Dust Voids PS3 Warranty

“I just got off the phone With PS3 customer support who kindly informed me that my PS3 is “too dusty” to be replaced under warranty. But won’t provide pictures unless they are subpoenaed.”

I have kept my 60gb PS3 in Its entertainment center since its purchase. It is known within the PS3 community that the thing is a HUGE dust magnet. I took good care of it, I have about 10 Blu-ray discs (did NOT come free with my PS3), 5 games, 5 controllers, 2 42″ Bravia LCD’s 1 50″ Bravia 3lcd Rear projection TV, A Vaio desktop, Vaio laptop, I’ve even got a psp and location free TV. One day I turn it on and put in a disc and it doesn’t show up, then it wont eject, finally I get it to eject and I try a blu-ray, nothing, CDs, nothing.

I call Customer support who originally tell me that they can do anything because I don’t have the original sales receipt, (it was a GIFT!!!), I stayed on the phone for hours explaining to them that I don’t have thee receipt as it was a gift from my parents. Finally I got a rep who said that it was strange that earlier reps hadn’t let me go through with the exchange as if it was a gift it was policy not to require a receipt. He sent me a box, I boxed up my console and sent it in.

5 days later I have no updates on the PS3, I call in to check on it, The first rep I speak to says that it was received without a receipt, and was delayed but he was going to note that it was a gift and get the replacement sent out to me.

6 hours later I get a call from Neil saying that unfortunately they have opened the case and taken pictures of the inside and outside of the case and that it was too dirty to be eligible for replacement. I paused for a good 8 seconds, because my PS3 had not moved from the entertainment center that it sat in more than 8 months I had wiped it off before sending it out, THE WHOLE POINT of the PS3 Is that it is part of your entertainment center! I Told him that was crazy and that it was a known problem that the PS3 collected mass loads of dust. That their product hasn’t even been out for 1 year and he’s telling me I’m out of warranty because there is too much dust in it!? I told him that someone needed to double check because I really took care of my PS3 and there was no way it was so dirty that they wouldn’t replace it. He said he would and he would find out about getting pictures.

The next day I got a call from the same guy, Saying he couldn’t get pictures, and there was no way they could replace the console unless I paid 150$ out-of-warranty replacement fee. I dais I needed to speak to his supervisor and it took him a while but he eventually transferred me to yet another person who just told me from the pictures they saw of the outside of the PS3, the memory ports and the USB ports, that there was dust inside of these ports, and that there was no way they would replace such a dusty console.

I then asked for HER supervisor, who was a very rude woman named Daria Woo Ext # 55682. She basically told me if I wanted the pictures of the PS3 That they were property of SCEA, And that I would have to SUBPOENA the pictures! I told her that this was ridiculous! That in order to take the same pictures that they did I would have to open my case, and void my warranty! I asked her if I could record what she was saying and she immediately snapped a NO, And asked for what purpose, I told her it was so I could educate the entire world on the ethics of the PS3 repair center. She told me my only options were to have the PS3 sent back, pay 150$ for a replacement, or leave it there for 10 days until it gets sent back. I told her to leave it because I was going to write a few emails so that this situation could actually get resolved. She told me any email I wrote or number I called would get me transferred to her department and that she would not help. I asked her exactly what part of the warranty stated that if a unit is too dusty it cannot be replaced.

She told me that it was under “acts of god, customer abuse” section when I had clearly told her that it sat in my entertainment center acting as a blu-ray playing, folding@home computing, media center and that obviously the amount of dust inside the console is caused by a design flaw and not my quite dust-less room.

I don’t get it! Sony is including Folding@home with their consoles, The auto-start feature makes it so its running almost all the time, OF COURSE ITS GOING TO BE FILLED WITH DUST! A few reps said that the reason they couldn’t replace it was because it looked as if it had about 2 years worth of dust in it rather than 8 months….. The console hasn’t even been out a year so obviously that is less than a years worth of dust.

I love the PS3, I’m a Sony fanboy, I have a copy of Heavenly Sword Un-Played because I’m waiting for the replacement to come back, For them to say they wont replace it because it is such a damn dust magnet is absolutely ridiculous. IM NOT paying 150$ for someone to use an air compressor to dust off my PS3 re-test it and send it back. MAYBE Sony should let their customers know that excessive dust voids the warranty, so that people can start selling air filter set’s for it, and air-sealed boxes for the PS3 to sit in.

Warranty-voiding clumps of dust shouldn’t constitute normal wear and tear, and certainly wouldn’t rank high on the list of awe-inspiring acts of God. Tell us wise commenters, what should reader Ive do with his divinely dusty PS3? Pay Sony $150? Maybe smash the dust out? Share your advice in the comments.

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  1. Fatty Shcock says:

    Contact the BBB and let them know about your situation. Tell them that SONY is retarded.

  2. b612markt says:

    Is there an EECB list for Sony on here? That might help. Also, I haven’t purchased a Sony product in over 5 years.

  3. dualityshift says:

    Just another reason I avoid Sony like the plague. The elitist asshole attitude is taught from the retail outlets all the way to the CEO, and every department in between.
    If you paid for your PS3 with a VISA, you may have additional coverage through them. Any electronic purchase over $200, goes onto my VISA for this reason.
    At any rate, good luch with trying to get blood out of a stone.

  4. TurboWagon00 says:

    Ugh, why oh why do people onthis site (and others) keep recommending the BBB ? They are nothing but a paper tiger and a subscription selling service, and utterly powerless.

    Sucks about your PS3, Sony is an evil evil company, and you are just starting to discover that. I say let it come back, take off the cover, and blow it out yourself with some canned air. You have nothing to lose at this point.

    • Anonymous says:


      Might want to check on their “tampering” policies. You may have to pay 150 bucks for the repair now, but many companies now have a policy that as sooon as you open the case they will NEVER EVER repair it. So if something more than just dust happens in the future, you’re totally boned

  5. dualityshift says:

    @xAnarChisTx: Is that the official statement you recommend he use?

  6. MitchEvious says:

    Just thought I’d mention here that my friend’s warranty on his 360 ran out so he decided to put a new external case on his machine. Then his machine did the red ring of death that so many machines are getting. About 3 months later they announced they extended everyone’s warranty for this issue. He sent it into microsoft and even though the sticker was clearly broken they sent him a new one and even gave him an extra year of warranty.

  7. blacksamurai87 says:

    Get the money back for your Heavenly Sword game, then send posts and emails out to everyone who matters and make Sony’s customer service look worse than its reputation has already become. How annoying. How damn annoying.

    Imagine how much money you’d have to spend just to play this damn thing: 400-500 bucks for the system, 60 for a game, and 60-100 for an air filter? I think you just answered my question of if I should get a 360 (NO because of RRoD issues), a PS3 (NO because of asshole service, dust issue, and cost for “the Sony Experience”, and a PC (This 24″ monitor is on a Mac right now, waiting to be gamed on).

    Thanks for posting this.

  8. Dimipapa says:

    dust bunnies, more like dust sperm whales

  9. SG79 says:

    Make a huge fuss about it on the official PS boards, and it’ll get resolved. Out of the suggested solutions, getting it back and cleaning it seems to be the only option.

    I would like to see how much dust is there though, since the whole matter strikes me as odd.

  10. brello says:

    @xAnarChisTx: Absolutely, filing a complaint is definitely in order. I’m sorry, man, nobody should have to deal with a concept so absurd. At least you publicized the supervisor’s name, always good to get that sort of thing out in the open.

  11. tamoko says:

    This behavior doesn’t surprise me… I’ve had two friends who have had negative, even confrontational interactions with Sony customer service, and even Sony store employees. I want personally want to appreciate Sony’s tech, but I refuse to buy it solely because of the lack of quality and support.

  12. bobeotm says:

    That is really crappy, I hadn’t heard anything but good things from sony’s repair department in reference to ps3’s. But yeah, I would contact the BBB. But it seems like a bit of personal douchebaggery going one with that woman. Sometimes a customer experience can be different as night and day depending on the person you get on the line.

    She cant possibly be the end of the chain for this. I am sure there is someone above her, she just doesnt want you to contact him/her. That happens all the time with me on costumer service calls, employees refusing to let me talk to a supervisor, or simply stalling hoping I will become impatient before I am switched over.

    I say obviously keep trying, make a stink, about it (which seems to be successful currenty), and let them know it, not her but someone above her.

  13. as702ecs says:

    that is the most ridiculous thing i’ve heard. i’m not impressed, Sony.


  14. MitchEvious says:

    @turbowagon: I wouldn’t take the cover off. Do everything you can to try to get it resolved first. Especially since the story hit consumerist I bet it gathers a bit of attention, and if you void your warranty in between getting it back and some sort of action being taken then it’s your fault.

  15. SG79 says:


    Sound advice (not many of them here other than the typical bitching). Email this bit to a few of their support centres, and DO make a thread about it on the PS boards. It’s just too absurd.

  16. boandmichele says:

    the last sony product i had was a portable cd player about 10 years ago.

    this is a great example of why.

    (and i just have to say it, but wii60 ftw!)


  17. dualityshift says:

    @SG79: Hitting the PS Forums won’t do anything. They’re filled with Fanboys who cannot read criticism about their holy sacrement. They will call it fiction, label him a troll, and have him banned.
    The best thing is the EECB, numerous letters, and maybe a call to the local news crew for a human interest story.
    Get the PS3 back, but make sure they write the reason for warranty refusal. When you have that, you can have the news crew have their “on screen specialist” or whatever, pull open your PS3 on national TV. Yes, the warranty voids, but it is already, and when there isn’t two years of dust, and it’s seen on TV, Sony will have much egg on their collective faces.

  18. canerican says:

    Here’s a question, are there actually any good electronics and computer companies left? I mean this is absolutely horrible, but it seems like pretty much every company tries to find reasons to not honor their warranty. That is why I think extended warranties are shams, because they will never honor it. If you have the slightest damage or scratch, you have damaged your product. Its pathetic..

  19. Booji-Boy says:

    Until Sony gets their act together to provide friendly and reliable customer service on the level of Nintendo, they will NEVER see another penny out of me.

    I’m holding off buying a PS3. No console is worth the worry that you won’t get the help you need and deserve when/if that time comes.

    Shame on you, Sony!

  20. SG79 says:


    Better than nothing I suppose if it’s posted in the right section. I’ve taken the liberty to do it:


  21. nightshade74 says:

    After that DRM bit I havent spent so much as one red
    cent on any Sony product…


    .. stuff like this reinforces that decision…

  22. dualityshift says:

    @SG79: That sort of behaviour just gets you booted off their forums.
    Sites like this are much better than Sony’s forums for getting your point across.
    We’ll see how the replies to your post progresses.

  23. ADM56 says:

    At least you are only in for them for the cost of a PS3. I purchased a 60 inch television from them back in Feb of this year and they refuse to honor the warranty on the set after one failed repair attempt. Colors are out of wack but they claim it’s within spec since it’s ‘a consumer product’ and therefore exempt from providing quality…

    Honestly I think Sony is so backed in a corner at this point that they don’t care anymore.

  24. Akin says:

    This is why the only Sony product I own is a display (aside, unfortunately, from a ps2 and ps1), their customer service is terrible, and they insist on DRMing everything and only using proprietary formats.

    Plenty of computer parts people, Western Digital is pretty awesome, etc

  25. jayntampa says:

    Better advice: Write a letter to your state attorney regarding unethical business practices. Before sending it, forward a copy to Sony’s US PR department and the repair department to see if they would like to provide a rebuttal before you send it off.

    I promise, you’ll have your PS3 repaired — they won’t admit that they are wrong, but they will repair it.

  26. SG79 says:


    There was another thread apparently, and talks of using compressed air are rampid. As if those don’t make things worse (using a small vaccum is th way to go)

  27. Keeko_ca says:

    I stopped buying Sony products back when Discman was all the craze. I bought a Discman that happened to have playback controls (Play, Stop, Skip, etc) on the top cover of the shell. After one month those controls stopped working because the circuit ribbon snapped due to a terrible design concerning over bending of the ribbon when closing the lid (after of course, inserting a CD).

    Long story short, I was told my product didn’t fit within warranty because I shouldn’t have been opening and closing the lid. So, in other words…not use the product with any more than one CD. I shit you all not.

    Sony stinks, and the world is finally taking notice. Dust voiding warranty? What f’n next? Sony products removed from their original shipping packages are void due to exposure to air?

  28. Fry says:

    I absolutely refuse to purchase anything Sony (except for a few choice PSX games, played on my computer through emulators). And stories like this make me feel better about my decision.

  29. Boberto says:

    My Sony purchases; 3 Clie PDA’s, 1 Camcorder, 2 Digital stills, 1 Vaio notebook, 1 cellphone, 1 VCR/DVD player recorder.

    My last purchase from Sony was a computer that died under warranty. Sony made me fight like a dog in order get it replaced. That was about 5 years ago.

    See how smart you are Sony? Fighting every warranty claim and abusing customers with root kit DRM software has been a really smart way to go for you.

    You Suck.

  30. KBeat says:

    Did you purchase the PS3 using an American Express? They’ve stepped up for me a couple of times when a company was acting like Sony is in your situation. I can’t say enough good things about their customer support and service. If you used them, call their buyers assurance program immediately.

    Say what you will about the reliability problems of the 360, and believe me I have, at the very least they don’t give you any hassle when you have to have it repaired or replaced. I have absolutely no clue how much dust has accrued inside my electronic equipment, nor should I for that matter. The way you were treated is abhorrent. I hope you have some success getting the matter resolved. I’d be just as upset as you are were I in your shoes.

  31. chef4hire says:

    Ridiculous. I think Sony probably has a point here, and I’ve never heard of anyone’s PS3 stop working on the account of “too much dust”. You should clean up your living area, it could be a health hazard.

  32. rebelphoenix says:

    Hey yet another reason why the PS2 will be my last Sony console.

  33. Red_Breast says:

    I feel for you I really do. Follow some of the advice already given.
    And now for my bit. I’d like to put the following line in caps but it’s just not netiquette but:
    Don’t ever be a fan-boy of anything.
    It will only lead to disappointment. I get the impression you like the PS3’s selection of games. I just happen to like a lot of 360 games and some Wii games so I have those two consoles.
    But this doesn’t make MS or Nintendo any better, or worse. Sony have made some terrible mistakes recently and there’s not one PS3 game that interests me but competition is good and I wouldn’t want to see them go out of buisness.
    Hopefully if this gets out enough one of those people at the top that you can’t speak to will see it and step in.

  34. SilentSomno says:

    I think he should do as he is doing and that is letting people know how he is being treated.

    I also think he should contact the Consumerist and tell them his story.

    Maybe if he generates enough bad publicity for Sony they will be willing to fix his PS3.

    Then again since Sony is probably already desensitized by all the bad publicity over the years, it will probably be business as usual for them.

  35. chef4hire says:

    Anyone complaining about Sony’s “ethics” shouldn’t buy an XBox 360 either. Microsoft’s ethics are much worse than Sony’s and they continually overcharge you for their products since they have a monopoly.

  36. dualityshift says:

    @SG79: I really DO hope your post does something, but I won’t put money on it.
    It’s boneheaded engineering like this that pisses me off; the unit is sealed, so you cannot open it, or you void the warranty, but dust doesn’t pay attention to conditions of warranty. It gets in, and like a bad house guest, you can’t get it out, primarily because Sony’s flawed design, and twice-rushed technology won’t let you. Using the compresed air cans won’t get the dust out of the box, just move it around and spread it out more evenly, so there’s a more consistent failure rate.
    Sony should have added an ‘ass’ port; a hole that allows you to use you air can and the dust comes out the ass port, or make the PS3 dishwasher safe.

  37. SilentSomno says:


    Note to self: maybe you should double check the site your on before you write something.

  38. jayntampa says:

    @chef4hire: Microsoft has improved, in my experience. I had a terrible time with them a year ago. Then my 360 went dead a couple weeks ago, and it was painless — they sent me out the pre-paid box and said they’d fix it and send it back with a 1-month live subscription to pay me back for the time I was missing.

  39. bobeotm says:

    Stories like these always attract the troll’s and fanboys. There are bizarre stories about most electronic companies costumer service, most of the time is just an isolated incident (unless you are talking about Liksys, since outsourcing their costumer service has rendered tech support unusable). Lets not forget the stories about having broken 360s shipped back to customers, still broken. Most of the time these things have more to do with a few douchy employees than corporate policy.

    Every sony product I own STILL works fine, long after they should have naturally died. My 10 year old cd player, still works, if i played cd’s anymore. My 11 year old PSone works fine, but I dont need it anymore. My 7yr old PS2, not issues whatsoever. The Vaio i’m writing this on, is covered with two warranties, one manufacturer, on retailer. So all in all I have had nothing be good experiences with sony.

  40. jayntampa says:

    @bobeotm: His issue is not with the product, but with the customer service … it sounds like you’ve been fortunate and not had to deal with that aspect of the company.

  41. dukrous says:

    The Sony warranty says that you’re out of luck if:


    Ask Sony if they will provide proof that the dust caused the failure. If not, it does not meet the letter of their warranty because the cause of the fault has to be from the dust…not just that the console is faulty.

  42. tadowguy says:

    My PS/2 is also a dust magnet. I use my shop-vac to suck out the dust from the fan cover on the back every once in awhile.

    I also read that the PS/3 uses a ridiculous amount of power, which necessitates lots of airflow over the processor. If you have something that sucks in air 24 hours a day at a high rate, it’s going to get dusty.

  43. dualityshift says:

    @chef4hire: But MS isn’t voiding warranties for dust, in fact, didn’t MS extend their warranty for RROD? (rhetorical, they did.)
    MS may have ethics problems in most, if not all their departments, but they DO stand behind and support their products much better than Sony.
    I have had several Sony products, from Diskman, to laptops, to cam corders, digital cameras, PDAs, and game consoles. I had problems with several of these products, and each time was treated like garbage by Sony support. My Diskman alone went into the shop 5 times for the same issue. After the third time, they refused to replace it. The fourth time, I tried it in front of the staff, when i picked it up. The CD played for 12 seconds, then the unit died, again.

