Email Addresses For 19 Dell Executives

Computer on fire? Video card ruined? Don’t let Dell’s Indian CSRs tell you it’s your fault. When escalating fails and all normal channels of recourse are exhausted, send an email to Dell’s top executives. After the jump, 19 email addresses for Dell executives that you can use to launch the mighty and feared Executive Email Carpet Bomb.

  • Michael Dell
    Chairman and CEO
  • Donald Carty
    Vice Chairman and CFO
  • Ronald Garriques
    President, Global Consumer Group
  • Michael Cannon
    President, Global Operations
  • Mark Jarvis
    Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer
    (Dude, You’re Getting An Email!)
  • Lawrence Tu
    Senior VP, General Counsel
  • Susan Sheskey
    Senior VP, Chief Information Officer
  • Andrew Esparza
    Senior VP Human Resources
  • Paul Bell
    Senior VP and President, Americas
  • Stephen Felice
    Senior VP and President, Asia
  • David Marmonti
    Senior VP, President, Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Brad Anderson
    Senior VP, Business Product Group
  • Jeffrey Clarke
    Senior VP, Business Product Group
  • Martin Garvin
    Senior VP, Worldwide Procurement
  • Alex Gruzen
    Senior VP, Dell Product Group
  • Joan Hooper
    Vice President, Finance, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Alan Lafley
    Board of Directors (bounces)
  • William Gray
    Board of Directors
  • Judy Lewent
    Board of Directors (bounces)

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  1. Bloberry says:

    Timely post! I am dreading the fact that I have to call Dell tomorrow due to a problem with a laptop. I’ll keep this handy.

  2. SeraSera says:

    Before things get to the e-mail bombing level, I’ve also found that Dell’s phone support is infinitely more helpful than their chats. Chatting, I’ve had Dell reps be completely clueless about what systems to recommend, not understood “my computer is giving me a pop up that says ‘replace battery,” and insisted that keys falling off was my fault (and that I’d have to buy a new keyboard). Via the phone, I’ve had very helpful reps help me find drivers, ship new power cords, and arrange to replace my keyboard (because, strangely, Dell can’t replace one key).

    But I have to call in about the covers of my USB drives falling off, so I’ll be bookmarking this list for sure in case things go badly there…

  3. Xerloq says:

    All Dell addresses follow the same formula. I work closely with some of the enterprise Dell guys, and it’s pretty well known that Michael Dell doesn’t actually read the address listed for him, but the rest should be good though.

  4. castlecraver says:

    Can you explain why writing an executive in charge of finance, HR, or procurement would help a consumer solve his/her Dell product issue? Carpet Bombs are great, but why email departments that clearly would have very little relevance to a customer issue?

  5. Zipway says:

    I say, emailing anyone is worth a try. I’ve had problems with a dell laptop for day 13, 2 years ago to today. I don’t care who I bother as long as I finally receive a reply other than “Take the battery out” or, most commonly “I’m sorry, it is no longer under warranty…” and the fact that I’d called them 5 times while it was in warranty means nothing.

  6. XTC46 says:

    @castlecraver: The idea behind it is that they are high up and by them passing it to somone it will probably get taken care of since it will look important coming from the head of any given department.

    the reality behind it is the person will look to see who received the email, and ignore it if it got to the right person in addition to being sent to them.

    @Xerloq: I don’t know any CEO of a major company who actually checks their public email address. most have staff members check it then forward to their internal address. people like bill gates changes his address frequently to prevent it from getting leaked.

  7. BigNutty says:

    When I get the “runaround” from any company, I’ve found that a certified letter addressed to the legal department, explaining my problem including a threat to file a small claims case, works best.

  8. employeeatdell says:

    Susan Sheskey got her incompetent ass fired / “resigned”. she’s not there any more.

  9. Zipway says:



    Reply with mail delivery errors, so you may want to take them off your list.

    PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 501 #5.1.1 bad address

  10. xl22k says:

    What I have to say about Dell from my experiences in the past: As a whole, the company’s customer service policy is better than most in the industry. The problem is that the people they hire are, without a better term, idiots.

    When you have a problem with them, the Dell reps are all really nice (and I’ve even had them call back several times in the next weeks “just to check in” and make sure I was satisfied with my repairs) but to get real answers or a real solution ESCALATE. You don’t need to go to the Executive level (In my case I just got the run-around to a couple different departments) but eventually you will get high enough to get someone who can give you answers.

  11. xl22k says:


    Just a tip for others, your LAST RESORT should be threatening legal action. Once you mention you may sue most reps won’t talk to you and direct you to the legal department.

