    @pegr: When my youngest was two or three she tried that, I really hope an adult didn’t. My little pricess also taught me that the contents of an entire snack sized box of cookies will fit in the tape deck of a Buick.

  58. Recury says:

    I’ve done the “ask where something is when its right there” thing at least once or twice. I’m kinda dumb.

  59. KernelM says:

    @wring: And the other side of the coin: []

  60. clementine says:

    I had a moment too at Half Price Books. I asked how much a book was and the girl ‘helpfully’ said half the cover price. Unfortunately, there was no price printed on the book – hence the question. We all have our idiot moments. I should have explained that there was no price listed.

  61. Lin-Z [linguist on duty] says:

    Having spent a fair amount of time on both sides of the counter, you learn that most people are stupid, and most people working in retail don’t care. It’s not a healthy dichotomy.

    I can understand the complaining though because at best buy, there really are HUGE signs everywhere. when I worked there I would still get lots of people asking me where the cell phones were.

  62. nursetim says:

    My favorite moment working retail happened when I worked in the sporting goods dept. We were holding a trampoline for a customer who had paid for it but was going to come back to pick it up. A woman comes up to me and tells me she is here to pick up here trampoline. I ask for a receipt, since I didn’t know who paid for it. She became instantly upset, and told me that she did not have it, and seemed insulted I would ask for it. I knew instinctively that I should ask to see a receipt before letting a $500.00 piece of merchandise out the door, and I couldn’t believe she didn’t. A few minutes later, she comes back and asks to see my manager, which I gladly did for her. All I could do the rest of the day was shake my head in disbelief.

  63. camille_javal says:

    When I worked retail, sometimes it was stupid, but was usually got me was irrationally demanding. I worked at Blockbuster during some college breaks. People would come in looking for some new, popular movie. All would be rented out, but I could let them know if copies were due back that day (by midnight, and I worked day shifts). Sometimes they would wait around at the front of the store, and stare at me every time someone dropped movies in the box, even if I had a line of customers in front of me. I had at least a few people ask if I could call customers about bringing the movie back in.

    The best was the guy who came in the morning a horror movie came out on video, asked where it was, and got to the wall just as someone was taking the last copy. When those customers – a 20 year old and her 12 year old sister – came to check out, the guy came to the counter and *demanded* I refuse to rent them the movie, because the 12 year old would be watching the movie, and weren’t we not supposed to rent R-rated movies to people under 17?

    The question that was most telling about the state of our youth was when parents and other adult relatives would ask if a movie that their early pubescent kid/niece/nephew wanted to see was rated R because of sex or because of violence. If it were violence, they’d always say, “Oh, that’s okay, then.” Yeesh.

    (This was fairly pointless, but there wasn’t much internet when I worked there, so no forums.)

  64. UpsetPanda says:

    I used to work at a very popular chain of lingerie store. Yes, that one. One day, a lady came in and handed over a coupon. She said she wanted to get her daughter a gift card and wanted to use the coupon. Now, on all coupons it says on the back “cannot be used with any other offer or to purchase a gift card.” Pretty simple, right? We explain this to her, she insists that she can use it for a gift card and demands to know our reasoning…”it says so on the back” doesn’t cut it, she wants to talk to the manager. Manager comes out, says the exact thing we say to her. She goes, “that doesn’t male sense! You’re ridiculous! Here, you can have the card!” and she throws the card down and walks out.

  65. CumaeanSibyl says:

    When I worked at Jo-Ann Fabrics, a woman came up and complained that one of the sewing magazines on our rack had a “dirty” picture on it. The cover showed Andie McDowell, I believe, with the barest fraction of a cleavage curve showing. She insisted we remove it because “there are CHILDREN here!” and so we had to tear off all the covers and throw them away.

    To this day, I don’t know how she handles walking up to a supermarket checkout and seeing Redbook, Cosmo, and Glamour covered with bikini pictures and “HOT HIS-N-HER HORNY ORGASM SEX ORGY!!!” headlines.

    As for computer-idiocy stories, my husband works in IT. I can tell you that almost everything you’ve heard is true, up to and including hardware abuse. I can’t personally confirm the cupholder story, but given that there used to be a wee program called “cupholder.exe” floating around, that would pop out your CD drive as a joke, I would not doubt that somebody actually took that seriously.

  66. uomdeacon says:

    The postings were a fun read. Having worked in retail some of the stories aren’t too surprising.

    On the other side of their customer complaints, I once had a BB salesperson get huffy at me when buying a Kodak digital camera…all because I refused to buy the special Kodak dock accessory. She finally stormed away while yelling over her shoulder, “Good luck getting pictures off that camera without a dock!”. I assumed she hadn’t realised the marvel of removable compact flash cards yet.

  67. nickripley says:

    All this has led to me to the conclusion that a lot of retail employees are really arrogant, not to mention unhelpful, and I am going to try and make their lives as difficult as possible! Too bad I don’t shop much at those types of places.

    If you are a minumum wage retail jockey, it’s YOUR JOB to be decent to customers! Really! We don’t care about you, we just want decent service.

