9 Children Hospitalized After Eating GHB-Filled Aqua Dots

The CPSC says 9 children have been hospitalized after eating Aqua Dots beads. The craft toy contains a glue that breaks down in party drug GHB when ingested. The toy was made by a Chinese factory, whose license was suspended following the recall. Reportedly, the toxic glue cost 1/3 less than the glue they were supposed to use.

China Confirms Poison Was on Toy Beads [NYT]
Recalled Date Rape Drug-Filled Toy Looks Pretty Cool
Popular Australian Toy Filled With GHB


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  1. darkened says:

    Will handle disposal service of all aqua dots for a modest $25 fee plus shipping please mail all disposals and checks or money orders made payable to….

  2. Sidecutter says:

    You know, they apparantly have a big thing for getting their production facility approved using the proper materials over there, and then switching out the goods after production is approved. The Micronaut figure reissues of a few years back were plagued with problems, most notably in the rubber parts that the figures rely on to stay together, as well as several plastic quality issues. When the company investigated, they found out that the manufacturer had switched to cheaper materials after using the proper ones for the test samples that got them the contract.

  3. Hanke says:

    You know, why the hell are these toys, which are clearly not for children that may eat parts of their toys, being given to children who eat their toys?

  4. swalve says:

    “The craft toy contains a glue that breaks down in party drug GHB when ingested.”

    Huh? Party drug? If date rape is a party to you…

  5. B1663R says:

    you forgot to mention, after the license was suspended all the executives were executed… it is China after all.

  6. ParadigmABQ says:

    Never mind the fact that somewhere between 9 and 18 parents seem to be feeding their kids Aqua Dots…

    I understand a big hullabaloo over having that type of material in your kids’ toys, but for goodness sakes, should they be eating the stuff anyway?

    Solution should be as simple as: “Little Timmy, please take the GHB infested choking hazard out of your gaping maw.”

  7. tadowguy says:

    @DSADDICT; Soylent Green is made of Chinese people!

  8. phrygian says:

    I saw Aqua Dots being advertised in the Target holiday catalog that came in the mail over the weekend. I thought it was amusing after all the recall announcements.

  9. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @Hanke: Somebody suggested that kids might be licking the toys to make them stick together, but I’m certain I read somewhere about a 10-year-old girl who vomited up a bunch of the beads, so we have 10-year-olds who still put toys in their mouths…

    I wonder if this turned into some kind of schoolyard rumor before the adults found out about it. “Hey, I heard that if you eat AquaDots, you get really really high!

  10. extracrispy says:

    @swalve: Actually, GHB is not the date rape drug. The media continues to get this wrong. Date rape drug most often refers to Rohypnol, also known as “roofies.”

    GHB tastes very salty. It would be immediately apparent if someone slipped it into your drink.

    GHB is used recreationally. It’s a particular favorite on the gay party circuit. So Consumerist is correct in referring to GHB as a “party drug.”

  11. cde says:

    @swalve: Whats the difference? E can be both, weed can be both, etc etc.

    Besides, it takes an ungodly amount of ghb to knock a person out, and ghb tastes like utter crap. Might as well give them everclear.

  12. ParadigmABQ says:

    @cde: Does that make everclear a date rape drug then?

  13. MatthewVA says:

    Three thoughts going in to the holiday season:

    1. Don’t buy CRAP (e.g., stuff made in China, peddled at Wal-Mart, et al.)

    2. Don’t shop at CRAPPY stores (I mean, come on, how do you think places like Wal-Mart get their prices that low… it’s not some smiley fairy that comes into the store at night and makes them all come falling down… it’s all a lie, like the toothfairy).

    3. Don’t let your kids put crap in their MOUTH (this is an age old piece of wisdom, but it bares repeating… I still have to remind myself not to do this sometimes… heheh)

  14. BigNutty says:

    Thank you for those that see the need for parents to supervise their kids so that they don’t eat ANYTHING that they are not supposed to eat.

    Oh, and I think Soylent Green was made from Texans as that is where some of the scenes were shot and that’s what finally happens to all the people they execute down there.

  15. Samby says:

    It’s quite normal for even older kids to chew on toys occasionally. Some kids in general need more sensory stimulation, and they’re not eating the things, they’re just absent-mindedly sticking it in their mouths. Isn’t there anyone here who ever chews on their pen caps while they’re thinking?

    It’s irresponsible for anything being marketed to kids (or adults-without proper markings) to be poisonous- No parent can be expected to watch every move their kid makes 24/7.

  16. phrygian says:

    @MatthewVA: My friend just had her second child, so I wanted to send a little something — I was thinking a blanket or bibs or a soft toy. Almost everything I looked at was “Made in China.” There were a (very) few things made in Bangladesh and Thailand, and nothing I saw was made anywhere in North America. I even looked at Carter’s (major baby brand) and 99% of it was made in China.

    The real problem is that, even if an item isn’t labeled as made in China, the parts for the item could have been made there and shipped elsewhere. That’s why my nephews are getting magazine subscriptions and handmade wooden cars — preferably made by some old Amish guy.

  17. Mr. Gunn says:

    ParadigmABQ: The oldest, and most effective.

    Again, I’d like to highlight extracrispy as the one who has the straight dope, as it were.

  18. MatthewVA says:

    @PHRYGIAN: I hear you. I am thinking about taking out a few acres of land, raising sheep, and making all my gifts from scratch this year. Then again, I am not anti-importing either. A keen thought would be for companies like Wal-Mart to ensure better quality by not being such bullies with their suppliers (I read in the Journal/FT a while back that their dealings with China account for over 10% of ALL imports for China).