Verizon Misquotes Rates 93% Of The Time

Inspired by VerizonMath, this guy called Verizon 56 times, and got nearly as many answers, when he asked the same two questions about their pricing plan:

1) What is the data overage rates for the basic 10MB data package for $29.99?

2) If you get the Core Choice 450 minutes package with unlimited data, what is the data roaming rate in Canada?

This video is a cutup of all the different answers he got. You’ll be amazed at how many times they get it wrong.

The survey was conducted before the cellphone company publicly pledged to retrain their customer service reps on the difference between dollars and cents, but the video still shows how systemically the bad math disease had infected Verizon.

How Bad Can a Cell Phone Company Get?: Verizon Misquotes Rates 93% of the Time [EyelessWriter] (Thanks to Aaron!)