  68. UpsetPanda says:

    Ohhh and another story…another time, a group of teenage girls came in and had a ton of merchandise they wanted to buy. Well, the lead teen hands over one of the store credit cards and it isn’t her name on it, because you can’t apply for a card unless you are 18. This girl was probably 14. Now, whether it is a store card or a regular card, usually the best policy is to make sure that you don’t take a card that doesn’t belong to that person, right? I ask her to have her mom place her name on the account, so that if she were to use the card, we would have a second name on the account so we would have permission to use it.

    The teen gets all huffy, but offers no negotiation. She kind of stares at me all glassy eyed and I told her that if she dialed her mom and we talked to her, then she could give us verbal communication.

    She does so, and I get chewed out by the girl’s mother, who demands to know why her daughter can’t buy $60 in underwear. I tell her, “ma’am, we have a policy against people using cards without their name on it” and figures, maybe people will see the logic of it being a credit card and everythin, but this woman wouldn’t have it. She screeches at me that I’m bothering her and that it’s absolutely ridiculous that I call her (when her own daughter called her).

    You think that people would get angry if it were a complete stranger using that card, but notifying a woman that her daughter was about to buy a ton of merchandise..well, no, that’s not helpful.

  69. I just got finished reading a thread at Customers Suck about people who don’t flush.

    They don’t have a escalating issues with customers the way customers do with companies so the best stories are the ones where people’s bosses actually defend them against some jerk.

  70. Buran says:

    @svreader: Wasn’t intending to say it wasn’t. So much is lost in just-text, including inflection/tone. Wasn’t meaning to offend, either.

  71. warf0x0r says:

    I once asked a co-worker to help a customer and he shouted,

    “Damnit, NOOOOO!” I laughed so hard while the customer just stood there looking confused. Then he came back, looked at the customer again and shouted, “I said NOOOO!” He took off toward the back of the store. I laughed so hard it hurt, but the lady just stood there and he sure enough came right back and helped her find the CD.

    It was soooo funny.

  72. theblackdog says:

    Sites like this have been around for years. I used to be a regular contributor to until I got out of retail.

    What blew my mind was seeing a site for employees of GAP Inc. (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, etc.) where they would post talk about bad customers and dumb things they did at work. In their posts, they would give out the store numbers they worked at! They might as well have put up a flashing sign over their heads saying “I TALK SMACK ABOUT MY BOSS ON THE INTERNET!”

  73. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: I’ve seen a lot of stories, on that community and on other industry-specific ones, about people who not only don’t flush, but who manage to get various bodily substances on the floor, the stall walls, and even the ceiling. Libraries, for some reason, are particularly vulnerable to this behavior.

    Other stories involve mothers encouraging their small children to pee on the floor, or changing their diapers in public areas. I really don’t understand why people would do this.

  74. serreca says:

    Okay, the “BEHOLD!” thing is cracking me up.

    I used to work in a music store in the mall in high school. I could have used a forum like this back then.

  75. @CumaeanSibyl: With the drought, they’re telling people around here not to flush every time if it’s just #1. I don’t understand stuff ending up on the walls or ceiling (?!?!). Changing diapers in public? C’mon, it’s not like they wouldn’t go to the bathroom if they were the ones who had to pee.

    Why on earth would you tell a kid to pee on the floor? That’s a new one for me.

  76. Hanke says:

    @svreader: Old urban legend, yes. But any parent or someone who has had a younger brother will certainly attest to food, particularly gooey sandwiches, being inserted into electronics.

    My son is partial to placing grapes in my subwoofer.

  77. i used to work at a local camera store. Long story short, an elderly woman came in with a nikon point and shoot and a 2gb XD card that she got at BB and asked why what she had been sold wasn’t working…turns outthe camera and a xD card which she bought per a BB employee recommendation.

    I told her the BB sales monkey sold her the wrong card and sold her the right kind (SD). She even gave me the xD card to keep for helping her out.

    anyone want an xD card? I still havent found a reasonable use for it 2 years later

  78. Bay State Darren says:

    @Hanke: Quoth Dennis Leary: “I put the kids to bed and I rent a copy of Apocalypse Now! Yeah! Dennis Hopper hopped up on coke in 5.1 surround? Fuckin’ awesome! So I go to put the tape in, clang clang clang, it won’t go in! I reach into the VCR… Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly SANDWICH! Now… I would like to think that I do not have retards in my family bloodline. I’m hoping it wasn’t as stupid as ‘Nom Nom Nom oh, this goes here.’ I’m hoping it was more thought out, like ‘Hey, maybe if I put the sandwich in the VCR, I can watch the peanut Butter and Jelly Movie! Then I can really hear the crunchy parts!’
    So I wake everybody up and have a big People’s Court session down in the living room. I’m your host Ed Kotch! Exhibit A the VCR, Exhibit B the sandwich. Anybody have any ideas? I get a sea of dumbfounded faces. Then Jack, my oldest steps forward. He goes “Dad… Maybe… The sandwich was flyin’ around the room, you know, just flyin’ around the room, and then Central Control called it and told it to dock in the VCR…”