  44. fcb1899 says:

    Let me first start out by saying I have never liked Sony. I owned an Xbox from day one and still have it and use it everyday to watch movies and TV shows using XBMC. I also got a 360 from day one. Neither machine has ever given me problems. So I guess that makes me an Xbox fanboy.
    And well, it was about time for someone to tell a ridiculous “bad customer service” story about Sony. I have heard enough Microsoft stories and complaints but this one by far is the most ridiculous one. I just dont believe everything I read in the net as ppl have a habit of making up stupid shit and by the nature of the internet, these stories snowball into massive PR nightmares.
    I am not saying that this guy is lying (but then again how can we know he is not?), but this sounds so ridiculous is laughable. If it is true, it is a shame that Sony treats customers this way. And before you go on on flaming me for saying this, I know that some Microsoft customers must have gotten the shaft too. No company is perfect.
    I would expect to hear more horror stories from Sony customers (and “customers) from now on, because, hey, let’s face it, Microsoft is not the only one that sucks.

  45. theprof00 says:

    Uh dude dust falls under wear and tear.
    First of all idiot, it’s called a “dust magnet” because of the sheen exterior that is black that SHOWS dust easily. Second you should be dusting your home once a month. If you own a computer you should be dusting that too, why should you think it’s any different? Dust kills electronics dumbass, stop being stupid and learn how to take care of your expensive equipment

  46. SG79 says:


    Extended it twice mind you, so let’s not have a contest of what’s worse here. We’ve had a recorded incident where a CSR from MS telling the customer that he’s laughing at him.

    Generally, I don’t pay attention to such matters since someone always exaggerates and the bashing commences. But this has my attention since it really sounds VERY absurd, yet believable (kind of like dead pixel issues with plasma and LCD’s)

  47. nursetim says:

    sounds like an EECB is in order. Maybe also Google “Sony Sucks” to find other blogs to post your story. Sounds like yet another reason to not get a PS3.

  48. I think after this posting SOny is going to replace that guys PS3…lol

  49. KungFengShui says:

    Like most people are saying, be a squeaky wheel until you get the grease. Call corporate, email anyone important at SCEA, tell blogs, and wave the flag of shitty customer service until Sony decides its worth the couple hundred bucks’ loss to shut you up.

  50. BaZ2 says:

    That is really crazy, I would 100% contact the BBB.

  51. boandmichele says:

    @theprof00: i see what you did there.

    enough of the rampant name-calling. go dry hump your betamax tapes some more. less than one year of being in a cabinet cannot be considered ‘wear and tear’, no matter how much of an idiot you think the OP is.

  52. bravo369 says:

    I don’t play video games but why is it that back in the nintendo and super nintendo days, the console seemed to be great and never broke. Now that you actually have to shell out $500 for these systems (PS3 and xbox), they are breaking left and right and customer service is saying they can’t fix it. I can somewhat understand if this was 5 years later and it broke but a $500+ purchase should not be breaking after a year…and should be fixed no questions asked. No wonder these companies are making no money on their consoles since they are so overpriced, unreliable and have bad customer service

  53. nweaver says:

    Sell the Blu Ray disks and games on craigslist, get an XBox 360, and never give sony ONE MORE RED CENT!

  54. GBsteve says:

    This is quite disheartening. i’ve been debating over whether to buy a 360 or a PS3, and i’ve been really leaning towards the PS3… I hope sony cleans up their act before i decide to spend my money elsewhere.

    So far as what to do… as much as i hate to say it $150 is a lot less than buying a new one.
    But keep up the phone calls, emails and letters… eventually you’ll agitate someone into doing what you want.

  55. theprof00 says:

    @boandmichele: You must be daft boy. Electronics require cleaning, and if they found a giant ball of dust in there, like more dust than is reasonable accounted for, you are shit outta luck. Second of all betamax has still been used in hollywood and msuic industries until a couple years ago.
    Third. Put your computer in a cabinet. Open it in a year, all that dust that is inside it, is the same amount of dust you’ll find inside your ps3 though the ps3 is an eighth the size.

    Electronics, specifically video rendering hardware and anything that needs cooling to be effective have fans. These fans have two purposes, one blows air out, and one sucks air in, every console out right now has these fans. If you cannot think to protect these mini computers, as you do a desktop, then it’s your own fault.

    Did you never learn in 7th grade that electronics hate dust?
    Here’s what i could see going wrong.
    first why don’t you send pictures to them of all your sony equipment? or send a letter to the ceo which i’m sure is available on the net somewhere.
    2. dust on the lens
    3. dust on the slide mechanism. (on the slide there is grease normally this causes almost no friction, once dust gets into it this could destroy the motor trying to send the slide, it could destroy the lens encasement.
    4.it can plug the fans, causing the processor to overheat and lose lots of speed, can really destroy the video card.
    5. cause the power supply to overheat and/or destroy other system components.
    6. scratch your cds
    7. break the cd-drive mechanism.
    the list goes on
    people try to be informed consumers.
    PS: I’m sure if you send a letter to the president or regional exec they will replace it, but they will not keep doing this for people who can’t take care of a very expensive electronics unit.

  56. dualityshift says:

    @SG79: In the end, MS did the right thing. This shouldn’t be a comparison, since both PR teams have been taking LSD everyday for the last 35 years.

    That’s the funny thing, we all expect corporations to just fix the problems with their products. We expect the service department to magically fix your broken dreams. Unfortunately, these corporations are run by human beings, like you and I.

    You and I make mistakes in everyday life, and for the most part, our mistakes aren’t plastered across the internet. However, you and I aren’t taking $500+ from people for a hunk of plastic and silicon, which most people employed at these corporations forgets.

    It would surprise me if Sony didn’t replace this PS3 in the end.

  57. bohemian says:

    If he can’t get a decent response from Sony, demand the unit be returned. Then open it, blow it out with canned air. If that doesn’t fix the issue send it to a third party repair service or try to diagnose and fix it yourself since your warranty is already void. If your going to fork out money just don’t fork more out to Sony for their crappy support.

    We repaired our old PS2 twice before it finally died, the lens got out of alignment. When it finally died we bought a new PS2 for $119. I won’t buy any of the game consoles until the price comes down to the point that if it dies I am not out much.

  58. afmvdp says:

    somehow I’m doubting the legitamacy of this all, I’m thinking it wasn’t a “few dustballs” and that their was an insane ammount of dust due to misuse or carelessness and if you are careless with your stuff why should the company front the bill? It’s not like they installed magic capacitors which collect dust on themselves.

    I guess I just don’t understand why it’s someone elses fault that your stuff is dirty.

    It’s like blaming the Gap for your clothes smelling bad after wearing them and not showering for a while.

  59. Draconianspark says:

    @theprof00: Making a comparison between a consumer product that is effectively and quite literally a “black Box” that cannot be unsealed to a computer tower that can be easily opened and cleaned is is a rather poor point of debate, don’t you think?

    I don’t own a PS3, and I won’t until I can buy it for about $150 chiefly because of the :cough: excellent quality in design and manufacturing utilized by the folks at SCEA in the PSX and PS2

  60. Tyrannical says:

    The real question is…

    Why do you have FIVE controllers?

  61. Malice says:

    Well i’m sure there are certain problems with everything, this is the first or 2nd time i’ve heard anyone mention anything about a bad return phone call or whatever you wanna call it. Not bad considering the 360’s track record. How’s the Wii doing? Nothing wrong but the wiimotes being chucked by accident right? But they replaced the straps with stronger more secure ones. So for having a launch day PS3 and nothing bad happening to it since…not too bad. It could’ve died on me long ago.

  62. theprof00 says:

    @Draconianspark: It only seems like poor, you shouldn’t only clean inside, which you can with canned air, but the outside and it’s surroundings. living in mud will guarantee that most of your stuff will have mud in it. It’s a crude metaphor, but dust is even more prevalent, and vicious.

  63. NeoteriX says:

    Why doesn’t the person featured in this post play hard-ball like Sony is begging him to do? First, do a little internet research and find what state “Unfair Trade Practices” laws there are. For example, Massachusetts has a particularly broad and powerful law. Then, take their asses to small claims court (you don’t need to be a lawyer) and subpoena them like they wanted.

    That will show them to carelessly toss legal language around.

  64. iEddie says:

    I don’t buy Sony anymore. It’s junk.

    Anyway, could you pay the $150 using a credit card, get the replacement, and dispute it (saying unauthorized)?

  65. sxp151, the happy-headed nose says:

    Fanboys for various consoles always like to write that their other systems are “getting dusty lol.” I hope now they learn that such things are not laughing matters.

  66. theprof00 says:

    @Tyrannical: LOL didn’t notice that, but when i had genesis and SNES back in the day i had three controllers, one each for me and my friend and one unplugged controller for my 3year old niece who wanted to play too!

  67. tjtremor says:

    haha sucks for you, not the first time sony refuses to replace their defective products, I had to fight for days with agents when my dad’s 40″ sony tv stopped working after a few days

  68. theprof00 says:

    BTW Im sure if you do a little research you could get the credit card company to replace the console. When my friend worked at best buy he always used to say that lawyers never bought warranties, because the credit cards would cover anything that happened to them, worth a shot!

  69. WGSXFrank says:

    @theprof00: No matter how well you clean the rest of your room/home, ALL of your electronics will gaher dust over time. While I fully agree that consumers should take care of the dust on the inside (and ONLY used compressed air specified for electronics to do it!), it is quite different for gaming consoles under warranty. Opening the case for ANY reason will void the warranty immediately. While shooting the compressed air into the exhaust ports may seem like a good idea to some, it only pushes the dust over to another area inside the console.

    Companies won’t ever allow us to open the cases to “de-dust”. This is due to all the idiotic things that people can do when the case is open to utterly ruin the unit. However, because of this, Sony (as well as MS and nintendo) should offer a free or very cheap maintenance service which includes dust removal. Until they do that, they should, by all means, replace a system that fails due to dust.

  70. SG79 says:


    A few days you say, and they wouldn’t do it? *best exaggeration I’ve heard in a while*

    Anyway, out of curiosity, I called the 1800 line and got a different answer. This is likely a case of an idiotic CSR, and it’s worth following up on until you get a replacement.

  71. Fatty Shcock says:

    @turbowagon: The BBB is not powerless, so I don’t know who the hell told you otherwise. I used the BBB to get my Toshiba laptop fixed because of numerous complaints about the graphics chip, and because of that call to the BBB, Toshiba got a hold of me and offered to fix it for free.

    So they are not “powerless” after all.

    @dualityshift: I wouldn’t say that exactly, basically contact them and tell them the problem that Sony is giving you, and make sure you tell them exactly, and the BBB should help.

  72. Ummm…this is why I put a small towel over each of my systems when they’re not in use. Stops them from getting any dust.

  73. Scuba Steve says:

    Seems like something they should handle, regardless of their terms and conditions..

  74. tjtremor says:

    @SG79: yes a few days after buying it, the stupid tv developed these white cloud spots all over the picture, I believe it was a known issue with their 1080p bravia tv, the store refused to take it back and refered us to sony support :-(, and of course sony denied everything, after 4 different supervisors and days wasting my time they shipped my dad a replacement,

  75. robinhood1013 says:

    i love Sony , but this is fuckin ridiculous i say u sue them or complain to the BBB…fuckin assholes….i cannot believe they are being such fucking assholes…GAHH!!!…just a tip..in the manual it states that the consumer should use a low pressure vacuum to dust it…for future references to all PS3 owners….but this is shit….fuck them for bein such assholes……

  76. dalibaba says:

    Guys, I think it’s time for drastic measures. Someone please release Godzilla and point him towards Sony’s office in Hokaido.

  77. boandmichele says:

    1. no, papa, i didnt learn the ‘property of dust-collecting electronics’ in 7th grade. product of an american education i suppose.

    2. yes, lets use the movie and music industries to prove a point. and about what? sony’s shoving of proprietary formats down the throats of ignorant consumers. well its been successful thus far. oh, wait, no it hasnt.

    3. so, you get a ps3, you are supposed to open it (and i assume void the warranty doing so) to dust it? is that not a catch-22? or is it okay to open your ps3?

  78. robinhood1013 says:


  79. IntelSilver says:

    Yes, because the 360 is very reliable, yes.

  80. dualityshift says:

    @xAnarChisTx: That and $1.48 will get you a large Tim Horton’s coffee. The BBB won’t do much, because they can’t do much.

  81. mac-phisto says:

    well dude, that sucks. i stopped buying sony equipment back in the early 90’s for similar reasons, so i can feel you pain, but it’s ok. there’s life after sony. i’ve been sony-free going on 15 years now & i’ve never felt better. my blood pressure is down, i’ve learned to smile & not a day goes by that i wish i was back in that place…

  82. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @robinhood1013: You are basing this brilliant observation on what? Did a can of compressed air break your CAPS LOCK KEY?
    Canned air works fine. And I work on electronics for a living.

  83. Blueoysterjoe says:

    Since the PS3 is really struggling today, and Sony is falling all over itself trying to improve the image of the console before Christmas, I suggest getting in touch with some gamer blogs like Kotaku and just embarrass the hell out of these folks. I bet you get your new PS3 quick when the broader game community discovers they can’t return their $500 broken game machine because it has dust on it.

  84. theprof00 says:

    @boandmichele: what in gods name are you talking about “papa” “american education”? these sound like valuable things to know about.
    2. “shoving proprietary formats”? Beta was known and is known to be superior to vhs, they lost because of the home market. what are you blathering about?
    3. you don’t have to open up a system to dust. You can open your windows once in a while, not smoke indoors(if you do), dust around the area, get an air purifier, (belive me dust can do a lot more harm to even the human body than electronics, or simply dust turn a fan on and open a door once a month it’s not that hard.
    don’t come at me like what im saying is bs, because i and many other people like me who build computers for themselves or spend any large amounts of money on tech know that you must take care of them.

    PS. I still believe he or she can get a refund from the prez of scea. maybe even from this piece.

    PPS: american catholic education system, and when i went back to france for two years i was a grade ahead of them cuz i was on calc in the 4th grade.

  85. Nakko says:

    Wow. You don’t hear too much about broken PS3’s…

  86. boandmichele says:

    @IntelSilver: how is that relevant?

  87. dasunst3r says:

    Wow… they just blew another loyal customer (which, by the way, are more inclined on being upsold and earns companies more money). Hope they’re happy now.

  88. boandmichele says:

    @doctor_cos: papa is in reference to you calling me ‘boy’, for some reason. secondly: [en.wikipedia.org] < ill try to cut down on this, since its less-than-obvious, apparently.

    i am blathering about memory sticks, UMD’s, etc. no one has doubted the superiority of betamax. what are YOU blathering about?

    since when was learning about dusting electronics a 7th grade class? that is my point. i had a decent public education, which is irrelevant, since i was just being sarcastic.

    i do not doubt that you must take care of your electronics, whether you build them or not. however, when you and i build computers, they are under no warranty, there is no red tape holding them shut.

    at home, we keep our windows open sometimes, closed otherwise, and have 2 air purifiers in the house and still, i have to dust my computer every few months.

  89. theprof00 says:

    he’s referring to your wii60 post

  90. dandd says:

    What kind of asshole tells this guy to clean his house! Have you ever seen his house? The fact is that electronics have this thing called static electricity that attracts dust just like a magnet. (Hence dust magnet)

    Just do yourself a favor and buy a 360, it actually has good games.

  91. Trumps says:

    I say blow it out with 1-2 cans of compressed air. DO NOT OPEN IT. Then send it back for warranty repair. They cant say its too dusty then, can they?

  92. boandmichele says:

    @theprof00: ah, for the record, i just have a wii.

    wii60, to me, is the best entertainment value. i figured id go ahead and bring both systems up in one post, since it was inevitable anyway. apologies for the paradox.

  93. monstericreated says:

    Wow, that’s pretty lame. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out and make sure my PS3 doesn’t collect an unnecessary amount of dust. Thank goodness for canned compressed air.

  94. gaiking says:

    Gotta love sony…
    My Vaio ….unusable touchpad….A well know problem with the 505 laptop. Son’ys response: “it’s supposed to work like that.”

    Original PSP….the square button did not work on a vast number of units…sony’s response: ” It is supposed to work that way.”

    Now PS3 getting dusty and voiding warranty…guess what…”It’s supposed to work that way.”

    sheesh…Sony stinks….at least Microsoft acknowledged the 360 furnace issue and threw on a 3 year warranty.

  95. Gaz says:

    funny how sony use dst balls to advertise the psp over here, maybe these are the very ones that they use to advertise the ps3

  96. mustang says:


    99% of all games, are DRM’d, event he videos you’re watching in kotaku are DRM’d and require you to install decoding codecs, and all of then have had bugs discovered that allowed virus and malware to infiltrate.

    I don’t think they did worst than other DRM-content selling companies. Does’t affect me anyway, I won’t buy anything that is DRM protected and I prefer to user open or DRM-free formats instead of DRM’d ones.

  97. bobeotm says:

    @nweaver: Because getting a 360 will make him be through with customer service once and for all? He will just be trading one set of costumer service calls for another.

    Maybe he will like the Yuletide Ring of Death, it is a mighty festive touch since its the holiday season.

  98. theprof00 says:

    Sarcasm?!??! is that what you resort to? there isn’t even a semblance to being facetious which i believe is the word you meant to use.
    dont post at the wrong people.
    dusting electronics is not a 7th grade class, science though teaches us, like it did for me in seventh grade, that dust and chalk hurt computers. BTW seventh grade for me was almost 13 years ago, when good comps were coming out
    the rest of your last post is valid and i won’t continue to argue with it,
    i agree consoles red tape sucks. but he had no warranty, no receipt, no nothing. I dunno but my rentz always used to save receipts on high priced items. Fate is a bitch, i’ll agree, and shit does happen.
    I’m sorry for yelling but it irks me so much when people complain about negligence

  99. theprof00 says:

    @Gaz: LOL interesting insight, so that’s where they went to!!!

  100. boandmichele says:

    7th grade for me was 12 years ago, so we are the same age. and no, even though my science teacher was mediocre at best, that was still sarcasm. facetious sarcasm, sure, but we are getting into semantics, pardon the cliche. (haha)

    i merely brought up betamax because it is clear you are a sony fan, which is fine and good, but calling the OP idiot and dumbass is out of line.

    there is still nothing to say that less than a year of a non-dusted, closed system counts as negligence.

    (and for the record, the C64 i played with when i was 3 was a good computer, imo) :)

  101. Zodiack says:

    What kinda bullshit is that? It’s Sony’s fault that it’s a freakin dust magnet in the first place.