    …and you thought you got the run around before dealing with them….

  12. savvy999 says:

    FWIW, as a former Dell employee, one of the first things you are going to get asked by anyone dealing with customers at Dell is what business segment you are coming from– are you a hausfrau with a wonky mouse, or a superintendent of a school district, or are you the I/T VP at a Fortune 500 company with a problem with your order for several hundred servers?

    As you can imagine, from that point on, the difference in attention paid to you will vary wildly. Since working for them I have always had superb service from Dell, but only because I’ve dealt with them on the corporate level, and they have dedicated account execs to handle escalations, etc.

    I would expect that the home consumer isn’t going to get very far by this Carpet Bomb strategy. You’ll just get shuffled over to the CSR/TSR queue appropriate to your segment. That’s the policy. Will some kind-hearted exec take exception to the policy? Who knows but I seriously doubt it.

  13. anatak says:

    @Xerloq: I can say definitively that all Dell email addresses do not follow the same formula. New ones, maybe. It may be due to when the employee was hired and who was managing IT at the time. You may find success with the format of those listed, but it will not work for all.

  14. Saydur says:

    I’ve had nothing but great luck with Dell myself. Of course, spending over $2000 on a small business laptop probably leads to better tech support than trying to handle a luddite that can’t figure out Vista on a bargain basement system their “computer whiz” 13 year old nephew ordered for them.

    Tech support is designed specifically for script-trained grunts to weed out the “It don’t work!” crowd. You can follow the script for a few minutes and escalate, or you can spend enough to justify a higher tier tech from the start.

    Remember the print up there, this is a last resort. When all rational and reasonable attempts at fixing the problem have been exhausted, and you are being positively stonewalled on an issue that you are certain you can demonstrate is their responsibility to fix, that’s when this comes into play. Any sooner than that, and you’re only giving them reason to bunker up away from the public even further.

  15. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    I have used This email address to take care of issues that i had spoken to countless supervisors about, I would use this only if you have exhausted every other normal route of solving a problem.

    I have given this to Consumerist to add to the post.

  16. JohnP at Dell says:

    I work at Dell and have to say that while we aren’t infallable we are trying hard to quickly resolve any issues — and also try to make it easy to contact the right people. Here’s a good general link to get questions answered and problems fixed:


    And IVEALWAYSGOTMAIL above is giving good advice. I’ve seen how the people at work with customers, and they are some of our best tech support and customer care troubleshooters.

  17. Zipway says:

    Yep, I got a reply from customer advocate asking for my customer number and service tag even after I said my Dell was 2 years out of warranty.

  18. phate says:

    Looks like I’m going to be taking lots more cases…

  19. Anonymous says:

    I went round and round with CC and TS for 4 weeks trying to get a faulty network card replaced on a new system. I almost gave up until I found the EECB. It worked! In less than 24 business hours, the Esclation Managent Team called. It took a bit more prodding, but I got my card the next day. Too bad what took the EECB could have been easily handled by TS in a day or so. I’ll still buy Dell, but I’ll keep the email addresses.

  20. Anonymous says:

    well another 2 hour battle with tech support, to hear that my warranty didn’t apply, but at the end have a “courtesy extension.” I’ve called Dell tech support 5 ties or more over the years, and it always goes the same way. 3,4 or 5 calls, multiple referals to other phone numbers, long holds, the I’m sorry we cn’t do anything for you rep, the lowly reps supv, who says the exact same thing, finally next level up manager who knows that if I have these names and these emails, and i’ve been on the phone for 2 hours a hot letter is only 15 minutes away, and Gues what the ethical one time special consideration is given to my case (each time) and my prepaid extended warranty is’s greta to live in america. Do you realize that the dollars we pay for extended warranty actually pays for more phone techies to deny us our service warranties? They bank on us to get tired give up and possibly buy another Dell product.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I had Dell loose a payment for our Business. We had mistakenly used their website and it turns out it defaulted the payment to the first account (we have several). I definitely would not recommend DFS website for anything other than payment tracking or statements. Anyways, after almost 3 frustrating weeks of calling and getting people in India, Manilla, etc… and being refused to talk with someone in the U.s that would track down the payment via the confirmation number, amount and payment date, I sent an email to one of these representatives and the issue was forwarded, almost immediately, to someone at DFS finance who fixed this in just hours. I would not use them for every issue, but the level of frustration we had dealing with their outsourced customer service was definitely relieved with this list, thanks!