  79. @mantene: @MariSama44:
    close, it stands for loss prevention

  80. ceejeemcbeegee is not here says:

    I don’t care what y’all say, some customers are rude and have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement:

    Last night I was first in a long line in the local drug store pharmacy dept. This guy comes up to me and asks, “Are there two lines or one?” I shrug, “I’m not sure.” Rather than get in line with the rest of us, he says to me, “Well, I just have to drop off this prescription, do I have to stand in line?” Again I tell him I don’t know. So he interrupts the lady who’s currently being served and asks the pharmacist, “Can I just give you this?” The Rx tells the guy he has to wait in line like everyone else. He gets all incredulous “I have to wait in line to drop off a prescription?!” An older gentlemen behind me pipes up, “Dude, you aren’t special, get in line like everyone else!” The guy then starts yelling, asking for a supervisor, saying he’s going to write a complaint blah, blah, blah. The Rx holds his ground, and the dude crumples up his prescription and chucks it at the Rx, turns on his heels and leaves. To the Rx’s credit, he uncrumpled the perscription and chuckled, and said he’d fill the guys prescription when and if he returned.

  81. rustyni says:


    So, it’s completely acceptable for consumerists to have a place to bitch and moan, but it’s not for the employees who serve them? To answer what another gentleman so kindly wrote above,

    Yes, it is their job to serve you. But just as you don’t care about them, and just want decent service, they really don’t care about you, and just want their paycheck. Get over it.

  82. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    And then there was this time that this dude came in and was all like “Do you sell electronics in here?” and I’m like “Dude!” and he’s like “Well do ya, huh?” and I’m like “Dude!”
    Hey is your refrigerator running? Dude!

  83. VA_White says:

    I worked at Best Buy part-time over Christmas break in college. My first full day of work was Black Friday.

    I actually enjoyed my job there – I sold computers and printers and did my level best to match up customers with the right machine. They stuck all of us computer nerds over there and I felt right at home with my peeps. (I was a computer science major) We also did not get much pressure to upsell or to sell extended warranties. I know that aspect is a lot different now for current employees. But when I worked there it was all pretty low-key and it was a decent place to work.

    They begged me to stay past the holiday season because I was one of the few employees who never called in sick, never ditched a shift, and never came in late.

    But one holiday season at Best Buy was enough. :)

  84. Hinomura says:

    yeah I can totally believe these stories. people are so fucking dumb. I once worked at a tea shop and at least once a week I’d have someone coming in asking for a coffee maker.

  85. Dorgon says:

    If I worked at Best Buy, I would never post on this board. I’m guessing it’s a fireable offense. Of course, if I worked at Best Buy, I wouldn’t be all that concerned about losing my job.

    Seriously, though, this board is a great example of why their Customer Service is so horrendous. Just talking this way sets up an Us vs. Them battle that has no place in a service environment.

  86. Sparkstalker says:

    The same thing always happens to me. It doesn’t matter what store or what I’m wearing…people would just assume I worked there. Hell, I had some get snotty with me when I told them I didn’t. My favorite though – I was in Target and had two different women ask me where stuff was. The best part is I was wearing a navy blue button down shirt…

    After fifteen years of tech support, you’d think I couldn’t be amazed at how dumb people can be. But yet, I still am…

  87. Android8675 says:

    @vastrightwing: Why not? What’d you do to your camera? Drop it? yeah, not covered dude.

  88. Android8675 says:

    @Hinomura: Maybe you should branch out your business.

    I’m going into “Green Friday” at Best Buy for the second year in a row, I actually do it for fun. It really is fun to watch people who’ve been standing in line in the cold since 1am to get a $200 computer that I wouldn’t buy for $100. The day is usually over by 7am, but those first 3 hours are hysterical.

  89. LadyNo says:

    @nickripley: Why be preemptively rude? That’s like breaking up with somebody because you’re afraid they’ll break up with you first. Being rude just to be rude is stupid. I worked retail and dealt with all kinds of half wits. But I was always friendly and courteous, no matter how infuriating they could be. Just because it’s somebody’s job to serve doesn’t mean they have to like you or think well of you after the transaction is over.

  90. Android8675 says:

    @Dorgon: I work at Best Buy, it’s a great part time gig, nice people, great customers. I have a couple horror stories, but nothing that ever ended badly.

  91. mobbo says:

    I work for Geek Squad part-time (student). Yesterday a lady came in with her hard drive and wanted us to retrieve the data off of it and back it up to DVD. She was angry at the price ($99) and, being the bitch she was, slammed the HDD on the counter and said “HERE, just do it”…

    I then refused because after she slammed the HDD down on the counter, I knew the thing would not work and didn’t want to get blamed for it.

    About 3 hours later she showed up again saying I broke her HDD when I never took ownership of it after she had a hissy-fit and slammed it on the counter. We had to get the police involved because the hissy-fit turned into a profanity-laden rant.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if she posted on Consumerist that GEEK SQUAD BROKE MY HARD DRIVE!!!1!1

  92. spryte says:

    @sixseeds: I was asked that exact question once when I worked at a chain bookstore. Thankfully, it was right after The Lovely Bones had been released, so I took a guess and I was right, but seriously…if you’re interested enough in a book to go to the store and buy it, wouldn’t you maybe write down the damn title??