  102. Lazz says:

    This makes me sick. I’ve not purchased Sony products in a good while, but it was because of their insane policy of using only proprietary formats, and not sharing the tech with any other company, thus limiting their functionality to other Sony products. Think memory stick, UMD, and even MiniDisc.

    This kind of adds a whole new dimension to Sony’s image. A less than one year old console, fully under warranty, very expensive, and they’re feeding this tripe.

    How Dare They.

  103. theprof00 says:

    @boandmichele: lol i couldn’t even afford a computer but i inherited a hand me down tandy1000 when i was 6, insane graphics, loved it, until i wrote a ten page paper on it in 5th grade and the thing collapsed on me; blue background black text ftw!

    it was out of line, but nobody listens nowadays.
    “You can do more with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.”

  104. boandmichele says:

    @theprof00: i used to sit in front of the c64 and type lines upon lines of text into the cli prompt. then i would use the arrow keys to scroll up and down, making sort of an ad hoc animation. it was neat and goofy, now that i think about it.

  105. brent_w says:


    Learn to read you ignorant troll.

    The person in question does dust his PS3, and described his home as “dustless”.

    Get your nose out of Sony’s ass and get a clue.

  106. ninjatales says:

    Yea a lot of tech supports won’t work on problems caused by dust. But then, a reasonable PS3 support tech should try to dust it off with compressed air cans and see if that resolves the matter.

  107. Wow. Just read through the comments over on consumerist… and Sony’s stance is some serious weaksauce.

  108. Konchu says:

    Wow this definately sucks I hope he can get them to fix it. It appears they used the always folding option so I suppose that could account for more air going through the system thus more time for dust to accumulate. I have been curious to see if would start seeing systems killed by folding at home and this is a possible case(never really thought it would be dust though I figured fans would die etc).

    It is possible the user could have had this in a bad environment I wouldn’t advise playing a PS3 at a grain mill have heard horror stories of equipment getting caked up with grain dust(just an example but im sure some systems are running in pretty bad environments but I personally think its a sign of good design when a system can survive at least slightly bad conditions). But I think its crappy that they have a picture there of the dust and they are not willing to show it that screems of foul play to me on Sonys part. More than likely the picture is a lie(they have a reason from support and they are tring to drive it home with this fib) and they is why they can’t send it.

    But if the system is prone to drawing dust even in the extreme always folding uses we will see more cases before long. Though you can take one case as the definitive judgement on Sony Customer service you can’t ignore there may be cases where the person just took there beating and paid the 150 bucks for something they shouldn’t have. I personally have heard of many issues with there customer service so I am slightly inclined to agree with this person over Sony.

  109. North of 49 says:

    Sony sucks banta poodoo. Last year, when the digicam recall came out, I checked my model number because it was having the same problem. We lost a ton of pictures of our newborn because the @($&@)($&@)$@ thing wouldn’t work. It had the same LCD problem. Sony wouldn’t do anything because it wasn’t one of the model numbers that was recalled. The difference? One single digit. We haven’t bought anything Sony since.

  110. aitchtuess says:

    Call the office of the attorney general of your state. You will be sent a complaint form and will be asked to describe the problem in detail. Keep a record of all your contacts with Sony, times and summary of each conversation in a log. Include that in your packet to the office. This has worked very well for me in the past with other companies giving me the run around. Good luck!

  111. Konchu says:

    Correction on that last paragraph
    Though you Can’t not can

  112. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Thanks guys for your help

    My system really wasn’t very dusty, It was very clean on the outside, the dust was in the USB ports, and the Memory card slots….and OBVIOUSLY, im not going to go q-tipping around inside the memory card slots to get the dust out!

    2 42″ Bravia LCD’s and 1 50″ 3lcd Rear projection bravia, Both purchased within the last 30 days…. think i should just return them? go sharp?

    I just got off the phone with sony support again, letting them know that about 30 people have commented saying they are never buying a ps3 because of this.

    She told me there was nothing she could do, that the service center had the final say and there was no way she could over ride that, im calling back again for a supervisor.

    Im in the process of complaining to the BBB, and writing a letter to the CEO if i ever get his email/address. This is just crazy, my console was very well taken care of, i played it alot but thats what they should be expecting! especially given the fast they include BOTH a blu-ray player AND Folding @ home (which can run pretty much 24/7).

    I dont even beleive its gotten to this point, how can no one see a problem with this at sony customer support? Their just losing customers by the second.

    EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THAT SUPERVISOR, Those were exact qoutes from her becuase she wouldn’t allow me to record her. her Name is Daria Woo

    Ill keep you guys updated with my progress. Im going to try calling Sony’s publicity dept if i can, see if they give a damn.

  113. Rxram says:

    This is horrifying… I was going to purchase a Bravia tommorow… Maybe I’ll go with the new Samsung instead if this is the way Sony is opting to treat its loyal customers…

  114. clevershark says:

    Looks like my long-standing policy of staying away from Sony products is a pretty wise one after all.

  115. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    The PS3 Was purchased by my parents as a Gift through ebay, They purchased it for well over MSRP, and the auction included a receipt from best buy which was lost eventually. It was paid for via paypal With a visa, Im not sure where that leaves me. But im getting ever-so-pissed with ps3 customer support.

  116. TMcClain says:

    Um dust? That’s one of the most ridiculous SONY stories I’ve heard. Why doesn’t Sony just open up the PS3, blow all the dust out, test it, and if it works send it back. My guess is the sender didn’t want to open the case because it voids the warranty. But what good is a warranty when the company refuses to remove the dust? Good grief the world is screwed up sometimes.

  117. hchaudh1 says:

    I can’t believe the amount of pro MS service rhetoric going on here. Most of the statements are pure bull.

    I had my 360 break down, but not because of RROD. Gues what, no warranty for me. I had to spend $160 on top of everything.

    I don’t know why these people are so insecure about the 360 going down that they are flat out lying on these boards. This is just misinformation and plain old lies.

    This is more like that story which said Sony voids warranties if you use a surge protector. What a bunch of armchair fanboy idiots. And did Kotaku even bother to check on the story before cutting-pasting it verbatim from the consumerist.

    I am sure Kotaku could be sued for libel because you guys were the ones pushing the surge protector voids warranty story but the only reason it won’t happen is because then the lawsuit would be a big deal and it would be “big bad corporation against our little old fanboy blog”.

    For shame!

  118. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Unless there’s specific clause about having to use the PS3 in a cleanroom, I wouldn’t settle for that. We all know Sony is up their usual BS. About the only PS3 you’d ever find that was free of dust belongs to Martha Stewart.

    I vowed that after buying the PS2, that was the last Sony product I’ll ever buy. You’re talking about the same company who doesn’t have an issue putting a hidden rootkit on your computer, so what can you expect?

    If the PS3 sucks in that much dust, then perhaps Sony should redesign how the unit is ventilated.

    Screw you, Sony.

  119. ibelli says:

    I’m sure once Sony gets word of this, you’ll get your replacement console and someone at the customer service place you spoke with will either get fired, or get a raise.

  120. headphonz says:

    File a lawsuit in your local small claims court. Notify Sony that once you win your suit (remember that Sony actually MUST show up in your local court and most likely they won’t) you’ll publicize the suit on every local tv station and notify the AP to get national press. Then you’ll start looking for others who’ve had questionable warranty disputes and start a class action lawsuit.

  121. CareyCondor says:

    WTF, this sucks. I’m definitely not a Sony fanboy, I just really like my PS3. Hopefully it will live up to Sony’s word that it will have no problems and/or only collect an appropriate amount of dust before something does go wrong.

    On the bright side, I have an uncle who can fix almost anything. He hasn’t opened a PS3 yet, but I guess if this happens to me he’ll be my fall-back plan…

  122. lordargent says:

    I don’t get it.

    So it’s full of dust, can’t they just blow it out and return it? Unless the dust scratched something in the optical system, a good cleaning should fix whatever problem the dust was causing, right?

    /forever cleaning cat hairs out of the laser mouse

  123. freakfunk says:

    You guys are really unlucky, in the UK the procedure is as follows:

    1) The store you bought it from and not the manufacturer must honour the warranty.

    2) 12 months mandatory warranty for all electrical goods

    3) within 28 days must be replaced or money refunded

    4) after 28 days they have to repair or replace the goods.

    If the store is difficult we simply call trading standards and they were resolve the matter and often issue a fine.

  124. Jordan Lund says:

    Sounds like the Consumerist got punked on this one. I can’t believe this is a real story.

  125. BigNutty says:

    It seems funny when consumers get treated by a company in completely different ways. I buy Sony PS2 and PS3 from the swap meet and if they don’t work properly, I send them in the Sony and they have never charged me a thing except I pay for shipping there and they always pay shipping back to me.

    I even explain that the console is out of warranty but they still give me authorization to send them in.

    I also believe the BBB is nothing more than a legalized extortion ring. When you read a review about a company, they are afraid to say anything too bad about them, after all, they want the company to pay their dues when it’s time to renew.

    The BBB is the biggest scam against consumers ever created.

  126. maztec says:

    This is the type of thing that keeps me from buying any Sony product ever again. I avoid them like the plague, no matter how cool their products appear to be.

    I recommend writing or calling the Sony VP Executive Office. Just call the U.S. corporate line and make your way to the top.

    Here is a brief of my story and how I finally got Sony to help me with a laptop that broke, due to faulty design, no less than 8 times in 3 years:

    1) Bought $4000 laptop from Sony in 2002. (I know, stupid me. On the other hand, the credit card company never charged me. So, I have no real reason to complain about any of this . . .)
    2) I purchased the 3 year extended warranty at the same time I purchased the laptop. I received a single card with my laptop detailing my extended warranty service.
    3) Less than six months after purchasing it, it was summer. The laptop spontaneously stopped working. I mailed it in.
    4) They fixed it and returned it.
    5) Repeat: Four months pass, laptop stops working for the same reason. (Memory bay sockets get so hot, even when it is on a cooling surface or lifted in the air and the ram cover is off, that the connections melt.)
    6) They fix it and return it.
    7) Six and a half months pass. I call to send it in. “We’re sorry, but you are outside of your warranty period.” “Uhmm, ok. . . but I have an extended warranty.” “Oh! Well . . . we have no record of that sir.” “I purchased it with the laptop.” “Let me check the records sir. . . . [45min wait] . . . Oh! Yes, it appears in our sales record that you did, however, we need proof of your acknowledgment of the extended warranty. Did you send in your extended warranty registration card and receive a response?” “Uhmm.. what extended warranty registration card? I never received any card and I paid for the warranty on the product, why should I have to send in a special card?” “We’re sorry sir, but there is nothing we can do then, goodbye.” [click] . . .
    8) Insert upset me. Insert calling back. Insert being told to call the extended warranty center.
    9) Extended warranty center: “What is your extended warranty number?” “Uhmmm… is it this number on the bottom of the card [reads number].” “Sir, that can’t be the number, the number is shorter than that.” “Oh…” [insert arguing] [insert being told that the Extended Warranty Repair Center is a CONTRACTED Company that I contract by paying direct NOT through Sony and that the warranty card is to notify them so they can receive payment from Sony. If I never sent in that card (which I never received or had indication needed sent in) then I am out of luck. . . .
    10) Insert more arguing, then calling Sony again. I proceeded to argue with Sony representatives and progressively having my case sent to higher levels of support. I eventually got my account flagged for a) extended warranty support by Sony, b) immediate escalation to higher levels of support.
    11) Laptop is repaired. Yay!
    12) Six months pass, laptop dies again. Boo!
    13) I call Sony, they refuse to acknowledge that the previous repairs ever happened and insist I have no warranty. I argue until I am escalated and find out that oh, the higher ups can see the notes on my file but lower down they cannot. We get a public note put in place, laptop gets repaired.
    14) This continues to happen every 3 to 6 months until the extended warranty is two weeks from expiration.
    15) I sent the laptop in for at least 8 repairs in 3 years. I had originally been told that if there were over 3 repairs, Sony would replace it with a different, equivalent or better, model.
    16) On the last time I was mad, they tried to refuse again, I pressed them to extend the warranty for a year, they refused. Finally they fixed it, but indicated this is the last time they would fix the laptop or have anything to do with me.
    17) For the first time: (I think they had just implemented the process and believe they always do this now) – I received an email asking me “How was your support call.” I trashed them in the online version. I trashed them on the paper one that came also. I explained the full story on both venues within the space limits. I sent them out the same day.
    18) 48 hours later – I received a call from the executive office of the VP for the U.S. They escalated me directly to the VP in charge of repairs (iirc). He bent over backward to help me, extended the warranty, however, refused to flat out replace the laptop. He said if the latest repair did not last for 1 year, they would replace the whole laptop with a different model.
    19) I abused that laptop when it came back. It never did break again :.

    Right, long story short. Get escalated to the VP. Call the Corporate numbers, push your way to the top. Figure out names and ask for them. They will be helpful. Email them, call them, fax them. And above all else – USE THE COMMENT CARDS! Sony actually reviews them!

    That is all.

  127. kotakufanboy says:

    Thats fucking stupid as heck man. i hope it works out for this guy. Who would of though dust is a warranty issue. im going to cover up my ps3 vent holes and use it like that from now on.

  128. BugMeNot2 says:

    Sony are you listening? Because this story of you extorting $150 out of your customer is going to lose you $600 in my business and I’m sure many others as well.

  129. KingPsyz says:

    Keep escalating as has been mentioned mumerous times already.

    Don’t talk to the CSR’s anymore, go right to management or find the contact info here or on the web for someone in charge of warranty replacements/repairs.

  130. Onizuka-GTO says:

    @canerican: yes. there are still some electronic companies that give good customer service.

    nintendo is one of them. :)

  131. StratfordX says:

    @theprof00: we don’t buy video-game systems to maintain them. we buy them to use them. is this high-maintence regimen expressly covered in the documentation for the console? does the XMB remind you to dust your console, because it’s not sony’s fault that their box has poor air circulation design? You have nothing, absolutely nothing to contribute here but thinly veiled partisan politics(that’s what grown-ups call fanboyism in the real world, little boy)

  132. kovac says:

    If you were in NZ I would advise you to take the issue to the Disputes Tribunal – I don’t know if you have a similar way of dealing with consumer issues where you are but the system is pretty good here.

    The Disputes Tribunal provides a means of settling a claim or dispute in a way that is considerably faster and cheaper than the standard court system.

  133. Lyme says:

    Take Sony to small claims court, it will cost them more to send someone out to fight the thing than it would for them to replace the unit. Plus, you do not need a lawyer and can represent yourself.

  134. Xanthos says:

    I’ve had to send in my 360 3 times, the one I have now is working good, they have alway honored my warranty without question. The second time wasnt even RRoD, it was just making a grinding noise and I didn’t want to take any chances. They replaced it that time without even really questioning me that much.

  135. North of 49 says:

    Just sent the following to the Sony support email section:

    I have been considering purchasing the PS3. I owned the original Playstation and enjoyed it thoroughly. However, I wanted to know that after reading the following linked article, [consumerist.com] I have NO intention of ever buying a Sony product again. I work in customer servicetech support myself and I so very, very, glad I don’t have to support such an anti-customer policy as yours. Good luck trying to beat out Microsoft and Nintendo.

    Thank you Consumerist for saving me several hundred dollars!

  136. LAGirl says:

    send a letter to Sony Chairman + CEO Sir Howard Stringer and President Ryoji Chubachi. they take these letters VERY seriously. i know this from personal experience. they will answer you directly to resolve the problem. that could mean covering repairs costs, or replacing the unit with a new one.

    Sony Corporation

    550 Madison Ave

    New York, NY 10022-3211

  137. XTC46 says:

    @theprof00: hehe I kept a spare controller around for my kid brother to “play” with.

  138. busboy33 says:


    Wow. Let me see if I get your position . . .

    1) Every grade school srudent should be taught dusting.

    1a) More than simply dusting, every person should be tought to either mini-vac or compressed air clean the interior of their electronics. After all, dusting would simply wipe down the exterior of the unit, which would make it all shiny but have no effect on the interior, which is so delicate f**king air apparently damages it.

    2) The PS3 of the OP must have “more dust than is reasonable accounted for” — because it couldn’t simply be Sony trying to dodge the warranty.

    3) dust settles naturally. This falls under “wear and tear”. Therefore, the PS3, simply sitting unused, wears and tears itself to death. So . . . the PS3 is expected to kill itself without any action by the consumer, and this is “wear and tear”?

    Not only are you sounding like a bit of an idiot, but an ass as well. So much for that vaunted 7th grade education you got.

    To the OP:
    Sony played a similar CS game with me for my launch PS2 — no thre is no problem with the DVD drives, $150 please, etc. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the CSR asked if it simply wouldn’t be easier for me to just go buy a new one. Sony Playstation hasn’t seen a dime of my money since.

  139. busboy33 says:


    No, its not libel. Not even remotely close. Nice try, though.

    What MS bias in the posts? People have been saying that 360 CS has repaired their units. How dare they! That almost sounds like a positive thing against the Enemies of Sony . . . blasphemy!!

  140. irv says:

    If it’s using so much power, maybe it would be good to let it go… to save energy/ the environment and to save money.

    That being said, Sony’s reaction here is ridiculous. They are discouraging being their customer. Personally, I’ll give them what they want and not buy stuff.

  141. SAIFDS says:

    That was a good read. It made me get very mad.

  142. kingme says:

    lol, that’s weird..im glad it never happened to me….maybe your house really dirty?? I dunno…lol

    But that shouldnt be a reason….If anything…they should just dust it off and give it back to you afterwards. Electonics are Dust Magnets…My Proof: A 2 month old Computer that I just built from scratch…Even the case is Brand new and clean, but now it has dust bunnies all over the insides…I have to clean it over and over again but in a few weeks it will be dirty again..

    Sony should really address this issue. If your having a problem..contact there Main Office.

  143. superdynamite says:

    I vacuum all of my electronics twice a week. Put the brush attachment on and let it rip!

  144. Wynner3 says:

    The only sony product I own is an alarm clock, it’s the only thing I can count on from them. Then again, it was actually made by someone else and sony just slapped their name on it.

  145. FeisarEuro says:

    Here’s a different perspective …
    I work for a major retail chain and part of my job requires that I see the inside of people’s PC’s and laptops that are under a year old, in for warranty work, quite often.

    I’m not saying that this is the case here – but it is true that many machines come in here with an absolutely DISGUSTING and ridiculous amount of dust in them on a regular basis. I don’t know what these people are doing in their houses to generate this much filth but it’s a borderline health hazard and I completely agree with any company who decides that this is abuse of the product (much like dropping it) and therefore outside of the terms of the warranty.

