Has Best Buy Improved Their Customer Service?

Could there actually be a secret program afoot to improve Best Buy’s customer service and make amends for their bad ways? Marjorie writes:

Something is going on at Best Buy. I noticed that the phone for the local store, which used to be maddening with it’s endless options that never seemed to route to a real live person, is actually answered by a real live person now. On top of that, I actually got good customer service from corporate. And it wasn’t a hassle!

I was on my 3rd repair under the Best Buy Product Service Plan (I know, I know but it saved me $3000 in repairs so far!) and I was not happy. I have not actually set foot it in a Best Buy in a year because they have pissed me off. So I called corporate to complain that my repair was taking too long (3 weeks) and that this is the third repair for the same thing. I also explained how I had a bad experience with the last repair shop. They broke my TV. Long story. Best Buy refused to help.

The person I spoke with, Tony, asked if I would like to start over. I thought he was asking me to start the story over. He said he would help me start over with Best Buy with a good experience by replacing my TV. I was shocked!! I got a little ballsy and asked if he would replace the stand as well since it was made for the TV. He agreed!

I ended up with 2 gift cards totaling just over $4000. My husband doubted that they would follow through, given their track record. Lo and behold, we came home to a UPS 2nd day envelope with gift cards! The gift cards even worked as we bought our new TV this week. (My husband was convinced it was an elaborate Best Buy hoax).

I did get a response from the Geek Squad e-mail address you provided a few months ago. It took about 5 weeks and was useless. I suggest calling the corporate number listed on the BB website.

-Marjorie Carvalho
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Anyone else experiencing eerily good customer service from Best Buy lately?

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