    One of the more annoying problems I had there were customers who seemed to think we were their personal servants while they were in the store. I never minded helping people find things or making suggestions for gifts or whatever, but I had people a few times who wanted me to basically hang out in a section with them while they browsed books so they could ask questions about each of them. When I would say that I needed to return to my register, they’d usually get a little huffy. I guess they didn’t notice the 50-60 other customers in the store…

  93. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @chaintothread: Nice job insulting people who you think don’t read the Consumerist. I actually love Slipknot and play video games. I also have a Bachelors degree in History and a minor in Military history. While working on my masters I enjoy listening to a lot of Metal Slipknot included and relaxing while trying to take over the world. So lets keep the generalizations to a minimum Mmkay?

    I worked at Best Buy for about a year while I was going to college. I needed a job with flexability. I can attest to how utterly horrifing people are in both thier lack of intelligence and the way they treat retail workers. I once had a woman scream at me that I didn’t know what I was talking about because I tried to explain to her that you don’t need film for a digital camera.

    Or the time someone grabbed my hair while I was walking by because they needed attention right that moment. I remember having a mom and dad tell me that it was my responsibility to tell thier kids if a game was violent.

  94. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @Nemesis_Enforcer:Sorry I meant if it was too violent for them at the age they were HUH? I used to love the people who wanted a game that was only on 1 system then couldn’t understand why a Game cube game wouldnt work on thier PS2.

  95. SaraAB87 says:

    I don’t understand how people umm.. get stuff on the walls of the bathroom either (and all over the bathroom in general), its like geez, just go in and do your business, its not that hard. When I worked at college I had to deal with this all the time, and it was very disgusting.

    Unfortunately there really are people that believe that xbox, ps2 and gamecube games will work on their son’s ps1. I witnessed a lady curse and scream at an employee so loud that the whole store could probably hear her because her kid wanted one xbox game for christmas, one ps2 game for christmas and one gamecube game, she was cursing because she was trying to buy a system and there wasn’t one system that would play all the games. This is a true story.

  96. sixseeds says:

    @nickripley: It is a retail worker’s job to be DECENT, not obsequious — which is what the nasty customers expect. When I was still at BN a guy walked up to me – during the holiday rush – and interrupted me helping another customer. When I said I could help him when I was done helping the lady standing next to me, he whined “But I need help now!”

    Who’s being arrogant there?

  97. @stardeo: So what’s that cliche about you owing me a new keyboard? Yeah, that.


  98. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: Apparently, some adults still enjoy fingerpainting.

  99. bombaxstar says:

    Ugh, some of you people need the number for the wahhmbulance. “How dare retail workers say things like that about customers =[[[[“

    I mean, really.

  100. leninboarrir says:

    It seems that some of the employees are as dumb as their customers.

    That is, if their grammatical skill is any indicator.

  101. bookling says:

    Oh, please. Us lowly retail employees need to vent about our jobs, too.

    You really wouldn’t believe how dumb and downright nasty some customers can be to service workers. If you make an effort to treat a store employee like a human being, don’t worry, they won’t be complaining about you later. Anyone who truly believes that working retail is an easy, mindless job should try doing it for a month.

  102. RvLeshrac says:


    I’ve heard worse, including a real, living, breathing “any key” person.

    While it is true that urban legends and strange computer-related stories are usually false, they have to start somewhere. At any given moment, there’s definitely someone out there putting a coffee mug on the CD tray.

    I’ve seen plenty of strange things, and heard worse. Nice ones have been:

    1) The Mac that was returned 15 days past the 30 day return policy, OK’d by management. When the tech opened it up, there was an entire colony of pinworms just hanging out in the keyboard. If it hadn’t been for the clear keyboard base, we might not have caught them.

    2) From before my time, there was a PC checked in for service, had been used in a school cafeteria. When it was opened up… dozens of german cockroaches (the tiny ones) scuttled out and ran everywhere. Ages and ages of pest control to get rid of them. Not exactly unusual, since it was kept in an area with food, but still a bit frightening.

    3) We have a regularly odd customer who comes in from time to time with strange stories about viruses that don’t exist and whatnot… but he was topped by the gentleman who was insistent that he needed to protect his computer from the hackers who were breaking in using the AM radio in his office coupled with the “radiation” from his *LCD*.