    … anyway, no offense – just another angle.

  146. motoraway says:

    Perhaps in the US this is the case, however, they quickly had a modem deposit that was “being sent” for well over three months. Within a week, I had my money back.

  147. Adam C says:

    I would say that he should do one, or both, of the following…

    1. Contact your state’s consumer protection department. I’m not sure which state you’re in but I know that Wisconsin has an office like this. It may be called a different name in your state.

    2. Contact your local media. A lot of television stations have a reporter that deals with consumer issues. Though, it’s not a total guarantee that you’ll get your story heard by the local consumer reporter, especially if you’re in a large television market.

    Both of those are a lot more effective than the BBB. The state’s consumer protection board, usually has some sort of power to go after companies and the nothing gets companies more than bad press!

    Good luck!


  148. Farenhyt says:

    Wow, that’s strange indeed.

    I must say, Sony Customer Support here in Australia is … well, different. They would have to be one of the most helpful and pleasurable companies to deal with in terms of customer support. I work in retail and i am constantly talking with companies in regards to warranty issues and support and Sony, Apple, TomTom and Acer would have to be the best companies to deal with.

    I think SCEA have issues, and you can’t blame the whole of sony for an ego-tistic department.

  149. adehus says:

    That’s just sleazy. Excessive dust?! Right…

    I have not heard anything in a long time to make me feel inclined to purchase anything from Sony. I’ve heard plenty to make me feel disinclined to ever consider their products. In my book, Sony sucks (and so does anyone who shills for them on consumerist!).

  150. NeoteriX says:

    The comments are painfully devoid of solutions.

  151. M3wThr33 says:

    Your house is dirty.

    Of course PS3s are dust magnets, but given how it HAS been a year and this is the first time we’ve heard of this problem, I don’t think Sony’s to blame. If it was, we would have seen more complaints a long time ago.

  152. Draconianspark says:

    @theprof00: Point taken, however the way that Sony is marketing this device would not incline the typical lay person to find it necessary to dust (inside) it, how often does a layperson dust a DVD player or even a PS2.

  153. ry81984 says:

    I wonder what their bonus is for every PS3 they deny and for every $150 fee they collect?

    Sony is loosing so much money their only option to make money is to deny warrenties.

  154. gte910h says:

    I was going to pick up a PS3 this holiday season for my RPG loving wife and I’m recommending a list of ultraportable laptops to a friend right now. Guess I’m going to skip out on that PS3, and delete the vaios from the list.

    Lookie there sony, you just lost >$2k because this operator was on a power-trip.

  155. Draconianspark says:

    @doctor_cos: Back when most memory was DIP and diskettes flopped in the breeze, it was a very bad practice to use compressed air to dust a PC because, indeed you would just end up shoving dust deeper into the sockets and under the chips, causing potential heating and electrical insulation issues. This caution, I believe, is unfounded in modern electronics in this era of SIMMs and BGAs, but I most certainly learned that when I was beginning to work with electronics.

  156. G-Dog says:

    I would call back, record another conversation with La Douche Bag, post it to youtube and give the link to every gaming blog on the net.

  157. Chaser says:

    That’s absolute bullpoop. You should make like an old asian person and just complain until things go your way. I’m surprised your PS3 is having problems in the first place. I’ve had mine for about as long as you, but I haven’t hit any problems yet. Then again, I keep my console well above my TV, so there’s probably less dust getting sucked into it.

  158. MSFanboy says:

    Thats not good.

  159. bobtheduck in Korea says:


    Need I remind everyone?

    Honestly. One rep != The entire company. You foeboys make me sick.

  160. bobtheduck in Korea says:

    @gte910h: And you’re going to deprive your wife of a great system because we get an unsourced report of a conversation with one rep?

    Please… I doubt you’d have bought a PS3 for your wife. You’re just another person trying to be cool by ragging on the PS3… Microsoft’s had some bonehead customer service blunders, too…

    The fact that people are latching on to this one incident so vehemently? Why? Did sony beat your children? Give me a freaking break… You people are pathetic.

  161. Shadowmist says:

    I’ve never had a problem with Sony myself. My comp broke, I sent it in, and they were nice enough to get it back to me fairly quickly. Heck, out of all my Sony products, only that comp broke, and that was because I was overloading it with random downloads (5/150gb left, 120 of it in a week, no shutdown).

    The problem here seems to lie more with the customer service in his area. I used to have a Gateway laptop and the customer service was bad when it broke, but my uncle in another state has had no problems. Whoever these customer service people are seem to suck a lot, and should be fired asap. It’s pretty obvious they’re spewing garbage out of their mouths, and lying as never sat well with me.

    Frankly, I’ve never heard of a PS3 dying due to ‘dust’, and I’ve left mine on pretty much since launch. My Xbox360 is actually more dusty, and that’s been sitting there for less time since I had to send it in cause of RROD. Frankly, my experience with Microsoft reps are far worse than Sony, and their stuff breaks far more often. Sony has been reliable for me, though definitely not as much so as Nintendo. Yeah, hard to beat Nintendo when it comes to reliability.

  162. ry81984 says:


    Please do not be stupid. This person talked to several people and that last rep is not the one that diagnosed the problem. The techs diagnosed too much dust and relayed that info to the manager.

    This is Sony’s policy, not one jerk rep.

  163. vizion says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it okay for you to open up the PS3? Don’t they allow you to upgrade the HD in it, and thus it does not void your warranty?

    Also, if you do open it up, couldn’t you use an air duster and get rid of all the dust inside of it? At least make it look less dusty? I don’t think this is a situation that should be generalized as much as it will be, but it is totally unfortunate that it happened.

  164. ry81984 says:

    “only that comp broke, and that was because I was overloading it with random downloads (5/150gb left, 120 of it in a week, no shutdown)”

    Shadowmist, if that was your problem then your computer was not broke, but you are just stupid.
    They fixed it for you because all they had to do was ghost your drive.
    Your computer was not broken just owned by someone who has no knowledge of computers.

    Over loaded with downloads!!!! I have never heard something so stupid!!! You made my day!!!!!

  165. meehawl says:

    Yes, do the Small Claims thing. Shouldn’t cost you more than $50-$100 to file for non-performance of warranty contract, and you get that fee back as part of the settlement. Name everyone in Sony that you can ID as connected with your case. It’s amazingly unlikely that Sony will bother sending any representation to wherever the court hearing will be held and you will get a default judgement. Then if Sony still fails to pay, hand that to a debt collector who will extract it from Sony for a fee (which Sony will also end up paying).

  166. Roddly says:

    Have to say my only experience with Sony customer support was a good one. Back in college my roommate’s PS2 broke. We had opened it up several times voiding the warranty. We even lost a screw inside of it so it made a nice rattling sound and just ended up breaking it even further. He was the type to let something broken just sit there forever, so I called for him. They took it no problem, waived the repair fee, and fixed it up nice with a fresh warranty to boot. They even cleaned it up real nice, and believe me, it was filthy from going through two houses filled with chain-smokers and house parties where it always had 2-3 beer cans on top of it at any given time. Lastly, they even fixed a broken controller port we he had done ourselves by tripping over the wire (in a drunken stupor I imagine). Reflecting on it, I believe it was probably the best and most satisfying CS experience I’ve ever had (that can be considered good or bad, I guess).

    Alternatively, my girlfriend has had a terrible experience with Xbox Live customer service. We had sold the Xbox and found they were charging for a Live account in her name. They wouldn’t allow her to cancel because we didn’t remember the exact username and password, and kept directing us to do through the Xbox even though she made it clear multiple times that we didn’t own an Xbox anymore, and even if we did, we cleared all the data from it before getting rid of it. After speaking with a supervisor, and confirming the CC information, they said they would cancel the account. Next month, there is charge on her statement. Again she calls and the rep confirms it is still active. They offer a free year of Live “because we were in an area affected by hurricane Katrina”, whereas at the end it would be automatically canceled. I told her to decline it and just cancel the darn thing since we don’t even have an Xbox, but she was starting to get PO’ed at me this point for hovering over her telling her what to say. Next month rolls around, and she is charged again.”Told ya”. She calls again red hot, and immediately asks for a supervisor which says they will cancel it, but will not refund the past charges. Next month she is charged again. I seriously thought she was going to have cancel her CC just have MS stop charging her for a service she can’t and hasn’t been able to use for 6 months. This time she gets a really nice guy who basically tells her the username and password(we didn’t know because we had gone through a lot taking advantage of 30-day trials and such), by giving hints and letting her guess several times. They only refunded 2 months of charges even though she was told it was canceled on the first two calls. They a made a big deal out of it, like they were doing her a huge favor and something “they aren’t supposed to do” by just only halfway stealing from her. Gee thanks. It was just an awful mess. I would’ve loved to have called myself, but I didn’t think I could pass as female.

    The only times I have had to talk to MS CS myself is for Vista, as I have to reactive the copy and use the phone-in method every time I upgrade or change a component. It’s annoying, but they always honor it and reactivate, so no problems there. I really wish I had known about The Consumerist back then.

  167. tamarsilver says:

    I can’t believe I had to register to say this but this article is a total fabrication. I just recently had to send my ps3 back due to having too much dust on my ps3’s eye and it refused to read most discs. I called CS up told them the problem they asked me to restore it to default settings and when that didn’t work they sent me out a box to mail it back in. Took about 1 week from when i sent it in till i got it back. I was very pleased with the response I got from CS. Actually I’m kinda glad I foregot to cover my ps3 before cleaning cuz now I have ps3 #420. Just wanted to let every one know DUST DOES NOT VOID THE WARRANTY. That said removing the hard drive will. Just my 2cp.

  168. Tell us wise commenters, what should reader Ive do with his divinely dusty PS3? Pay Sony $150? Maybe smash the dust out? Share your advice in the comments.

    You might as well have just said “calling all Wii60 fanboys! BASH THE PS3 NOW!”

  169. Roddly says:

    VIZION: You can upgrade the HDD, but it’s just a latch that opens up a little compartment that holds the HDD, so you don’t really open up the whole thing to do it. :)

  170. kid2o9 says:

    The Guy could get someone within’ the media (news) to notice, do a story on it and get them to contact sony on his behalf. Some news channels have their watch dog/consumer look out thing that they do. The last thing sony or any company wants is bad publicity. People talkin’ ’bout it on forums and the web is one thing, but seein’ it on the news is on another level.

  171. boandmichele says:

    @bobtheduck: taking it a bit personally eh?

    no one said it is cool to bash sony, because most of us USED to have a great deal of respect for them. people arent latching onto this ONE story, because sony has been rather generous with the cannon fodder in the past year and a half.

    599 price point for massive damage? come on.

  172. vizion says:


    My guess is Sony is already aware of this, and will hook him up with a replacement. I also think they’ll change their warranty protocol a bit.

    Again, I don’t see this being a widespread problem like what Microsoft has had to deal with. This was a single incident issue so far where this guys console had an unbearable amount of dirt in it and it was impossible to fix. That doesn’t mean that Dust voids your PS3 warranty as the digg grabbing title says.

  173. Soldrak says:

    Wait.. how do we know this kid isn’t making the whole thing up? He’s got 3 Bravias? Nonono kid, your PARENTS have 3 Bravias and you live in their basement. When they finally force you to move out when you’re 40, you’re getting a 21″ CRT Tellytubby.

    Seriously this kid is a joke, it all sounds like a lame Microsoft fanbois attempt to try and discredit Sony in the same way the RROD has ruined MS reputation. Only difference is, RROD is real, and this kid is probably not.

  174. M3wThr33 says:

    Not just 3 Bravias, but the PS3 was a GIFT.

  175. Soldrak says:

    @M3wThr33: And I like how in every single post he makes, he makes sure he mentions something that clearly shows people how rich he (his parents) is (are). Such as:

    “They purchased it for well over MSRP”

    Translation: My parents are super-rich, and I’m a richie rich, and all you peons be impressed by my richie snitch bald-faced lie pitch!

  176. nxp3 says:

    Wow, that is ridiculous. Obviously it doesn’t matter if it got 2 or 3 years of dust in it, the console is not out more than a year so it can’t be. Sorry for your bad luck, but I’ll tell you my bad luck about the PS3 so you won’t feel alone.

    My house got broken into and they took quite a few stuff including my entertainment system. 42 inch plasma TV, ps3, and 9 ps3 games, and a couple of blue rays DVD. Insurance paid most of it back but obviously we were still out a few thousand dollars from our pocket to replace things that werene’t covered.

    Anyway, I bought another PS3 and a little over a month later it broke. I was downloading some demo the night before and I thought I would leave it on so folding@home can run after the download. When I woke up the next morning I noticed that folding@home was locked up trying to save some data. I tried to power it off from the control, no respons, I tried to power it off from the front of the ps3, no response. I turned off the power in the back and left for work. When I got back, I went to update the warhawk patch but it turns out that it won’t power back up. It just beeps and shut back down. Trying to turn it on would flash red 3 times and then shut it back down. I coudln’t get it to power up or eject warhawk out of there. I called Sony and they sent me a box. I just shipped it to them this past Thursday. I’m hoping I won’t have a problem with it since it’s only over a month old. Obviously I couldn’t take it back to the store because of it being over 30 days. Anyway…good luck in getting your unit repaired and returned. If this is the way Sony is doing business…I’m very disappointed. I’m going to think twice about buying other sony products.

  177. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    @M3wThr33: @Draconianspark: @North of 49:

    Thanks for your help i appreciate it, Sony should not expect People to be vaccuming out their Blu-ray players just as much as they shouldnt be expecting me to vaccum my ps3. The customer service department is being absolutely no help, ive called about 6 times today, At this point when i reach a supervisor they already know about my situation and “their hands are tied” to listen to what the past supervisor Daria Woo told me, Which is either i pay 150$ to replace it, or i have it sent back.


    I took VERY good care of my ps3, i even wiped it down completely on the outside before sending it out, There was not that much dust on the console, And the room in which the ps3 was kept is not dusty at all. I have forwarded a call to Consumerist in which the rep clearly says that dust inside the console does not void the warranty, then goes on to say that a tech can pretty much call anything “negligence” and refuse to repair the system, Another rep even told me it was for the safety of the technicians!!

    So that they werent exposed to excessive dust!! why exactly are you working in a ps3 service depot if you are concerned about dust??!??!

    You are such a douchebag.. I do not live with my parents, My parents live in Chicago, I live in Burbank CA .

    And i love the ps3, Most of the reason that i forwarded this to consumerist is because i really do love the ps3 so much. And im more of a sony fanboy then a microsoft one.

    Yes the ps3 was a Gift, Are you pissed that i get more expensive gifts that you do? And im not a kid im 19.

  178. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    You are an idiot, Not one rep about 20 so far, 10 reps, 10 supervisors, all telling me the same thing , even talked to Daria Woo Who is apparently a corporate executive. SO far only 2 out of 20 people have even understood/sympathized with this ridiculus situation, And EVERY OTHER SUPERVISOR AFTER THEM HAS TOLD ME THAT THEY WILL BE REPREMANDING THOSE REPS FOR MIS-REPRESENTING THE OPINION OF SCEA!!!!

  179. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Your a *@&#$ing tool, They purchased it for well over MSRP without me even knowing they were doing so. I would never waste that much money just to get something early.

    Yeah man…. the reason i said that is so everyone will know my parents are rich.

    Go back to Burger King and get your frustrations out frying *#^$ing Onion rings trying to finance your ps3 from bluehippo.com. And stop trying to bash every story you see.

  180. nxp3 says:

    There are many fan boys out here and they talk like Sony give them a paycheck. I posted on the playstation forum about my problem and they just outright called me a liar. I mean what purpose would I have to lie about my ps3. These people need to get a life. I hope this problem of yours get all the way to Sony’s top management so it will be taken care of and hopefully will not happen to other people. Please post this on the playstation forum also. You might have better results.

  181. ShariC says:

    If a device requires any sort of specialized care in order to keep in running smoothly, this information ought to be included in the documentation with that item. People don’t dust the vents on their televisions, toasters, ovens, or DVD players. To act like it’s common sense to know some electronics need to have a special vacuuming with a hand vacuum or compressed air is absurd, particularly when we’re talking about a consumer product as opposed to a pro one where the consumer is not likely to have ever opened up a case and seen what happens inside. If such instructions aren’t included, dust should not be an acceptable reason to refuse to repair under warranty.

    Beyond that, different environments can create a lot of dust even if you clean regularly. I live in Tokyo and vacuum twice a week, dust every surface with a basin and a damp cloth once a week and wipe off incidental dust once a week (that’s dusting twice a week) and my computer still looks like it’s full of grey felt in 3 months because it’s caked with layers of dust. Tokyo is a dirty city and no amount of care on my part will keep dust out of my computers aside from opening them up every month or two and blowing everything out. Since the fellow in this situation can’t crack the case, he doesn’t even have that option.

    The assumption that he isn’t clean and that’s the problem is misplaced.

  182. TechnoDestructo says:

    2. Betamax was pretty much ONLY for the home market. BetaCAM and BetaMAX are two different formats. Also, Betamax was NOT superior because it could not hold most movies on a single tape. AND Sony didn’t license the manufacture of the players as aggressively as JVC did. (Beginning a long and proud tradition that continues to this day) AND there was the famous fact of the porn industry backing VHS. So no, you don’t get to dismiss Sony’s loss as “just the home market,” and no, it was not inherently superior.

    3. You’ve never been to the desert Southwest, have you? Dust all you want, it won’t matter, it’ll be back the next day.
    By Sony’s logic, their warranty is essentially void in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and West Texas. And Korea, too.

    And yeah, dust can cause problems. But it’s funny how my slimline PS2 is just fine after spending almost its whole existence in dusty environments. As are my Dreamcast, my TV, pretty much everything. If the PS3 is THAT sensitive to dust, that’s SONY’S fault.

    Oh, and in discussing Sony’s bonehead moves in the past, Betamax is THE good example.

    Well, it was right until they tried charging 50 percent more than their nearest competitor for a game console. Which then turned out to NOT be technologically superior in any meaningful way. And isn’t getting the games. And then they refuse to stand behind their product. Yeah, that’s brilliant.

    At least their quality control was better, initially.

  183. warf0x0r says:

    I was going to buy a PS3 for MGS4, now I think I’ll just borrow a friends… Consoles today, its sad.

