University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Cracks Down On Drug Reps

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is cracking down on drug reps, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Details are still sketchy, but the general idea is that drug reps will no longer have direct access to doctors, but will instead drop off samples via a central office that will then distribute them to the staff.

The goal of the new policy (which will affect 50,000 people) is to “remove the relationship between company representatives and prescribers,” Dr. Barbara Barnes, associate dean for continuing medical education at the Pitt School of Medicine, told the Post-Gazette.

The university will also be taking a look at pharma-sponsored scholarships as well as the fees that doctors collect for speaking at various industry events. It’s encouraging to see institutions addressing the conflict of interest between big pharma and those prescribing its products. Good for them.

Pittsburgh Medical Center to Restrict Drug Reps
[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via WSJ Health Blog]

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