    Remember that just because an urban legend IS an urban legend doesn’t mean that it is devoid of any truth. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

  103. arnadelecour says:

    Okay a little insight here. I work retail, I have for 10 years. And I will tell you this, it is one of the most demeaning positions out there. We have to put up with customers throwing temper tantrums like 2 year olds, getting called names, being yelled at over the phone, getting stuff thrown at us…and yet we have to stand there and smile the entire time. When I was 9 months pregnant a gentleman placed his tv on the wrong counter. I asked him if he could place it on my counter. He looked right at me and said “It’s your job, YOU move it”. He could clearly see I was extremely pregnant. You better believed I moved it, and I made sure I set it down nice and gently, smiling the entire time. The people behind him were discussing how HORRENDOUS this gentleman was for his behavior.
    Here are some tips to getting GOOD customer service:
    1-Smile….PLEASE. Even if your day is sucking, that smile could mean a HUGE difference in your shopping experience.
    2-Self Check-out…this is the ONE place I DESPISE. If you have NO intentions of using self-checkout for the intended purpose and want someone to ring you out, please do NOT go to the self-check out lane. The person there is monitoring at LEAST 5 other registers. Usually there are other lanes open you can go to.
    3-When returning something, please have your receipt there or your driver’s license. Don’t insist on getting store credit. Believe it or not a LOT of places do NOT like giving out store credit, we would rather give you your money back. Plus if you have no reciept and we can’t find your transaction, we are required to ask for an ID.
    4-We ask for your phone number because of reason #3. We can retrieve your transaction if you paid with cash or check by your phone number. No we don’t sell that information, no we won’t tax you, no we won’t call you.
    5- Remember we are people too. We have families to feed just like you. Not all of us are college drop-outs. I was pre-med in college but decided I wanted to have a family instead. I don’t regret my decision. Don’t assume that because I work retail that I’m on welfare and a slacker. I personally work just to get out of the house, I don’t HAVE to work.
    6-Please and thank you goes a LONG way.
    7-Please get off your cell phone while in line or getting helped. It’s very rude to the retail worker and those waiting in line because you are discussing the Mets game with your bother.
    8-Don’t complain about the store warranty we offer. Just because you think it’s a scam, you don’t need to go on and on about it. Just say No Thank You. But at least become informed about it. Take a brochure and read through it.

    Just some tips….but that forum is the one place those people can go to to vent. Would you rather have them vent there, or saying those things to your face?

  104. KivaWolf says:

    Oh this is hilarious!!! Hilarity aside, some of these stories ARE true since I have dealt with dumb people while fixing their computers. No I don’t work for Best Buy. Anyways the things that people say are people that should not even own certain things. For example, I already had one person asking whether she should buy the IPOD Zune. I said no its just called Zune. IPod is something else. She went on to tell her husband that its something new called Zune and went on to continue calling it the Ipod Zune.

  105. gingerCE says:

    Was it on this site that posted an article on how Walmart employees end up having a combatant relationship with their customers? I can imagine it can be that way for a lot of retail employees. I haven’t worked retail, but I did do waitressing/hostess and I can tell you sometimes customers are rude and treat service people like crap. Not always but you tend to remember the rudest customers vs the nicest ones. I think it’s fine for a site where employees can vent anonymously about customer service horror stories BUT I think Best Buy shouldn’t have a page designated solely to their employees.

  106. trrwilson says:

    My turn!

    I worked at a Subway while I was in highschool. One Saturday, the HS hosted an exhibition soccer game for kids ages 12-16. One group came up with about 65 kids and 10 adults. They were nice enough that they called us at about noon and said “We’re bringing 75 team members and chapperones, and possibly 20 adults down to your Subway at about 4 pm” We said thanks and prepared accordingly.

    So, around 4:15pm, I have no less that 120 people in the restaurant, waiting patiently as the three of us made thier food.

    When I was starting on #15, a guy pulled up, looked in, saw we were full, then wen’t around to the drive thru, skipped the order board and came straight up to the window and started yelling for us to take his order. We took it, and then told him that he was number one-hundred twelve. He tore out of the drive through, nearly hitting someone.

    Ten minuntes later, we get a phone call, it’s Mr. Drive-thru, wanting to call in an order to pick up in then minutes. my manager then took the phone and told him that he was #113, after the soccer people and some guy who went to the drive-thru and forgot to pay for his food.

  107. KJones says:

    I’d like to bore you with my own “dumbest” anecdote (real, not made up) if I may….

    My phone wasn’t working one afternoon with a lot of crackling, hissing, and sometimes no dial tone. So, I walked to the nearest office of the phone company repair office which was about a kilometre away. I went in and asked to speak to a repairman, and explained the situation. The employee said to me, “Well, why didn’t you call us instead of coming here?”

    For whatever reason (my sarcasm, my annoyance, etc.) I uncharacteristically said to him, “How much of a forking idiot,” or something similar, “Are you to ask me that question?” Needless to say, he got very uppity. He then threatened to have me physically removed from the building, and I said, “Go ahead, call for your supervisor,” which he did.

    The employee reported my profanity to his supervisor. I told the supervisor about the phone problem and what the employee said which led to my profanity. The supervisor said to the employee, “You ARE an idiot,” and then proceeded to set up a time for a repairman to come to my home, which they subsequently fixed.

  108. Echodork says:

    Far, far, far more than 386 posts.

  109. Mary says:

    I worked retail for a decade. These stories are probably not exaggerated and they probably real.

    Ever wonder why customer service is so bad? Customers DO in fact hold some of the blame for being unreasonable and just downright crazy sometimes.