  184. twisteddman says:

    I have had to deal with shoddy customer service a few times in my lifetime and have found there is a way to get something done . It works almost every time though it may take a little while. So if your patient, Call back get the fax number for there PR department(there is never a direct number for them only fax). Then fax a letter describing your situation along with telling them how much of a dedicated customer you are and how this has made you feel abused by there company now.Give them the name of who you talked to and any other info you might have. This has worked for me several times and avoids the hassle of trying to reason with the customer service people .

  185. Jaguar0616 says:

    Here’s my “me too” to filing a complaint with the BBB.

    Yes, technically they’re pretty powerless but some companies care a great deal about their BBB reps. I’ve had quick, satisfactory resolutions from BBB complaints that I would have never gotten from continuing to argue over the phone.

    Filing a complaint is free and doesn’t take long, so I’d say it’s worth a shot.

  186. tamarsilver says:

    If you get your system back and want to get it to work again all you have to do is take a silk cloth to you PS3 eye and it will work like new again assuming you actually have a dusty PS3. They do state in the manual dust will void the warranty as do most major electronics. I personally have never had sony hold me to that but it is stated in the manual.

  187. raikire says:

    This is making me regret not buying a filter for the vents, but it looks like Hori does make some. Still, you would only have to deal with Sony if your Ps3 stopped working, but that doesn’t seem to happen very often, compared with other systems.

  188. pixelsword says:

    until Sony makes a statement on it, I reserve comment; but the statement “…for the most part when it comes to the RROD they seem to be relatively on the ball when it comes to dealing with the issue” is I would say not true, as they denied the existance of the condition until dozens of websites popped up and an almost grassroots campagin of users forced them to remedy the situation. If this turns out to be true, then if enough people complain, history will repeat itself. If Sony is being “swiftboated” by unknown elements, then the truth will also stand out. If anything, they’d better have a comment out by Monday, seeing that this post is not even a day old…

    Anyways, some things seem to be “scripted” about this post:

    1. He conviently has no reciept, which can happen, but have YOU even bought something for yourself or someone else and threw away the reciept? And for $600 yet? C’mon; Mine is in my drawer, stapled to it’s warranty.

    2. “It is known within the PS3 community that the thing is a HUGE dust magnet” and “…I Told him that was crazy and that it was a known problem that the PS3 collected mass loads of dust”.That statement is questionable, as I’ve never heard that. Granted, shiny black things will show dust easier than some other things, so the perception may be true, but since going on Sony’s website and looking at my own PS3, I can’t say that is true. Although I must confess I haven’t looked for that on there, but I also never had that problem, and my PS3 isn’t exactly in a sterile room.

    3. This big thing is curiously posted when the PS3 is poised to make it’s biggest sales this year, which brings up this point: if he went through all of this, why isn’t there multiple posts on this?

    4. He doesn’t give his PSN name. BIG curiosity. If he gave his name, I’d at least consider it feasible, as you could trace him to see who he is and say if it’s so. The PSN is free, and if he has five controllers (for what game, I can’t tell you) an HDTV, and all of the trimmings, I can’t see him not having broadband internet. (of course, mine is pixelsword)

    5. Get the subpoena, as a matter of fact, to make this point believeable, he should’ve gotten it before he posted. If he is telling the truth, he would’ve blown Sony wide open by getting a subpoena and getting the pictures, and showing everyone. The proof is in the pudding, and all this person has is a “he said, she said” thing going on. Actually, it’s just a “he said” thing, because Sony hasn’t made any comment one way or another on this.

    6. Maybe this is from me watching people’s court, but he also didn’t talk pictures of his PS3 before sending it out… That’s stupid, since if what he alleged Sony’s representative said was false, he would already have had the pictures, therefore giving him leverage in court. Follow me:

    “She basically told me if I wanted the pictures of the PS3 That they were property of SCEA, And that I would have to SUBPOENA the pictures! I told her that this was ridiculous! That in order to take the same pictures that they did I would have to open my case, and void my warranty”. No; he said earlier that they said that there was dust on the outside also; if he would’ve taken the outside pics, and they sent him different pics, he would have proof they were lying. Everything is too neat in his lack of having proof that he even owns a PS3.

    7. The names given isn’t proof, that’s just proof he called. If he asked questions and she gave those answers based in those questions, he’s just twisting what he said; if she didn’t’ say those things, it’s libel… That’s if she even exists in the first place.

  189. vizion says:


    What a dumb reason not to buy a PS3. One bad incident, are you crazy? If you hear of one story about an iPod being refused, you wouldn’t buy one either? Insert any product.

  190. blacksamurai87 says:

    @vizion: Dude, Sony’s notorious for pulling people’s legs. Apple isn’t. Furthermore, imagine how many Sony products have gone defective and unserviced because of this bullshit. Damnit, I’m scratching Sony off of my list of companies I’ll work for.

  191. Soldrak says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: Actually Ivealwaysgotmail I’m probably a lot richer than you are. Notice I said ‘probably’ because this is the internet and there’s no way to tell if someone is just plain out lying and acting out their fantasies, wouldn’t be the first time.

    Anyway the reason you seem very suspicious is because of all the extraneous bullshit you put in that have nothing to do with your complaint. Do we really need to be told fantastical stories about you having 3 bravias and a projector and that your parents bought it at way over the MSRP? What the hell does that have to do with your PS3 breaking down? Yeah I thought so, you just thought you’d impress people with that nonsense.

    You crack me up, you being 19 means you are more likely to be working Burger King than I am. By the way, I don’t live in the US, we have no Burger Kings. I import most of my stuff, I probably paid more than your stupid parents did for your PS3 not because I’m dumb, but because import taxes are high and I like expensive stuff.

    You’re not the only one who can include a lot of useless gibberish in your posts just to impress people. I’m typing this on my Macbook Pro on a computer desk that cost $600, in a room with my La-Z-Boy, HDTV, a top end Canon digital camera, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, did I mention my mansion has 3 bedrooms, a guestroom, a home office, a theater room, two living rooms, a billiard table, centralized airconditioning in a third world country where most people earn less than $700 a year?

    See you’re not the only one who can put in a lot of useless stupid junk in his posts that are totally unnecessary. You could have just said, ‘Sony wouldn’t replace my PS3 because my house is dirty, I can’t afford maids and so there’s like sand and crap everywhere” and we’d have gotten the point.

    I’ll still file this under the bullshit cabinet, it sounds all too much like a hoax by some attention-whoring child.

  192. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    1. I have no receipt as it was purchased on ebay with a receipt from the original store it was purchased, The receipt was lost a few months ago.

    2. IT is known that it collects alot of dust, even playstation 3 support reps confirmed that.

    3. Why no multiple posts? ive posted on ps Forums, here, and kotaku, anywhere else i should try? email me at my PSN name @ aol.com

    4. Then maybe you should Try Taking ^^ Ivealwaysgotmail, From my tag here, And checking to see if im on PSN, Which i am.

    5. Im not spending close to what they want to replace the console just to file a lawsuit. And i doubt that most people would get a subpeona before going public with the story. and ive sent a RECORDING of a Customer Service Rep Saying that Dust Does not void the warranty.

    6. Your SO convinced that i dont even own a ps3… ridiculus, I didnt think it would be necessary to have PICTURES OF MY SYSTEM!!
    7. Great, whatever, Call Neil at 650 655 5552 Ask him if my story is real, and if HE was the rep that refused to replace my ps3 Because it was too dusty, and that he was also the rep that told me that my replacement would be shipped within 48 hours.

    So many people have doubted this story with such passion, I WOULD LOVE FOR THIS ISSUE TO HAVE BEEN FAKE! But i am not so fortunate.

  193. vizion says:


    Uh, wouldn’t we have heard about it if there were so many? This isn’t the type of thing that goes unaware for months or years. It finds its way to the internet. Frankly, this is the first time I’ve heard something like this for the PS3, or Sony in general. I’ve read a whole lot more for Apple. The majority of stories I’ve read about Sony’s Customer Service has been positive in fact, but feel free to think otherwise.

  194. checkedout says:

    Actually I think everyone is missing the point. The position that sony is taking is effectively saying that….

    After 2 years of normal use it will collect enough dust to cause the unit to cease working.

  195. @vizion: Yeah, as somebody who took his iPod Mini to Apple, 11 months after purchase, having had it break while overseas in Beijing, and they immediately took it back and gave me a brand new one…yeah I can say thats better than what I hear from people about Sony’s support. Apple’s isn’t perfect either, but I can tell you I’ve never had them tell me my system was too filthy when I sent it in for service, and at least one of the 4 or 5 I’ve had them service over the 20 years I’ve been using their products was scummy, my G4/500 tower, attracts dust like crazy, looks like a haunted house in there if I run it for more than 6 months without taking compressed air to it. Other than that one minor blip (bad BTO Radeon card) its never had a problem, just had its 7th birthday a couple weeks ago.

    Now, would this story affect my decision to get a PS3? Not in the least, they just haven’t sweetened the pot enough for my tastes. Give me a $300-350 one with a good game like Ratchet and Clank, instead of a crappy movie like Spidey 3, and we’ll talk. Worst case, I’ll run it with a filter.

  196. nxp3 says:

    There’s no reason to be calling people liars. You do not know that, he seem to be genuine about the problem, even if he did include more information than needs to be. Second, this is not necessarily Sony talking. It could be some third party outsourced to repair it. Give it some time for Sony to respond to this and we’ll see what happens. As I am also having my ps3 repair, this concerns me. I just shipped it out last thursday and will see what they say. So far I have no problem speaking with support, they were pretty responsive.

  197. Soldrak says:

    @nxp3: I don’t like calling people liars either, but I am fairly confident that even though there may be some truth to his complaint, he is certainly distorting reality to a reasonable extent. Maybe he threw a tantrum at the distressed CS and that person got fed up and started being a tad rude to him on the phone? Maybe that got him all riled up, and so he decided to blow things out of proportion and make them ‘pay’ for daring to be rude to him? I’m fairly certain this wouldn’t be the first time a really rude customer would go out of his way to fabricate lies just to ‘get back’ at some company for some perceived shortfall in their foot-worshipping of him over the phone.

    The point here is that anyone can throw a tantrum and send an email to tips@consumerist.com on just about anything and have a good chance of it being given airtime regardless of authenticity.

  198. JAYEONE says:

    I, for one, would like Consumerist to post an article (or link to one) explaining exactly what is the best way to “clean” your computer innards. I agree with @ShariC; I find my electronics have a healthly layer of ‘felt’ despite my best attempts to keep my house clean.

  199. KingPsyz says:


    I hate the internet sometimes… What does 90% of the comments posted have to do with the issue.

    Fanboy dick waving for this or that company, or pissing on this or that company.

    None of this matters. First off, we need to remember that until Sony responds this is a single incident, and being the weekend could lead to some surly mid-level phone center manager given the keys to the street as it were. Second, as a few commenters have mentioned, as well as the person who submitted the story, most of the CSRs have stated dust doesn’t void the warranty. But at the same time if the manual mentions vaccuming the unit and that dust in fact will void a warranty, well that’s on the consumer. Just because we don’t like reading manuals doesn’t mean they’re not valid.

    I don’t think one has to be a mensa member or rhode schollar to know that you should probablly dust out your expensive console once in a while.

    Hell, as a little kid with an Atari (before they were called 2600) blowing out the cartridge port when you got game static or it didn’t work. Same with the NES. Anyone who says they didn’t have to fuck with their NES at some point to get it to play games is a friggin liar. Be it blowing out the contacts or wedging another game on top of the swing arm to get it to engage the game.

    Point being, it’s probablly a little of both sides being reality. The CSRs and tech who initiated this were dicks, and many companies have a policy of not admitting another CSR or tech made an error in judgement and leave it to upper managers to make the CSRs look like the assholes they are.

    Do the EMCB, make some calls to NON CSRs. Seriously kid, stop calling the same number in hopes of a different result. You do know that’s a sign of insanity right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Point being, don’t give up and don’t fold out. But at the same time I don’t see how this is a headline. It’s an isolated incident and far from the RROD level of ineptitude. Which by the way, for those paying attention, the extended warranty thing from MS? Yeah they HAD to do that, because warranty is like insurance and they can write off some of the costs associated, where as fixing dead consoles sans warranty is no write off.

  200. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    Wow, Yeah man too bad you forgot to realize that this was a letter that i sent to the consumerist, Not an article i wrote for your viewing, The inclusion of the 3 Bravias I own was because it demonstrates just how much sony gear i own, and how i could easily RETURN these Bravia Tvs as they were purchased less than 30 days ago!!! And the reason that i said that my parents purchased the ps3 for way over msrp was because SONY DOES NOT ACCEPT THEIR CREDIT CARD RECEIPT AS PROOF BECAUSE IT IS FOR OVER 900$!! And it is to an EBAY SELLER!!! , So you rich douche use you international satelite phone to call me at Eight Fowr Sefen 3 3 1 one 4 nihn seven, I really like to argue with douchebags. Its a hobby of mine

  201. KingPsyz says:

    Well if you get riled up this easy, I can totally see you being calm and level headed with a power tripping CSR…

  202. headcase88 says:

    Just to add my $0.02,

    About half a year ago by Nintendo DS’s L-button stopped functioning. It actually had small marks around it (ie a sign of the user screwing around, now that I think of it a rodent may have nibbled it or something), but I returned it. Painless.

    Here’s what they do (did?): First, they take your credit card number. Then they send you a fresh DS and a box. At this point you’ve got what you want already. Now you transfer whatever data from your old one to your new one, then box your DS and send it to them. Then they get your DS, send you an e-mail saying “we got it, we won’t charge your credit card”, presumably either toss it or refurbish it, case closed.

    They would have charged $10 or so for shipping (unless I took a 45 minute drive), but they cancelled it because of Wii issues (the free shipping was applied to everything apparently). They might have brought shipping back by now. Oh, and this is in Canada.

    This is the way to run a business. Why risk losing a lifetime customer over “too dusty”? At very most, warn the customer to take better care of it, and say you won’t repair it again if it gets that dirty (if you really think the customer is screwing around). Top management should make sure their company is running a lenient returns system (obviously to a limit), especially in such a competitive industry where market share is often valued more than profit.

    My guess is that this NOT Sony policy, that Daria Woo educated her subordinates wrong, and that she’ll get in trouble for this. If it was Sony policy, the higher-ups will probably magically change their mind now that’s it has been reported, and scapegoat Daria. Or it might be in-between: higher-ups designing their evaluation system wrong (for example, rewarding based on “money spent on repairs per console received”, where consoles returned without repair count as a console received), so the different managers try to get away with whatever they can.

    Sony should have their own customer service division fixed, but their tactics might be too dirty to qualify for repair.

  203. phonicpod says:

    This is unacceptable. I had the a similar problem with a nokia mobile recently, that wasn’t covered under insurance because it failed due to no misuse of my own. Apparently it would have been covered if i had dropped or broken it, but because it ‘just broke’ due to a manufacturing fault, it wasn’t covered!! Total corporate deception and totally unreasonable.

  204. KingPsyz says:

    I’m guessing Headcase, the reason they don’t do the credit card number thing for PS3 swapping is more often than not they’d be told to get fucked if asking for a credit card number and asking if there’s $500 in available credit so they can ship you a shiny new PS3 not even knowing what’s wrong with what you have.

    Granted PS3s don’t sell like Wiis, but why flood yourself with refurb product when most times a simple tech work can straighten it out.

    I could see this on lower priced items like a DS, but not something in the $500+ range.

  205. vizion says:


    Actually if you read the comments, you will see that someone returned their PS3 in the exact same way. They received a replacement and a box the next day I believe.

  206. Eddie2010 says:

    I think you’ve attracted every Xbox 360 fanboy on the net. The PS3 is no more a dust magnet than any other electronic device. Anyone with common sence would know this. It just shows up more because it is black and very shiny. It’s very unfortunate that you are having problems with getting it replaced, but for every bad situation I hear of with sony support, I hear at least five for Microsoft support. Just go to there forums and you will see many complaints of bad support for the 360. I own both systems and have not had to deal with support for the PS3, but I have with the 360 twice, one went well the other didn’t.

  207. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    I called the same number multiple times because half the time i got the corporate office and the other half i got ps3 tech support or customer service, Their opinions and options changed with each rep. I would hope that i would be able to get this resolved with the customer support that is supplied to every consumer, But i will be calling corporate directly on monday.

    But something like Vaccuming your PS3 in order to stay within the terms of the warranty SHOULD NOT BE HIDDEN on a page in my manual. IT SHOULD BE ON A STICKER, OR PAMPHLET, OR ADVERTISEMENT.

    And i dusted my console out as much as i could without messing with the connection ports, Im not Q tipping inside the memory card slots and the USB ports, which is where they said the “warranty voiding dust” was. And Vaccums are known to generate static electricity which im sure you know is not good for electronics, Also another rep i spoke to said that the vaccuming could even cause parts to fly off the board of the ps3. And that he thought it was strange that the manual recommended a low power vaccum, although he reccomended it because SCEA reccomended it.

  208. pixelsword says:

    I apologize if I sounded skeptal, and every corporation is evil, but I’m just trying to go by the facts presented.

    1. Lost reciept. Are you talking about the ebay reciept? Unfortunate.

    2. If this is widely known, surely you can show me links regarding this topic not started by you with many posts that are earlier than eight months. Here’s what I found

    “How easy is it for the PS3 to collect fingerprints/dust? Is it already a dust magnet?

    Within a day our PS3 was covered in dust. Probably no more actual phsyical dust than any other gadget — it’s not attracting it — but the gloss and finish make it extremely visible. Same with fingerprints. Luckily, unless you’re moving your PS3 all the time, it’s one of those devices you just don’t really have to touch very often.”


    3. Within what timeframe? I googled it, and I found only one other post and I can’t find anything earlier than this month. Do you have links to your statements so I may look at the evolveing story? I’m not doubting you, it’s just that it’s not very believeable. The only other post you made on the PSN was a psp post a while ago, and about this story, which was posted today. Not about “I got a PS3!” not one PS3 game mentioned, not about if this rules or sucks, just the PSP and this story.

    4.I will see if I can look you up on my PS3 and see if I can find your name, and I will post it tomorrow. Again, I’m not bashing you, I just want concrete evidence. This will make you more credible if the evidence stacks in your favor.