  22. TheSurlyOne says:

    Four more of the emails are bouncing now-

    Donald Carty
    Mark Jarvis
    Susan Sheskey
    Martin Garvin

  23. TheSurlyOne says:

    Less than 12 hours after sending my EECB, I got a call from Dell. My replacement laptop is on the way, due in 7-10 days! =)

  24. bvita says:

    I just tried to send a complaint to all of the addresses listed above and they are ALL bouncing. Great customer support, Dell.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I just spammed the entire list and only got bounces from the following emails:

    • Anonymous says:

      @RyanEchetus: The results of said spam were that I received a call from Dell’s customer care center within 12 hours of my email offering me a replacement for the laptop that I’d purchased (and been fighting to get fixed since day 3) 15 months ago. EECB rocks!

  26. Rumbad says:

    I e-mail everyone on the above list today and recieved a call from “Vickram” today. He has not helped me yet but did say he would get back to me by Thursday (2 days from now) We will see. I am impressed I got the call! Thanks for the info.

    • Rumbad says:

      Dell called again and said they would remedy the problem. They are sending the missing CD to me. Once again we will see!

  27. renswic says:

    just used these email address’s i did include the consumerist in the email list. these are the bonce backs ive gotten:,,, and can also add shes the assistant to Larry Tu (

  28. texasbratt99 says:

    used the emails listed and here is a list of those that came back delivered successfully

    Your message was successfully relayed., Relayed, Relayed, Relayed Relayed, Relayed, Relayed Relayed, Relayed, Relayed, Relayed, Relayed

    all others came back failed… note auto reply for customer advocate said no longer in use try online tech support… Bridget Brannon read the email quickly same day but no reply… hmmmm wish me luck. 2 1/2 hours and 30 transfers even 6 supervisors hmm

    do not buy extended warranties if you gamble on dell products replaced a 2k unit with a $300 unit then could not get support on the new unit for it was not listed in the system until of course after the warranty expired and they wanted to sell me a new one. New unit did not last 10 months… They do not listen how is a non functioning key board and screaming hard drive a skype issue (I dont even have skype hmm) Speak very slowwwly

    if anyone knows of other email addys please send them my way for I will not rest until it is made right. I work hard for my money to support those in India.

  29. texasbratt99 says:

    I know its long but worth a read extra contact info here… Good Luck..

    Okay, the emails have generated once idiot contacting me.. made me what to go to best buy and call out to all people looking at dell However… I did post to Dell’s facebook and that got the attention of two people from dell once who works in roundrock he has not done anything yet I think waiting on India ha ha his facebook is John at Dell

    Here are two more email addresses that are working as of now…
    Tulsi Gurung
    Social Outreach Services Team handling Customer Queries through Face Book, Twitter and blogs across the Globe.


    this one is the idot, called missed his call he emailed I gave him a five hour window when I would be available he called like 20 min before the end and I needed to leave and only rehashed everything I had gone through with everyone else no solution I am not sure he even read the email.. Much so the company man and scrip reader. he said he was responding to the email I sent to Michael Dell He gave me crap about the VIR logging your phone numbers when you call and retrieving your name and service tag number but that makes no sense when I have a tech telling me they can not even pull the records.. then read me from a chat session that they have added to the information he said was provided then was not in my copy at all and my copy ended at 10:43 and he said it was going strong at 10:59,,, I would still hammer them all if you have issues

    Vikram Rajpal
    Dell | Executive Customer Support Team
    Phone +1 800 624 9897, Extn: 72-83898
    My work schedule is 11:00 am – 8:00 pm CST Monday to Friday.

    I wish they would call their own tech line with a multi issue problem as most of us have and see how that works for them..

  30. jonogo says:

    updated: – Bounced back, unknown – Bounced back, unknown – Bounced back, unknown – Bounced back, unknown – Bounced back, unknown – Got auto reply saying this email is no longer supported.

  31. DoubleShortMILF says:

    Excellent. I’ve been trying to get an issue resolved for THREE years due to TWO faulty hard drives on my laptop. It took me three hours in customer service calls alone, and Dell seems to think that’s acceptable.

  32. Nick says:

    and some text on the goodness that is Michael Dell:

  33. kern says:

    We sent a laptop back for repair under warranty and they have made up problems on the computer. They say the memory is messed up, the palm rest has to be replaced, the keyboard has to be replaced and the motherboard needs to be replaced and of course none of it is covered under the warranty. The funny thing is that only the monitor was not working everything else was. We had it hooked to a regular monitor and it worked fine no problems. Also, they are saying something was spilled in it. NOT! They are full of it!! They want to charge us over $300 to fix. Legal action looks like the way we may have to go. But we will see they are suppose to call back within 24hrs. My husband is a computer tech and knows that this stuff has been made up. They are so dishonest.