    Someone said to me the other day that people should be required to work retail for one year out of their lives. I beginning to think this is true.

    The best is going to things that are supposed to be about bad service, and seeing customers BRAG about being idiots and jerks, expecting people to encourage them.

  110. rjascott121 says:

    to all you meathead BB employees, you may be right in saying that what you are doing is “freedom of speech;” however, what you are doing is giving your company a bad name. they find out who you are, guess what? you’ll be walked right out the door. it’s funny how you meatheads are calling your customers stupid!

  111. lolinterweb says:

    I used to work for CompUSA as a salesman (post-commission days). It was a decent job only because I worked with pretty intelligent people. The majority of our customers came from Best Buy though, since the store was a) right behind us and b) didn’t have very friendly sales people. That being said, 4/5ths of our customers were extremely rude to us over what they had to deal with at best buy. We didn’t push warranties and stuff on PCs unless we actually thought they needed it. (You are buying your spoiled brat a new laptop because he got mad and broke the screen? You *might* want to consider buying the ‘screen protection’ and telling us it was in accident next time). It was hard not to be a little rude though. The majority of customers either don’t understand what we do, or only want to be told what they want to hear. Case in point: We sold a NASCAR PC at one point. $500 for desktop and monitor. Needless to say, it was crap. Someone would come in wanting to do gaming, video editing, and god only knows what else, see the NASCAR PC and want to know that it will do everything they want. They buy it (against our advice), keep it for two months until they buy an actual game to install, and then try to bring it back since it doesn’t do what they wanted. When they are told they can’t return it, guess who gets tracked down? As for the bathroom… At our store there was a sign right inside the door which left you FACING the bathroom when you would come in. There were also signs at the warehouse entrance, training rooms, and any other door customers could THINK was a bathroom to let them know where it was. Needless to say, once a day at least one person would walk in, walk all over the store, and come up to me and get mad that he tried to find it himself but couldn’t. I still blame all this on Best Buy sending us their “difficult” customers, and us having to accept because we needed the business.

  112. akalish says:

    Anyone who bothers to even walk into Best Buy is an idiot. Their prices are through the roof. Exhibit A: virtually any type of computer cable (cord): $30. between $2 and $6. Don’t waste your time or money at Best Buy, people.

  113. Mary says:

    @rjascott121: “it’s funny how you meatheads are calling your customers stupid!”

    It’s a good job you’re doing there, perpetuating the stereotype of a rude and derogatory customer that causes employees to get burnt out and need to vent.

    They deserve a chance to vent, just as much as the people here vent about bad customer service.

  114. Rob says:

    @meiran: Oh how I love you!

    As a customer support rep let me say that many (not all) customers are just insane in their requests.

    I work at a small internet company on the west coast in client services/customer support. I start out everyday in a good mood, by the end of the day I normaly just want to lash out at everyone.

    This change in mood does not occur because I’m working a full day but occurs because all the customer lash out at me and blame me for everything.

    Me-“Yes sir, your right it is not your fault your mouse fell in a cup of water and no longer works, but as your internet company we do not support your mouse nor will we send you a replacement mouse.”
    Customer-“Well maybe I’ll just switch to another ISP and see if mouse works then, THANKS FOR NOTHING!”

    Me-“I understand that your computer won’t boot but to fix that you’re going to need to find out what happened in the first place, such as hardware failure, and then see if you can fix that problem or possibly reinstall windows”
    Customer- “Well you guys should do that”
    Me- “I’m sorry we only support you’re internet service not the whole computer you-“

  115. rustyni says:

    Or how about the lady that came up to my customer service counter when I worked at Circuit City, wanting to return a stereo system that she had submerged in water? I was having a good day, and felt like being easy-going.

    Me: Normally, your warranty would not cover water damage, but in this case, I’ll see if I can make an exception if you’d like a replacement since you’re withen 30 days. Let me just call my manager –
    Woman: NO! That’s not acceptable! This piece of **** doesn’t work, and I want my money back.

    Here, she literally picked up this mamoth of a stereo reciever and CHUCKED IT at me. I jumped out of the way with this look: O.O on my face, and watched this fourty pound machine slam into the wall directly behind me, leaving a giant hole. She then proceeded to scream.

    Woman: I hope you die, and I hope your husband dies! **** off, and go to hell!

    Me: *blinking in shock* I don’t have a husband ma’am, but have a nice day.

    True story. Like someone else said, you can’t make this stuff up.

  116. rjascott121 says:

    BY MEIRAN AT 11/15/07 05:09 PM

    @rjascott121: “it’s funny how you meatheads are calling your customers stupid!”

    It’s a good job you’re doing there, perpetuating the stereotype of a rude and derogatory customer that causes employees to get burnt out and need to vent.

    They deserve a chance to vent, just as much as the people here vent about bad customer service.

    pay attention… there is NOTHING wrong with venting; however, IF you owned a company, would you want your employees venting on a public forum? I HIGHLY doubt that you would. Now, the difference, as it seems to escape you COMPLETELY, is CUSTOMERS CAN VENT, and they can also shut down businesses by not shopping at said store. Now, the reason why they vent: THEY GIVE BEST BUY MONEY, which best buy turns around and pays those RETARDS. Now, without the customer there would be no best buy. understand, or do I need to spell it out to you?