    5. I believe you can recover court costs through a lawsuit, and if you have a recording, can you post it? That can be disputed online, as a recording can be emulated; but if you have one of her saying that she said dust DOESN’T void the warranty (your words) then you can sue for damages; and (from your story) you don’t ask for permission, you say “this conversation will be recored” then you talk. You don’t need permission, just like they don’t need permission when you call if you say it before you talk. Don’t you watch Dale Gribble on King of the Hill? ;)

    6. No I’m not convinced that you don’t own a PS3, I said that “…everything is too neat in his lack of having proof that he even owns a PS3”. As far as I’m concerned, you own one and have been wronged; but what I am also saying is that you lack evidence to support your facts. If this is true, then I feel sorry for you and pray that God grants you justice in place of this injustice.

    7. I called Neil, there was a message, and he didn’t say in his message he worked for Sony, but I don’t know how call centers work, but a direct company line usually would name the name of the company they work for. Anyways, I left him my number and since he works at this company, he should be able to call back with no problem as soon as he can. And I will ask to speak to everyone you listed. Then I will ask them for a 1-800 number that ties them to sony and will speak to them again through that number. If this is fake, this Neil will probably be sued, as his number is listed on the net. If it is not, congrats; you can have Neil testify.

  209. Trumps says:

    Its not Sony’s fault that its a “dust magnet”.

    Anything sucking in air will accumulate lots of dust. Blow it out occasionally. Dont blame sony for dust getting in there, just like you dont blame Dell, HP, IBM, etc for dust getting in their PCs.

  210. MixMasterLar says:

    The best thing you can do is clean it yourself and let the world know what happen. Let every forum you know link to this page.

    Thanks for the heads up, man.

  211. epionx111 says:

    that’s friggen BS. it was serviced and denied because of dust??? THEN NEXT TIME DON’t PUT A COMPUTER IN A PLASTIC SHELL DUMB ASSESS>

    Man Sony must really want out of the video game industry. They just can’t cut it.

    I mean come on, DUST VOIDS WARRANTY when Microsoft says “WE’RE SETTING ASIDE 3 BILLION DOLLARS TO extend ALL 360s for 3 additional YEARS”

  212. vizion says:


    You’re saying there should be a sticker that says “Using a vaccum on your PS3 may void your warranty”? What about every other sentence in the manual that is also equally important. Should those get stickers and advertisements too? What is wrong with you dude?

    It’s a manual, READ it. You’re blaming them for not putting a f’n sticker on the box for this instead of taking the time to know your rights. Ugh.

    If ever there was a time for this acronym: RTFM

  213. pixelsword says:

    You know what? I googled Daris Woo online, and the only proof of her existance is this story, which is springing up everywhere. I call Bullsh!t on this story until further notice.

  214. pixelsword says:

    I mean Daria Woo.

  215. nxp3 says:

    I did some investigation of my own. At first I was really on this guy side, but after some investigation. I will revert back to “inconclusive” I am neither for or against this guy. I found that he registered on playstation forum in October 2005. He made a few post regarding the psp and the arrival of the psp2 in 2005. He claim to have reliable sources about the release of the psp2 at the end of 2005. As we all know, the psp slim did not come out until 2007. He did not post again until this issue about the ps3 in November of 2007.

    I still beleive he had a ps3 with problems, but whether the problem was dust that caused it to be out of warranty I do not know.

    To tell you the truth, all sony would have to do is say they don’t take repairs without receipt and it would have been all over.

  216. theprof00 says:

    @brent_w: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH he dusts iT? Really?? really i must have not read that somehow, ….o wait cuz it’s not on the page!!!! ROFLROFLROFL he says “my quite dustless room” READ BETWEEN THE LINEs, he doesn’t dust and dust comes from particles of dead skin coming off your body and from ash from cigarettes, he doesn’t dust he might as well have said he didn’t. Oh Sony says it’s filled with about 2 years of dust and he says his room is dustless, do you not see the contradiction here? maybe you should dust out your brain

  217. pixelsword says:

    @ NXP3:

    Yeah, again, this is fishy. That was around the time that the PSP was going to be released in Australia. Misinformation would’ve been hurtful at that time. Again, he has this “news” at another pivotal time for Sony. Hey, IVEALWAYSGOTMAIL, post your visa reciept with the number erased. You still have that, don’t you?

  218. theprof00 says:

    @StratfordX: hah and i bet you dont buy computers to keep them running either, just long enough to try and make people think your smart

  219. robinhood1013 says:

    @ DOCTOR_COS …if u use a can of compressed air on the system it will only harm it by shoving dust deeper into the system , use a low suction vacuum cleaner, thats also according to electronics experts at SONY , i dont care if you work on electronics for a living, go with what the manufacturers of the product say..DUMB ASS..!!

  220. theprof00 says:


    1) never said that, i said i learned that dust and electronics don’t mix, by the way it’s spelled “student”
    1a) apparently u missed the part where i said the “room” was dusty
    2)Nope because Sony generally doesn’t do stuff like that, i’ve had replacements from them and i won’t believe any simulation sob stories from sony haters.
    3yes dust FALLS naturally, the wear and tear part, is the fan running sucking up the dust from his “dust-less room” apparently wear and tear is applied to when the system is on.
    The system was not designed to eat dust, there is no “fan flaw” or they would have changed it, believe me as a company, sony is out to make money. “And they charge you and extra 150 to get one fixed” you retort? You think they don’t know that this kinda crap happens online? You really think YOUR education can match wits with people who graduate from oxford, Camridge, Harvard, Toyko University?
    i think you just owned yourself sir.
    not like it matters everybody on this post seems to already hate sony and will gobble up your chivalrous attack

  221. sciencefreak says:

    How dusty is it really?If you kept it in crappy dusty condition that caused the damage, that would indeed void any sort of warranty…hince why services plans that you pay extra for (llike at best buy) cover heat DUST and humidity, because these 3 things are NEVER covered under a MFG warrenty.

    I do computer repairs, I refuse to work on computers all the time with out charging a cleaning fee because of the disgusting condition customers bring them in….you are probally one of those people that get mad at me when i refuse to work on it and are like “ITS NOT THAT DIRTY” when there is a 3 inch crust of tobacco dust in the heat sink.

    Word of the wise…take a photo of your product BEFORE you send it out for ANY warrenty repair…print it, and mail it to yourself…this way, if it is further damaged (at the service center or in shipping) you have proof of the condition it was sent out in.

    once again, thank you consumerist for putting up a one sided story as FACT…when we have no photos of this playstation in question, nor a response from sony…crappy reporting indeed.

  222. robinhood1013 says:

    *sighs…”dusting” your ps3 will cause static electricity….luckily the system is in a Faraday cage, enough with that….turning it on creates a static charge, there are charge build-ups all over the place….

  223. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    1. I still have the ebay receipt, but it is for much more than the msrp of the console, the listing included a receipt from the place of purchase. which has been lost
    2. It collects fingerprints and static electricity more easily than any other console i have seen. The platic wrapper practially sticks to the rounded side of the ps3 upon removal from a box. This obviously attracts dust to the surface and even to the vents.
    3. I posted on the PS forums TODAY! much earlier today! responding to other people creating the topic for me
    The situation only occurred 2 days ago! Why would i have any posts earlier than today?

    5. Yes i have a recording, i sent it to Consumerist, they could be posting it some time soon, They edited out my personal information from the call and i have not done that myself, Ill ask if she can send me back the edited version, if she has edited it. Email me at the aforementioned email and ill send it to you.

    7. haha Well that is Neils number, And i reccomend giving him a call tommorow or on monday and try to catch him when he answers. Im laughing pretty hard right now that your going to go through such great lengths to verify that he works for sony. Have fun with that. I hope that this is resolved much before i have to take legal action as you are jumping right to.

    I beleive the other post i made on the PSN forums was a joke post showing my obviously cracked PSP that i had cracked while shoveling snow, I dont think ive ever gone back to the site to post anything, I dont go on there and review my games, or my console, I love the ps3 but im not a forum troll.

  224. theprof00 says:

    @Draconianspark: i agree with you on that. Laypeople do not know how to handle expensive things :P

  225. Soldrak says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: Yeah its so much a hobby of yours it clearly got you the results you wanted when you argued with Sony CSR using your screechy whiny and insulting tone. Sarcasm off. If I wanted to listen to some loser on the phone brag about his fantasy land where he is rich and not some underemployed 19 year old working at Burger King, I’ll go work at a call center. Luckily, I don’t have to what a wonderful world eh?

    If you didn’t want me or other people to read your bullshit you wouldn’t have sent it to Consumerist. When you do this, you should be prepared to be put up to scrutiny. I’m not alone in thinking that there’s more to this story than what’s being told by an attention-whoring child, and rightfully so as any person with even normal intelligence would quickly recognize a one-sided story that rings alarm bells as being false and untrue.

  226. Hurricanespence says:

    That’s just ludicrous. I mean, it’s amazing to me how major companies can get by with such terrible customer support. I certainly don’t think this is a Sony only problem though. I’m not sure there is a good answer here, but I certainly hope he gets his PS3 fixed (for free)

  227. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Right, OK well obviously your too proud to call me, that or your so damn poor in real life you cant afford the international minutes.

    For anyone interested, here is a link to my paypal receipt for the purcahse through ebay with the personal information blocked out.


    and to all you nay sayers, I know no room is dustless, dust is natural, But there is no excessive dust in my room, Not one person could tell me there was any more dust in my room than there was in a normal persons. If you guys want to disect and destroy my problem go ahead. But just because the PS3 i sent in has some dust in its USB ports does not mean that i should have to pay 150$ to have them clean those out. Period. If the ps3 is not meant to withstand 2 years worth of normal “wear and tear” then MAYBE they should be letting their customers know, that the amount of dust that normally setlles inside of their console within 2 years causes the console to stop working. I’m Sure everyone will be delighted.

  228. DarkTetsuya says:

    Just tell em you’ll ebay it and use the money to get a 360. ;)

  229. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    You guys should get interrogate for a living this is just crazy.

  230. fatalshot says:

    I say go out and buy a 360! I’ll agree that it is probably not the most reliable system..but, Heck! Who cares? Call up their customer service and they won’t give you any trouble. Say your system doesn’t work. They’ll send you a box. You send it to them and within a couple (maybe a few) weeks, they’ll have sent you a new or refurbished system. Also 360’s are hell of a lot more reliable now then they were at launch; so you don’t have to worry all that much about your system breaking. But if you are worried about breaking. Something helps is put the power brick on top of a shoebox without a lid (or figure other ways to keep suspended). It helps keep it ventilated and prevents overheating. [Sorry bout the long post, lol! Just wanted to make my point.]

  231. theprof00 says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: I really have to agree with soldrak on this man it sounds like you have quite a bit of money, and usually money doesn’t have to pay money to get a replacement… look there is really no way to prove either thing either way, however you did explain what the techs said, and by not saying you dust you pretty much said you don’t dust.
    Someone with a bit of cash big enough house for those tv’s and whatnot, sounds like you’d be throwing parties a lot, lotsa people, lotsa dirty shoes, clothes, dust from people’s skin and hair, smoking whatever..i dunno man it sounds like sony has a point. honestly, no insult
    it feels like you just didn’t care enough about it, it’s not a dvd player or a stereo or a tv, it’s a computer, and as an adult you should be dusting your house regularly.
    listen i hate to talk at you like this, but in all truth, it just sounds wrong. i make it a point to keep things i like in my room, and things i don’t care about in the living room for everyone to use. That stuff fails a lot quicker
    FTR: i said i was an adult at 19 too, now i look back on those days with pity. You might one day think the same thing too, so keep an open mind, contact a credit card lawyer if you know one, send a letter to the ceo and whatnot, i’m sure they will replace it if you persevere unless it is really really dusty.
    sony wouldn’t try to scam you out of a hundred and fifty, not when they are dealing with millions upon milions, they would be hurting their own sales if something like this happened. they are in business to make money and friends, not enemies. Hell business motto #1 is, “treat someone to a great experience, and they may tell one person, treat someone to a bad experience and it could reach thousands” It just doesn’t seem like they would be intentionally doing this to you. like i said “keep an open mind” because that thing may be horrendously filthy. Just DONT OPEN THE BOX, get the subpoena.

  232. theprof00 says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: also man nobody is saying your room is filthy, if i looked at my room i wouldn’t be able to tell either. It just comes from peoples skin and cigarettes and insects and clothes and whatever, you have to understand that your ps3 has a fan, which sucks up dust. that static nature of the plate has nothing to do with it. also, it might not look dusty because the ps3 has been the only thing cleaning the room of dust… who knows?

  233. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    When my ps3 would be in my entertainment center and it looked like it wasnt shiny anymore I would wipe the sides and top off with a cloth, like anyone else, By saying I didn’t dust I said that I didn’t Use a feather duster to dust my room, or use an air blaster or a vacuum to remove the dust from the inside squares of the vents where a cloth does not reach. Or clean the memory card ports or the usb ports.

    I will not open the box, I will take pictures of it sealed if it arrives before the ten days. from there i hope the issue will be resolved before i get local news/legal system involved. I understand that the ps3 is a computer 100% and I do not VACUUM THE VENTS OF MY COMPUTER SO THAT THEY CONTINUE TO WORK!

  234. slavetothemedia says:

    wow, that may be the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard

  235. Soldrak says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: There is no need to resort to all caps like a spoiled child. The more you do that the more convinced I am that the terrible service you received may in part be a result of you shouting on the phone when speaking calmly might have resulted in a more positive outcome.

    That I don’t want to call you is more a function of me not wanting to listen to your voice, reading your childish and immature tip tap on the internet is convincing enough. You actually expecting someone on the internet to actually give you a personal call just because ‘you want to argue them down’ your exact words, really proves to me and everybody else here what kind of a brat you can be on the phone. Like I said, maybe we should get Ms. Woo in here to air her side of the story. Of course she’s at a disadvantage because she works for Sony and there’s only so much she can do, but give her a neutral forum when she’s working for some other company I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to confirm with us what most of us already know: you’re annoying and this story is getting way more airtime than it rightfully deserves. So your PS3 was dusty and broke down and they won’t honor your warranty due to your own negligence. If you’re so rich go buy another one. That’s what I did when my Xbox 360 broke down.

  236. Starsmore says:

    The BBB cannot force a company to do anything. They bring the consumer complaints to the attention of the company, and then its ultimately up to the company to decide whether or not they want to do anything.

    The company, any company, can just tell the BBB to pound sand if they want.

  237. Soldrak says:

    Also, don’t assume that we are out to get you. People who read Consumerist actually care about good customer service and customers being treated fairly. But we also care about things like facts, and your actions from the beginning have been nothing short of fishy. Go read your own comments on the PS forum threads you posted earlier. It’s pretty obvious to me you’re upset with Ms. Woo and you’ve made it your personal quest to get her severely punished (with whips and sticks, or maybe just fired?)

    Well that’s one thing and that’s fine and all, but you actually encouraged, nay *incited* people on the forums to give management at Sony a call, and leave nasty messages about Ms. Woo ** on your behalf **. Do you not realize what a brat you are being about this. Let me get this straight, you:

    1) Are expecting people on the internet to believe your one-sided suspicious story and further

    2) Then expect people on the internet to rally to your cause, based purely on heresy, contact Sony on your behalf and badger them about Ms Woo being a bad, bad person towards a very important, nay the most important customer in the world


    3) Expect Sony to fire the person because obviously if enough people are complaining about said person then the complaints must be true even though the complaints generated were in fact based on internet heresay and originated from one source.

    Anything I left out?

  238. ChibiHead says:

    Wow, even the PS3 isn’t safe. I’m shocked at this article but I’m also shocked that the first person to report this was someone who took good care of it.

  239. pixelsword says:




  240. vizion says:


    You shock easily then.

  241. Soldrak says:

    @vizion: He was being sarcastic. I hope.

  242. JOrgobanni says:

    I love all this conspiracy stuff going on about this. If this is true that the person who made this had falsified information, then yet another Gawker site posts false information.

    And that’s never good.

  243. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    THIS IS THE RECEIPT FROM MY PARENTS PAYPAL ACCOUNT, They Gave me the Password When sony requested the receipt, but they wouldnt accept that as a receipt at first.

    This is when the unit was purchased it wasnt given to me until a few weeks after that.

  244. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Im sorry that i ten to get pissed when so many people are so doubtful that this is even true. I didnt yell at the customer service representatives, Whatever you may think, I said QOUTE, (sorry that you seem to have COMPLETELY misquoted me) “I have a hobby of arguing with douchebags” He is not a customer service representative, i will not hold my temper for someone who so easily believes my story is false and makes such comments as he did. I really could care less what everyone here thinks, Sony knows how the situation unfolded, i have recorded calls from techs saying that dust does not void the warranty and that that was ridiculus, My room is no more dusty than anyone elses bedroom, and i retract what i earlier said “Rather dust-less” room as i was being sarcastic.


    It is far from my personal quest to get Mrs. Woo Fired, But the conversation i had with her was simply appauling, She was very rude, sarcastic even, wouldnt allow me to record her statement about why my PS3 Was not being replaced, Wouldnt Release the pictures of my Supposedly Dust infested Ps3 And ACTUALLY TOLD ME “You can Subpeona The pictures” but they are “the property of SCEA” She was exactly the opposite of what a manager or higher-up should be, she was unhelpful, non-sympathetic, frank, short, and sarcastic. And of course she is the higher up, Everyone i talked to told me that she was higher up than they were. So me complaining to them, is useless.

  245. pixelsword says:

    Don’t try to B.S. your way out of it. YOU said “my paypal reciept” not your dad’s. And on top of that, you conviently have a copy of your paypal reciept, but you don’t have a copy of the reciept that matters, which the pic YOU posted said came with it. Too much bull. Hardly any parents would give their children access to their accounts, and why would you make a copy of the ebay reciept but not a copy of your other reciept? Or your dad? What, he can work e-bay but a simple scanner eludes him?

  246. nightshade71986 says:

    I would say that things are more in your favor than others with the same problem. you are a blogger on kotaku, a member of the press. you could threaten to use that power to further scorn there name.
    but even so you could find a way to open up the console yourself use a dust blower on it and then seal it back up. of course you would need to make sure no one can tell its been opened. risky but hey things are already pretty bad.

  247. CodeGrrl says:

    He has a copy of the paypal receipt because (as you can see from the image) he’s logged into paypal and is reviewing his history.

    If I buy presents for my nieces/nephews I give the receipt to my sister, but I don’t bother photocopying them. I would assume that his dad does the same.