  117. katluvs311 says:

    I worked at best buy for over 3 years. Most of the stories I could tell about the stupid customers that I had to deal with, put the posted stories to shame. For instance, a woman swearing that her hard drive was stolen over the Internet. She even tried to get a police report over it.

    I’m sorry, but if you have no common sense, then we are going to laugh at you as soon as you walk away as well as post these stories up for others to laugh at. At some point, we have all done something stupid that other were laughing at as soon as we walked away. When did everyone lose the ability to laugh at themselves?

    I know I’ve probably asked someone where the bathroom was while staring right at the bathroom sign and I know the person I asked probably rolled their eyes at me but guess what, I laughed at myself!

    When you work in a job where customers cuss you out daily for their own mistakes, as well as throw things at you, you have to find a way to make the day go by more easily. Laughing at stupid people, makes the day fly by and allows us to find humor in what would have been considered a horrible day.

    Can any of you that are bashing us really say that at your job you’ve NEVER laughed at someone you had to deal with that was stupid? Ya, I didn’t think so.

    And just an FYI to all of you that may have to deal with customer service at Best Buy, if you start cussing us out, we WON”T help you!! If you treat us like you would like to be treated, then we will do everything in our power to help you out. And throwing whatever you are trying to have repaired or replaced at us, will only hurt your case, not help it.

  118. stilanas says:

    I am a former Best Buy employee and I think your indignation at people venting about their job on the internet is misplaced. Every single person who has ever had a job has had something or someone to complain about. From a defense lawyer complaining about a DUI client who after getting out on bail got arrested for DUI again, to teachers in the teacher’s lounge complaining about the student who came to her first period class stoned and her parents who worship the ground she walks on, while that same student in the cafeteria complains about how her teachers don’t understand her. Customer service can be as just as difficult a job. A lot of us have a war story mentality about it. That is not to say that most of the people we deal with are not reasonable, intelligent, and respectful.

    Some people that we deal with, perhaps one ever day or one every week, will scream, shout, and bully because we won’t give them something they want, like a discount, or will, despite coming into a store to drop lots of money will appear to have done no research or have any awareness as to what the item they are interested in does, looks like, or where it can be found. We vent about these customers behind their backs, just like anyone else would at their jobs. There is nothing wrong with that.

  119. Mary says:

    @rjascott121: “Now, without the customer there would be no best buy. understand, or do I need to spell it out to you?”

    And without workers, there would be nobody to serve the entitled people who think the world owes them a living, would there?

    Customers can and do vent. In fact, in forums I’m involved in usually people are members of BOTH the “I hate customers” and the “I hate terrible service” sides of the forum. They complain on both sides.

    The point is that if customers stopped being stupid and insulting, then perhaps the workers would be that much happier, and PERHAPS the service would get better, and everyone would be happier!

    Yes, both sides need to give and stop holding a grudge, but you seem so attached to yours.

    Giving a giant corporation a handful of coins does not give you anything than the product that said handful of coins pays for, and a smile as you leave the store. They are venting about customers asking for things they do not deserve.

    And maybe, just maybe, people reading this forum will say, “Wow, what terrible customers these people are! I’ll try not to be a terrible customer.”

    Also: Best Buy doesn’t care at all. They don’t demonstrate that they care about their customers OR their workers. Usually the workers hate the corporate machine just as much as the customers do.

    If I owned a company where my customers were acting like morons and asking why the dvd player didn’t toast their salami, then I wouldn’t mind a bit if the people who had to deal with them laughed about it.

  120. rjascott121 says:

    “If I owned a company where my customers were acting like morons…”

    with that being said, you’ll NEVER own a company, and/or you’ll NEVER be successful if you did.

    now, laughing is one thing, calling them “fucking stupid” is completely different, and doing such a thing in private isn’t unheard of. posting that shit on a forum is just pathetic, inconsiderate, and rude.

    “And without workers, there would be nobody to serve the entitled people who think the world owes them a living, would there?” apparently, economics escapes you. Regardless of whether the customer wants to act like an asshole or not has NO bearing on employees calling the customers “stupid assholes” or even treating them like shit. Basically, as i see logic escapes you as well, when a customer comes into a store, and they are pissed off about something, THE EMPLOYEE IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE STORE, so the customer is going to bitch about the product or bad service. These retards take that shit personal. Once that happens, their jobs are doomed. Eventually, these shit sticks will quit, or get fired. Why? they take “this insert item name is a piece of shit!” stupid employee “they just called me a piece of shit!” OH, RLLY? These morons have an obligation, as the fucking customers didn’t force these retards to get a job in the service industry, and their obligation is TO SERVE THE ENTITLED. If these assholes don’t like it, then they can go elsewhere. Maybe they’d be suited in a warehouse facility, stacking boxes, not having to deal with the public.

  121. Mary says:

    These employees are NOT venting to the customers they are NOT being terrible to the customers.

    They are getting their anger out in a perfectly acceptable way and for all you know are the same people you would normally praise.

    If you have so little sympathy for employees of retail stores, then you are clearly part of the problem and will never learn any better.

    Your attitude is exactly why customer service is deteriorating. If you can’t see that, there’s nothing more to be said here.

  122. RvLeshrac says:


    [Me]: It looks like you’ve got some spyware on your machine. Our service department can take a look at it and try cleaning it, but some spyware is notoriously hard to remove. It might require a recovery.

    [CU]: Will I still have all my stuff?

    [Me]: We can try to clean it off without doing the recovery, which will wipe your data. We’ll call you before we do that, though. If you really need to ensure that you have all of your documents and music, you can back them up to a jumpdrive, CD/DVDs, or an external drive, or we can do a backup to DVD for $XX.

    [CU]: What do you mean $XX? Why do I have to pay?! Isn’t this covered by the warranty?!

    [Me]: Unfortunately, no laptop warranty covers software problems, and can’t cover your personal data.


    [Me]: Well, the extended warranty DOES cover all *hardware* problems, including accidental damage, but it simply can’t cover your personal data. We’ll be happy to take a look at the machine, and we’ll do the recovery for free if that becomes necessary.


    [Me]: I’ll be happy to get you a manger if you’d like to speak to them, but there’s really nothing more I personally can do for you.


    *and on, and on, and on with the management*

    I get these kinds of customers *AT LEAST* twice a week, and they have the same attitude as you. They’ll sit there and scream and yell no matter what you tell them or how much you try to give them a break, and are only satisfied if you give them everything they want for free.

    Management bends over for them, too. No matter how stupid or ridiculous the request, there’s this feeling of “the customer is always right” that permeates the environment in this country. You are not entitled to what you want simply because you bitch and moan about it.

    The customer is nearly always COMPLETELY WRONG about everything. Because they’re a customer, you *are* obliged to make a genuine attempt to help them – but if they throw that in your face, they can go die in a fire. I have seen more *good* customers chased off by customers with poor attitudes than by a small customer service problem.

    I have also seen many excellent employees chased off by customers who felt that they were entitled to bend the employee over a desk

  123. arnadelecour says:

    I am still sickened reading the comments that have come after mine. I no longer work retail. I just left my job doing customer service because I would come home from a migraine nearly every single day because customers would come in and feel as if they have the right to call me names and insult me simply because they drove 2 hours to come get a product they ordered that wasn’t in yet. Did they call ahead to find out if it was in? NO. They admit they “assumed” it was in. Or they would get irrate we wouldn’t take back an item because our store clearly doesn’t carry said item. Or the people just now trying to buy a Nintendo Wii and expecting stores to have them. They are one of the most sought after items, it’s YOUR fault for waiting until now to buy one!!! Do people think items magically appear on the shelves when they run out? NO. Companies like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, they decide how many each store gets and WHEN they get them. If a store doesn’t have it, instead of complaining to a manger who has heard the same thing over and over again for the past 2 months, call the actual company who MAKES the item and complain. They are TRYING to keep up with the demand but it’s very hard to.
    As for the venting, yes some of them are bad. I posted a few of mine on there when I was working at BBY, but I never cursed or called the customer stupid. You would be amazed at how many people DO feel like they are superior to retail workers. What makes you superior? I’ve seen people getting by on Food Stamps (yes I’ve seen them use them at the grocery store ahead of me) come in and buy a big screen television. How do you think that makes us feel? We don’t say anything to them when they are standing there gloating about how they get the put that in their living room because we know that their kids are going without new shoes or something just so they can watch Sponge Bob on 60 inches of plasma screen.
    And for the people swearing on here to get their points across. Have you ever sat back and listened to a person curse? It doesn’t sound cool or grown up, or even powerful. It sounds like you have such a poor vocabulary and an inability to get your point across so you have to use foul language to do so. Name calling as well…same as above.

  124. rjascott121 says:

    BY RVLESHRAC AT 11/23/07 03:08 PM


    I get these kinds of customers *AT LEAST* twice a week, and they have the same attitude as you. They’ll sit there and scream and yell no matter what you tell them or how much you try to give them a break, and are only satisfied if you give them everything they want for free.

    same attitude as me? do you know how i act in front of asshole associates? i’m not rude, and I don’t ask stupid fucking questions. second, ASSHOLE, your assumption is WAY off base. Just by your rant, i’ve come across many STUPID associates, JUST LIKE YOU. they think they know everything, but they don’t, as a matter of fact, most of you assholes know nothing, or just enough to keep your pathetic job.

    I went to home depot, needed a tap, asked an employee “can you help me with something?” ee “absolutely!” me “thank you. I want to know if this tap will fit into this t-handle, as i don’t want to have to return it. we’re having problems with our boiler, there’s two broken bolts on it that need to be drilled out.” ee “oh, yeah. you’re going to drill it out with this, huh?” i wanted to say “DO YOU KNOW WHAT A FUCKING TAP IS???????????”