  248. busboy33 says:



    1)Good point, and thank you for the correct spelling. I appreciate someone who takes pride in using the language correctly

    1a)What does having a dusty room have to do with cleaning out the interior of the PS3? Unless you live in a clean room (as in a big filtered plastic bag, all roms gather dust. The problem in this case apparently that there was dust inside the unit — dusting the room wouldn’t solve that problem. Yes, there would be less dust in the room, but the fact that you dusted at all means that there is dust accumulating, and therefore there is dust accumulating inside the PS3. Unless you mean to throughly dust the room before turning the unit on — and that would just be silly.
    btw, it’s spelled “you”.
    2)Well, since Sony never jacks their customers, then that settles it. It also helps prove your assumption that anybody that has a bad customer service experience with them must be lying. After all, they are no bad customer experiences with Sony, so anybody who claims otherwise is by definition lying. Nice tidy bit of circular reasoning you’ve constructed there. Also, let me take this opportunity to congratulate Sony, on being the only major corporation to never have a dissatisfied customer, since they never ever ever do anything that might come off as poor customer service. I assume that also means that they personally monitor each and every CSR that handles their calls. That IS impressive. Unbelievable to the point of being laughable, but impressive nonetheless.
    Whait a minute . . . I’m confused. You said it couldn’t be Sony trying to dodge the warranty because they “generally” don’t do that. Well . . . do they or don’t they? If they “generally” don’t, then by definition they sometimes do. You know they didn’t jack this guy, because they “generally” don’t. Pick a side of the fence please . . . your attempting to be both a fanboy and “rational” at the same time is silly (although extremely amusing).
    It’s not designed to eat dust, but the fan running will suck up dust? Then it it’s designed to fail, by YOUR terms. It is designed to suck up something that occurs naturally (through the fan, as you point out) and will fail when it does so (as every 7th grader is taught). In case the sarcasm doesn’t come through, I don’t actually believe the previous statement . . . I’m just trying to point out how you are throwing out everything to defend Sony, regardless of whether or not it’s coherent.
    What on earth does my education have to do with Sony trying to jack me (or the OP) for $150? Oh, I forgot, that doesn’t happen. “Generally”. I must have imagined it — thanks for correcting my memory.
    Because Sony employs smart, well-educated people, they CANNOT make mistakes? Great . . . that means you think the 360 and Wii are perfectly designed as well. Unless you think both companies employ engineers from community colleges. That must also mean that the ad campaign for the PS3 has been brilliant, and their executives have done nothing but make right call after right call. btw, which engineers went to those schools? Or are you just randomly guessing? Why do I suspect the latter?
    What “kind of crap” is this that happens online? That doesn’t make any sense, or I’m missing whatever you’re trying to say.

    The fact that Sony wants to make money doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes, especially the farther down the corporate ladder you get (in case you don’t know, CSRs are at the bottom of that ladder). I’m glad you have had a positive experience with their CS . . . many, many people have not (you know, the liars). I’m sorry you think that the people who find the OP’s situation disgusting are “Sony haters”. That’s a horrible way to treat customers, regardless of the name of the corporation. Since they can do no wrong, however, I’m glad to know any complaints against them (including mine) are false, malicious insults against their pristine name. Thanks for clearing that up.

  249. theprof00 says:

    @busboy33: maybe a star wars quote will help you understand loser, “only a master of evil deals in absolutes” therefore stop using sarcasm as proof of a statement

  250. Soldrak says:

    @busboy33: That is assuming this actually happened the way he said it happened, which I think requires a leap of faith. You should read his actual posts on the playstation forums, they paint a more accurate representation of the kind of attitude Ialwayshavemail has and perhaps will give you a clue as to why a CSR manager might have been rude or lose her temper. A rule of thumb I always use when speaking with CS people is to never lose my cool, this way the chances that I would get my issue resolved increases dramatically. Also, asking for the supervisor, manager, whatever when you don’t get your way immediately is the easiest way to piss CS people off. Rather than try to work it out with the person, he decided to escalate it all the way up to management.

    @Ivealwaysgotmail10: That’s certainly interesting if you’re insinuating that this isn’t a personal quest of yours to get Ms. Woo fired. Here’s your quote on the playstation boards:

    “I cant even beleive this, If you want to help Call in to 800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY) And get to the PS3 support desk, FIle a complaint against daria Woo, and Joe Benliro here are some EXACT qoutes from Daria because she would not allow me to record her.”

    Wait, wait.. you want potentially thousands of people to file a complaint agsinst a CSR based purely on heresay and it’s not a personal quest/vendetta? Do you know how to read? I can’t believe I had to type that again when I already mentioned it before.

    You know what you’re beyond belief. How anyone would think this isn’t the simple result of you being quickly rude to the CSR is beyond me. Yes, it IS possible for CSR’s to be rude regardless and off the bat, but I’m not inclined to believe this is the case here. You calling people “@Idiotss, dust my @#$%ing PS3” your exact words on the playstation forums makes it even more obvious that if anything, it is you who should be banned as a customer from ever calling Sony support again, rather than Daria Woo (if she even exists) fired. You resorting to all caps, shouting at people on the forums for having common sense doubt on your story also does not support your case.

    As many others have said in previous dealings with Sony, dust does not void the warranty. This also tends to not corroborate your story.

    You want people to believe you, then address their doubts on your story one by one with a cool head rather than resorting to childish insults. I believe I’ve been more than fair in stating the obvious, that you should have kept out a lot of extraneous information in the original complaint that do not in any way have anything to do with the actual problem. One of the telltales of a lie is bloated information, ask any police officer this they’ll tell you.

  251. pixelsword says:


    That’s the point: it was supposed to be a gift. Why is he reviewing his history? He also said that he lives by himself; so I am to believe that he called and e-mailed his dad gave him the code so he can post a pic to me? He also said that they lost the reciept. If his dad is savvy enough to order online, he ought to be smart enough to at least scanned the reciept so he could have a back up.

  252. pixelsword says:

    Sorry, spelling and grammar errors. I’m very tired. it’s late, and this dude is lying.

  253. superaktieboy says:

    hi guys.. uhm i was just on the line with PS3 Customer Support UK (i think it was options 1 then again 1) and that guy i spoke to said dust is normal for the ps3 so it doesn’t void warranty. tried to record it but cancels saving on my PC accidentally
    me: “would it void my PS3 warranty if it gets too dusty”
    he: “No, it wouldn’t. it is normal for the PS3 to get dusty”
    me: “so if it brakes down and i send it back, and it seems that it would be too dusty. i should be eligible for a replacement?”
    he: “yes you would get a replace”

    strange though.. i mean why would dust void warranty in the US and not in the UK. either i have spoken to an agent who didn’t know it. or you [the guy with the ‘voided’ warranty] just spoke to the wrong person at the wrong time :S

    but anyways.. try to call the customer service again and ask if the dust voids the warranty. record it, then call them again for progress of your PS3. record that too. then go and make a fuss about this on the PlayStation forums.. also get the names of the people you talk too. this way they might get fired ;)
    and making a fuss about it will get the problem solved, i am sure of that (remember the surge protector thing)

  254. CodeGrrl says:

    I was using his simply because I didn’t want to type his/his dad every time. So it depends on whether you believe his dad bought it.

    If I was having problems with a company and needed some proof my parents would let me log into their ebay account and get details (bank account would be a different matter).. but maybe I just have that kind of family. That said I would concede that I doubt they’d let me have that information to just win a pissing match on the net.

    I think you’re putting too much stock in this idea that his parents would scan/photocopy a receipt , I wouldn’t – partly because I don’t have access to a scanner/photocopier at home but mainly because i’m just not that organised – you’re probably just a lot more organised than I am.

    Now irrespective of the above I don’t necessarily want to get drawn into trying to prove/disprove the honesty of someone i’ve never met , and don’t care either way if he is telling the truth or lying. I was just trying to make the point that what you saw as obvious proof he was lying isn’t necessarily so.

    Anyway, back to your regular programming…

  255. ogman says:

    Sony has been desperately trying to go out of business for years. Let’s all chip in some holiday cheer and help them reach that goal. Mark Sony off your gift list this year, and drop them a Christmas card letting them know that you’ve done your part.

    In fact, I’ve got an extra box of cards that I think I’ll send out to some of my least favorite companies.

  256. yetiwisdom says:

    The phrase “Sony fanboy” sends shudders down my spine. Wasn’t the Sony rootkit fiasco enough to deter even the most rabid fanboys? I consider the Sony brand a no-go at this point as it seems their focus is more on screwing their customers than actually developing great products and keeping their customers satisfied. Your story supports this contention and ought to serve as a cautionary tale to other fanboys.

  257. gaiking says:

    Fix this issue Sony….replace this guy’s $600.00 console …Or I will never …ever…purchase a PS3….I will tell everyone I know to stay as far from the PS3 console as possible.

  258. phypennwl says:

    Count me in for the No-More-Sonys-For-Me crowd. My Discmans and Walkmans almost always broke within 2 years, and while I wasn’t always kind to my equipment, my Panasonics always lasted forever. We swore off Sony for several years until we decided to get a bigscreen HDTV a couple years ago. Huge mistake. Our picture lost color within 6 months, and Sony refused to do anything about it. Every time they said they’d escalate the issue, they wouldn’t call back when promised. Believe it or not, we had to rely on Best Buy to help us out. Even though it was within Sony’s warranty, Best Buy sent a repairman who said he sees this problem all the time, but Sony had like a 6-month waiting list for the replacement part. So we had to convince Best Buy to replace it under the extended warranty, and they came through with their best Samsung TV. It reinforced my decision not to buy any more Sonys until they get their act together.

  259. SAIFDS says:

    I’m never buying the PS3!

  260. jordy777 says:

    One would think that Sony has enough of a hill to climb, being so far behind the Wii and Xbox 360 in market share. Why would they ever maintain such an absurd policy? I am not an early adopter, and now that these console prices are starting to drop, I was starting to teeter toward buying a PS3 for a variety of reasons. There is no way I am going to purchase one now.

    How many people read this blog? 500,000? How many of them were looking at that new $399 PS3 price and thinking that it would be a reasonable price for a Christmas gift? Not anymore. Nice job Sony, you have amazingly made Xbox service out to be the more reasonable alternative of the high-power game consoles.

    My advice, do not buy anything if you cannot get it at Costco.

  261. Blackdog1147 says:

    Here’s the scoop on this. I do believe that Sony is a predatory producer of consumer electronics. I work in the high tech industry. There are 3 classes of electronics out there. Class 1: consumer elecronics that are designed to last for no more than one year. Class 2: designed to last for at least 3 years. Class 3: Devices that are designed to support life and must work on demand. I hate to tell you this, but all Sony products are class 1 products. Truth be told, they really dont plan on the products they produce to last more than 300 days. Thats how they get you to purchase more items in the future. Also, when you open up the box to clean it out, canned air is O.K., but you need to be sure to open it up away from carpeted areas and try to ground yourself and the unit to prevent Electro-static discharge damage. best of luck.

  262. Amazing_Steve says:

    “Those were exact qoutes from her becuase she wouldn’t allow me to record her. her Name is Daria Woo”

    My guess is that by Monday, because of the shit storm that this has started seemingly everywhere, Sony will replace the console and Miss Diarrhea Woo will be looking for a new job. Gaming blogs are bad enough but if this gets any traction with the main stream media, Sony’s going to take YET ANOTHER prison raping.

  263. Amazing_Steve says:

    And they’ve already attacked it like a pack of rabid dogs…

  264. theprof00 says:

    anyone who says “well i guess i’m never buying sony”, weren’t going to in the 1st place

  265. gaiking says:

    My wife was going to get the PS3 for Christmas this year but I told her to wait until it had more games…( even though I have had bad Sony luck…I still want a PS3)..Now….I will tell her to wait until this guy gets a BRAND NEW PS3 in place of his faulty one……this is infuriating.

  266. gaiking says:

    I meant My wife was going to get the ps3 for me.

  267. Amazing_Steve says:

    @pixelsword: You’re tired and it’s late but you have time to conduct an inverstigation on behalf of your beloved Sony. Have a seat retard.

  268. grangerfx says:

    So according to Sony, you can expect your PS3 to fail after between 1 and 2 years of running Folding at Home. This is why I only turn on my PS3 when I am using it. It saves on my power bills as well as unnecessary wear and tear on my PS3.

  269. pixelsword says:

    @amazing_steve: What’s the matter, upset because I took away your fanboy fodder in one night? LOL!

    @codegrrl: No, it doesn’t add up at all.

    1. You said it yourself that he had the code to look up the info to get the pic to post… TODAY. Why does he have that access to put a pic up to little ol’ me? You’re telling me you’d give that access to a kid for that reason? Mmmkay.

    2. The PS3 was bought in november, but for some reason the parents decided to skip giving it to him on the biggest gift-giving day of the year and wait another three months, all the while every knows (especially parents) that popular items would be more expensive AND more difficult to find before Christmas, yet they decided to buy a PS3 BEFORE Christmas, but give it to him MONTHS after Christmas. Tell me, does that make sense to you? To pay MORE for a gift to give it after Christmas?

    No, it sounded like he bought the PS3 and tried to turn a profit but couldn’t.

  270. El Ultimo Lucha! says:

    I used to work at Game Stop in Muskogee, Oklahoma and I NEVER had a good experience with Sony. For instance; the store got hit by lightning/power surge and all the demo consoles were blown out the Xbox rep said that he was busy but he would make a stop in some time that week to fix it, the Nintendo rep came out that day and fixed it, and the Sony rep? He said that it was our fault for not unplugging it! And of course we NEVER got it fixed. And on six (6!) occasions we had customers trade in there broken PS2 for what meager trade in value we gave for broken/defective consoles and put it towards a Game Cube or Xbox because Sony would not honor there claim because “under the miss use/customer abuse section and that STANDING THE CONSOLE ON IT’S SIDE VOIDS THEY WARRENTY!” Needless to say that IS NOT in the warranty. I have absolutely no respect for Sony what so ever.

  271. pixelsword says:

    @GRANGERFX: Do you have a link to prove that? I need proof.

  272. nxp3 says:

    I for one won’t be running folding@home when I get my ps3 back from repair. I’ve posted a post on ps3 forum about it…of course I was immediately called a liar by sony fan boys. The thing is folding@home puts a lot of strain on the ps3, processing wise and the fact that you have to leave it on all the time; it sucks up a lot of dust. So don’t run folding@home anymore. As much as I like to help it does contribute to your PS3 failing sooner than it should. Although my 60gb ps3 was only over a month old.

    I’m just curious as to why the CSR use the word “dust” when he should have used “neglect”. Now it’s all about dust voiding warranty rather than neglect voids warranty. Also when I sent mine in for reapair, it says on there specifically that if you do not have receipt(proof of purchase) then you will be charged for the repair. This seem like a done deal if he didn’t have the original receipt. Why has it gone this far I have no idea.

  273. freakfunk says:

    what a plonker, the only thing more sad than lying about buying a ps3 is actually worrying whether its true or not and writing that ‘essay’ lol, world takes all sorts i guess, lol

  274. A_N_T_H_O_N_Y says:

    You guys are ridiculous. I see many of you claiming to boycott not only PlayStation products, but Sony products in general, over one consumer’s unpleasant experience with customer service. Do you guys know how stupid that sounds? Then when people bring up the 360 failure rates, you defend Microsoft to the death. You guys say things like “well at least Microsoft is trying to do the right thing”. Lets just say that Microsoft has NEVER denied someone replacement of their 360. How does that, in any way, excuse the fact that one third of every system they made failed?

    This guy’s PS3 not getting replaced was probably the fault of one lazy technician who did not feel like fixing the system, so he made up some lame excuse as to why he won’t even bother fixing it. The customer service reps were taught that if the technician claimed that they would not fix the system due to a void in warranty, then they would not fix it. This has nothing to do with the customer service, and it definitely does not have anything to do with Sony.

    I’m not saying that there is nothing wrong with this situation. I feel really bad for you, Ive, I really do. It sucks that you get screwed just because of some retarded technicians at Sony’s repair department.

  275. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    Again, Your an idiot, You just jump to conclusions without even asking me about it, My parent gave me the system 2 weeks after it was purchased.

    I would NEVER purchase a ps3 for resale just as much as I would never purchase a ps3 off of ebay. Which I did not, My parents did this without my knowledge. i dont know where you are getting the misconception that my parents waited months to give it to me.


    Proof of purchase is not required if the system was purchased as a gift, if i were to go through a mass load of boxes i could probably find the original receipt which was purchased with the original auction through eBay. I was informed i did not need to do that because the system was a gift from my parents and that SONY DOES NOT REQUIRE A RECEIPT if the system was received as a gift (within the first year of the system being out).

    @ pixelsword

    You need proof that Folding@home take alot of power? And runs down the system? are you serious?

  276. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    The post about the PSP (obviously) turned out to be 100% false, And a mis-Print in an advertising campaign i had come across.

    You Are all welcome to your own opinions on the subject but You can give Neil a Call tommorow at 650 655 5552 and ask him if my story is real. Im sure he remembers me.

    You can post your response here in the comments. Hopefully on Monday this gets resolved

  277. BigKenW says:

    Go to planetfeedback.com and file a complaint. It takes about 30 minutes but a letter is directed to a department within the offending company. I have used this before and had what seemed insurmountable problems with people like the one you mention fixed. In addition, other site users can make posts and help you out. I have seen the site used and referenced on a lot of sites. Fill out the site and wait about 3-5 days. You should get a response.

  278. pixelsword says:


    You just said that you got the PS3 two weeks after the purchase, but the date is november 26; yet you say the PS3 is eight months old at the time of the incident. You also say in a response to me that “the situation only occured 2 DAYS AGO”, so that in and of itself makes the PS3 OLDER THAN EIGHT MONTHS ACCORDING TO THE RECIEPT, COUPLED WITH THE FACT THAT YOU JUST SAID YOU GOT THE PS3 TWO WEEKS AFTER THE PS3 WAS RECIEVED.

    How does your twisted words make me an idiot?

  279. pixelsword says:

    Yeah, and that’s probably not your dad’s account, from which you posted that ebay that’s probably yours if you were old enough at the time of purchase.

  280. Boffo1 says:

    just get it back, use a crazy vacuum on it like a gas station one for cars or a dyson on the vents and send it back.

  281. Boffo1 says:

    gas station vacuum or dyson the vents…….and send it back

  282. Boffo1 says:

    car vacuum it at a gas station or use a dyson on the vents, and send it back

  283. Boffo1 says:

    if i double posted sorry, wtf is there moderation on this thread, i don’t see my commment

  284. GameBreaker says:

    Thanks Sony! Your fine customer service has decided what I am going to buy this christmas. I have been trying to decide between the 360 Pro bundle with 2 games or go with the more expensive 80GB PS3 with the sad little Spiderman movie. Lets see, I can brick the xbox and send it back, once, twice, hell some people have done it three times but at least I won’t have to pay $150. Making someone pay that for a dusty console that hasn’t even been out a year is just plain ridiculous. Can any of you SONY people hear that? It sounds like another nail going into your coffin.

  285. Eddie2010 says:

    @ogman: If that were the case Microsoft would have long been dead and barried.

  286. Eddie2010 says:

    @GameBreaker: Get your stuff straight, The 80 gig model comes with Motorstorm. Can the smart people hear the IDIOT.

    Brick your console after the 1yr. warenty and see what you get, unless you get the three ring error( microsofts design flaw) you’ll be paying a $150.00 repair fee.

  287. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    I cant stress enough that my room is clean and relatively free of dust, as was the ps3, the usb ports were quites dusty as i couldnt clean them comfortably, same with the MMC ports.


    First of all i have redacted the urge to call and complain from the post as of earlier yesterday, second off, Given the quotes are 100% correct is it not the attitude that upper management should be treating such a situation?

    And i very much doubt that thousands of people would call because i posted on the playstation forums.

    @ helpful people

    Thanks, good to know there are some understanding, sane people out there.

    That website looks great, Ill do that if this doesnt get resolved soon.


    Im done arguing my point with you, as its obvious your mind is made up as to what you beleive no matter what.
    Its not my Paypal account, The ps3 was an early christmas gift, When I said 8 months in the story it was because I didn’t know the exact date I got the ps3 by heart.

  288. pixelsword says:


    I hope you’re telling the truth…

  289. Eddie2010 says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: My room is dusty and I don’t have any dust in my USB ports.

  290. Eddie2010 says:

    Just adding a few things.

    How in a relatively dust free room do you get quite dusty USB ports, but the rest of your PS3 is not dusty. I’ve had my PS3 since release and have not had a problem with dust collecting in the ports and I have not done anything but wipe it off with a dust free cloth. There is no dust collected around the vents either.

    Everything you say seems to be a contradiction.

  291. busboy33 says:

    “anyone who says “well i guess i’m never buying sony”, weren’t going to in the 1st place”

    You’re not speaking in . . . absolutes, are you?

    Where is my Star Wars quote book . . .

  292. busboy33 says:

    So the problem is IveAlwaysGotMail was a jerk to the CS? Lets assume that’s true . . . what does it have to do with Sony refusing to honor a warranty for excessive dust?
    The issue with this is Sony refusing to honor the warranty. Period. Ive’s CSR manners, the 360s RRoD, other companies CSR bahavior, Sony’s other products . . . none of them have anything to do with the not-fixing of the PS3 in any way, shape, or form.

  293. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Thank you, Although i still like to think i really wasnt out of line speaking to any of the reps i spoke to. Keep in mine the recorded call was after about 8 calls to them in 1 day trying to get someone to understand that i was being ripped off.

    Thats strange, Search the web for stories about the ps3 being a dust magnet, Start here
    “ps3 kicks ass at collecting dust” shows kotakus ps3 after 3 weeks of having it, it already dusty.

  294. Solange82200 says:

    @turbowagon: You are right, scew the BBB. Contact the Office of Attorney General. My previous job was working for a cell phone company in their legal dept., resolving these kind of agency complaints. The BBB is not taken seriously, but the OAG IS. They have the ability to shut you DOWN if they find that you are not satisfactorily resolving customer complaints.

  295. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    You really think so? I’ve heard alot of people Recommending I contact the attorney general. A few more and i will, If by tomorrow I haven’t heard from Sony Do that, The BBB, and Planetfeedback.com, Also letters to alot of sony execs etc.

    I didn’t even realize until yesterday evening that this story was copied by literally dozens and dozens of sites! Thanks for your support!

  296. billytech says:

    I have worked at a Sony factory service center for over 14 years until they closed it to save money in the Ma area. The problem you are having is due to the front load mechanism – A very similar mech was used in their 10 disc CD changer. (The mechanics that LOAD the disc, obviously not the bluray CDM drive itself.) The slot is an opening that invites dust onto the optical pickups objective lens. The fan blows air OUT of the PS3 and over the heat sinks, but the air ENTERS from the openings in the consoles case, like the disc slot. The rollers that insert the disc also glaze over time and give difficulty loading the disc properly every time. (Numark CDX and HDX DJ CD players also use this system and are giving trouble just like the Sonys.) You may/WILL want to learn how to open the drive and clean the objective lens and rollers yourself, (It’s not difficult) or pay Sony to do it. DON’T get a CD cleaning disc though.(The disc with the little brush…) They tend to “Bend” the objective lens – (A VERY Bad thing.)
    It’s a slick way to insert the disc, but it’s not without its drawbacks. A traditional computer drive with a tray doesn’t suffer from this problem because they tend to be sealed airtight.
    Everyone get out your #2 Philips screwdriver…

  297. Eddie2010 says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: Doesn’t say dust Magnet, you know you are full of it, Kotaku is Known for there sarcasm. If you used common sence, You would Know that it doesn’t collect anymore dust than any other electronic device. It shows more brcause it is black and shinny. You and Busboy33 need to get married, you commpliment each other so well.

  298. busboy33 says:

    If it doesn’t collect dust at a higher rate than other devices, how could it possibly fail for excessive dust in under a year, unless Ive poured an ashtray into it?
    You’re really this hemmed up over the use of the phrase “dust magnet”? Assuming it’s not a dust magnet, Sony’s insistance that it hoovered up enough dust in less than 12 months to cause it to fail seems even more incredulous.

  299. b_l_z_bob says:

    Two things I would consider.

    1) Tell them you are an atheist so terms such as “Acts of God” will need further clarification. Since there is no God, there can be no acts from such a being.

    2) Send a little email off to one of the national news stations. They like to run with this stuff sometimes. If you can, find a commentator that may find favor with such a story.

    Personally, I think you should call back and record the conversation. Don’t ask, tell them that the conversation is being recorded for training purposes (you’ll be training others on how to deal with poor customer service).

    Good luck.

  300. Eddie2010 says:


    Your friend Ive keeps using the term dust magnet, brainless. If you you can comprehend anything but your own thoughts you would quite obviously see that I am disagreeing with the us of the term.

    I can see you think you are smarter than everyone else but you have said very little to prove it. Longwinded post, with lots of double talk makes you look like someone who needs lots of attention, busboy.

  301. Eddie2010 says:

    @busboy33: There is no poof that Sony said the reason was because of dust. Ive is the one that keeps pushing the dust thing. Apparently your in love and only seeing things with rose colored glasses on.

  302. busboy33 says:

    a) I have no idea who Ive is.
    b) he used the term dust magnet. so did other posters in this thread alone (see the 100th post for example). You are the one flipping out about it and losing your temper, not Ive, not the other posters . . . just you.
    c) I see you are disagreeing with the use of the term. What does that have to do with anything going on in this thread? I disagree with the way you act like an ass, but them’s the berries, as they say.
    d) Awww . . . you’re hurting my feelings. really. Attack me personally, attack Ive’s personally, obsess over the phrase “dust magnet” . . . anything you can do to avoid talking about Sony not honoring their warranty.
    e) concise enough for you?

  303. Eddie2010 says:

    @busboy33: @busboy33
    It can happen under extreme conditions.

    Heres an example, I have had a computer I built for a little over a year. I have a fairly clean house that may get a little dusty from time to time. I clean the case about once a year and the last time I did this I had to run My finger through the case to see any dust. There was very little dust in a years time.

    On the other hand

    My brother has a computer he baught a little before I built mine. He has animals and both him and his wife smoke, his house is not the nastiest nor the cleanest. I recently installed a gtaphics card for him and found that the inside of the case was extremely nasty, greasy film, pet hair and dust. I had to clean it, because I could not stand how nasty it was. If I ran a company that provided a warenty for this computer, I would consider it missuse.

    We only have this guys word that his room is clean and his PS3 is not dusty, but the USB ports are Quite Dusty (contradiction).

    There are so many holes in this guys story that the only thing I believe is that he has a broken console that Sony says it can not repair because of missuse.

  304. Eddie2010 says:

    @busboy33: Like I said you Only see what you want to see. Sounds like you have lost your temper, Busboy. Hipacrit

    Your comments are arraghant, hipacritical.

    It seems your obsessed with me not liking the use of term dust magnet.

    Like I said, Your not as smart as you think you are.

    See Ya!

  305. busboy33 says:

    I’m not obsessed with you . . . I’m answering your statements and accusations directed at me. Try not to swell your head too much . . . I wouldn’t want you to become an “attention whore” (Dear God, he might actually post more!)

    “see ya”? Does that mean you’ll finally stop posting and insulting me, Ive, and anybody else who doesn’t agree with you? Thanks be to heaven!! Only took 48 hours.

  306. pixelsword says:

    Ivealwaysgotmail10 is lying.

    He’s a liar, probably some spoiled rich kid who lives like some hick and got his stuff dirty and wants revenge because a CSR didn’t let this brat walk all over him. I can tell he’s lying because he never posted on his or his father’s ebay blog what happened to him… it’s because that account was his father’s. ivealwaysgotmail is so full of lying that he probably craps pentagrams.

    • ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

      @pixelsword: Wow i can comfortably say i have no motivation to set you straight

      you obviously have the IQ of an unsharpened pencil. Only matched by your ability to fill every unkown detail with mundane random babble.

  307. pixelsword says:

    I’m sorry, it’s probably because his account WASN’T his fathers.

    He’s a big, fat, moronic liar. He’s probably poor as a welfare rat, too.

  308. busboy33 says:

    Am I reading the above correctly? Did you accuse Ive of being both “probably some spoiled rich kid” and “probably poor as a welfare rat” within the span of one minute?

    That is the most impressive thing I’m likely to see all day. Kudos to you, sir.

  309. pixelsword says:


    That’s why I apologized. :D

  310. busboy33 says:

    Out of curiosity, what does his financial status have to do with any of this? It obviously isn’t affecting your opinion, so I’m trying to figure out why it matters (or at least matters enough to speculate about).

    @ Anybody and Everybody:
    Does anyone know why the Consumerist is running two seperate threads for the same discussion? Is this just a by-product of running the “No, Wait, Dust doesn’t void the Warranty” information as a seperate story, as opposed to an update on the first post? Id there any way they can combine them? Seems silly (to me, at least) to have identical discussions in two neighboring threads.

  311. pixelsword says:

    Well, actually, it doesn’t matter what his financial status is because he’s lying plain and simple. Being on welfare has nothing to do with the intregrity of a man, so I aplolgize if I offended anyone or gave that impression; but he seems like a person who is trying to get over on someone, in this case, Sony.

    See, he put up info from what he is now saying is his dad’s account, but yet he never posted a complaint from his dad’s account. It makes it sounds like it’s his account. It would be different if his dad didn’t want him to do that on his account, but if he gave him access, I can’t see him not giving him freedom to complain on ebay. So therefore he has an account. If he said “I didn’t have an account” then I’m the moron, and I would apologize.

    He got caught lying about the date, he specifically said he got it eight months a few different times and using “only eight months” which was a lie according to his account. I would understand if he didn’t give a specific number, but he did, numerous times.

    And the reason why (earlier post) I suspect this dude is named after his father is because I seen most spoiled sissy brats all the time that are named after their father, or at least has the same first name or middle name and they’re like freakin’ father-and-son butt buddies or somethin’ (most jr.s) That’s why he didn’t answer that he was named after his father or not: because he knows I am right. If he would have said “I’m don’t have my dad’s first or middle name” I would admit I was wrong and apologize and then I would have looked like an ass, but he shut up like a little spoiled punk and refused to talk to me, because I was right, just like I was right he is lying.

  312. pixelsword says:

    I got this kid pegged out.

  313. sauce1980 says:

    I haven’t read all the other posts, and I’m sure someone might have already posted this already, but when you call customer service centers that have a warning that the call may be recorded or monitored, you can legally record the call on your side without any further consent on the company’s part, especially if you make sure to record the statement from them that the call may be recorded. This is not necessary, though. If you begin recording the call at a later time, but can show that calls may be routinely recorded by the company during the regular course of business (ie, all of their calls are routinely preceded by this message), you can still do it. Just a hint for next time – whenever you deal with these soulless pricks, make sure you record the call from the begining. You don’t even have to tell them you’re doing it if they may be doing it to you. That way, you level the playing field a bit.

  314. nicesocks says:

    the origin of household dust is mainly your own skin cells shedding off your body. pets are usually the second reason dust collects in your house. if you have adequate air flow, dust should be less of an issue. the only harm this dust can do to you is if small insects -such as dust mites- come and ravage your dust. they can bring infections and diseases into your house, but hardly worth the issue. your own immune system should take care of that well. i have no idead where THEPROF00 got his his info that excess dust can harm you.

    if you truly have excess dust, then cleaning every once and a while isn’t a bad idea. it’s pretty easy to sweep up or vacuum a room once a month. air spray your electronics now and again, even wipe their vents with a damp sponge out to help somewhat.

    however, there is no proof of the “dustiness” associated with his product. sony won’t let him see the photos they claimed to have taken. why not? if he truly was in the wrong, why not send him those photos showing him how dusty his system got?
    or perhaps it’s best to never send him the photos because they might reveal the system isn’t actually all that dusty… and therefore this whole sham they are trying to pull would be revealed.

    but if sony’s machine is a dust sucker, and it’s warranty is void if you open it to get a good cleaning in, then fuck sony. sorry apologetics, but it seems sony has been falling out of grace in the last five years. i can’t wait to see them crash and burn, especially if this is how their customer service is.

  315. Raiden47 says:

    There are a few things to this article I would like to comment on.

    First and foremost: Get a spell checker. This article is riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
    The name “Neil” is brought forth at the beginning of a paragraph, stating “Neil” called the author of this article, and said ..blah.. . Is it just me, or do we not know who “Neil” is? Was he a normal support tech? Perhaps he was the last tech the author spoke to, the one who sent him the box. We may never know.

    On the Sony note:
    There is no reason dust should constitute such an attitude towards warranties. For the “head” supervisor to say no to recording, to say any emails or phone calls would go to her eventually, and that she would not help him any further, is disgusting. No manager should say such things, and I am thoroughly appalled that a business as large as Sony is would ever do such a thing.

    Furthermore, I am going to send a quote out of the Sony warranty page to Jay Leno for his Monday night Headlines segment (specifically taking care to bold[, underline, and italicize the “ACTS OF GOD” line).

    Also, I will be calling in to the Sony support lines to inquire about such a thing as dust killing “my system”. I put “my system” in quotes due to the fact that I do not own any Sony products, and never will.

  316. Raiden47 says:

    You know.. half of you are posting pointlessly.

    It has NOT been stated that dust is the cause of the failure (of the PS3). The dust is apparently hazardous to the service technicians who would work on it, and that is why they will not repair it. Furthermore, they said that paying an extra $150 would allow him to have it fixed, as though it were not under warranty. So the failure might (most likely) have NOTHING to do with dust, whatsoever. They just don’t want to fix it for free because they are cheap, or something like that.

    Has no one considered that the dust may have come from the Sony shop itself? Or the shipping? Or anything else like that, not being the customer’s fault? The dust is not an excuse for not fixing it, nor can dust “void the warranty”, as Sony has said. They only said it has “voided the warranty”, after they stated they would not fix it due to the “hazard” associated with the “dust”. So is it just me, or is Sony trying to make a quick buck? Not that $150 would save their failure of a systeme, but there is honestly no other REAL reason I can think of that they would do such a thing. Corporate email carpet-bombing time, it sounds like.


  317. m4nea says:

    even if dust counts as wear and tear, warranty doesn’t cover that. :)

  318. kicksonfire says:

    hahaha dust is my newest enemy! wow…

    KicksOnFire.com – Air Jordans & Nike SB News and Updates

  319. tntb0101 says:

    Sony has a policy, no reiept=no warranty,great good for them. Honestly how many people that give items for gifts save the reciepts, and if they do how many people remember where they put them. My ps3 has died. It was a gift from my son. Sony basically told me to get lost and accused me of theft. Huh!! I have now had to track down a reciept from my Son who gave my wife cash, to her credit card, to contacting visa for a resolutions request to get a copy of the original reciept with only 26 days left on my warranty. Pease let it get here on time to race down to the repair depot. Oh wait no i still have to call sony back for a repair number first. I think Sony could come up with a better way to keep track of at least original owners purchase date for warranty purposes. And the dust side of the issue, Well please god after all this crap, dont let the dust in my usb ports void my warranty or should i buy a can of compressed air now? Funny thing to add. When my son called Microsoft about a disc his 360 ate. they send him a box to send back his 360 and a new game with no request of a recipt.

  320. Anonymous says:

    And they wonder why there’s so much piracy? I’m not spending a penny on EITHER the PS3 or the X360. I’m going to keep putting my money into my high-end PC, and keep downloading games for free from torrent sites because the console companies have become a racket.

  321. stefinus says:

    99.9 percent of all manufacturer’s warranties do not cover things like dust. they cover manufacturer’s defects wich is why they are such short warranties. A manufacturer’s defect is when your product breaks without any outside influence (Including dust, because the manufacturer did not put your product in a dusty enviroment.) If dust is a known issue with the system maybe you should have checked if it was covered in the warranty, which obviously it was not, and perhaps you should have seen what retailers offer a protection plan (Not an extended warranty) for one Best Buy (I am not a Best Buy employee so there is no bias) offers a protection plan for many of their electronics including the PS3 that covers heat, DUST, humidity, powers surges, wear and tear, and usage (which means that if you pressed a button on it too often the product can be fixed) I was smart and got this said plan and have sent my PS3 in twice so far for repairs and in one occasion the repair was needed because of DUST. But you probably yell at the little 18 and 19 year olds when they try to explain this to you, then call them idiots to your friends until suddenly all that money you spent on your PS3 becomes a waste when all you had to do was spend an extra $50 to make sure that such a waste would not happen. Those 18/19 year old kids now laugh at your epic fail!