So What You're Saying Is Bank Of America Is Basically Powerless To Stop Credit Card Fraud?

“Got a charge on my credit card from “Member Services” for $19.23. This is a card I use for 3 specific bills, and I pay them off the day after the charge shows. I know it’s coming so this stood out.

I called the bank to find out more, and they pointed out this has been happening every 3 months, on the same day, starting in February. I asked for more info on the merchant – All they could give me was “Florida” and an 800#. They said to call them and find out what’s going on and then call the bank back if everything doesn’t go well. So I call the number.

“Thank you for calling Home’s Club – Formerly eClub”

Who what huh? 3 for customer service. “Hi, who are you and why are you charging my credit card?””

Apparently they’re a company that offers a warranty package on my Dish Network equipment but the Customer Service rep pointed out on the phone that I get a FREE warranty package called dish home protection package straight from DISH network so i look it up in my bill, and sure enough I do.

So I ask, obviously, ‘Why are you charging me for this if I get it for free?’

‘Well, we cover your equipment in the case of fire, flood, acts of god, etc.’

This is something my homeowners covers, why the hell would I pay for their plan? I tell them I’ve never signed up for this (which I haven’t) and to refund this month’s and all 3 previous month’s charges ( 19.23 x 4 = 76.92). They will only do this months and put my account into ‘review’ for the previous months.

‘How long will that take?’ I ask.

‘I’ve seen them come back within 72 hours’ she says.

‘So you’ll call me in 72 hours with a resolution’

‘Oh no sir, you have to call us. Please wait 72 hours and then check on your claim. We’ve canceled your service. Goodbye’

So i call the bank back, not only will they not refund the fraud charges from the past but they won’t even contact me, i just have to harass them to see if they got around to it? This is where shit gets good.

I talk to a low level CSR first. He tells me that since they’re checking into it, the bank can do nothing. Oh and by the way, the Feb and May charges – too old – can’t do anything about that. He says in 30 days if I don’t hear back I can dispute the august charge (and November if it isn’t reversed). I’m actually OK with this and understand it’s on my shoulders to check more often for fraud charges.

So then i say, ‘in the meantime, please cancel my card and issue me a new number so they can’t try to continue to charge me’.

He tells me the old number will be linked and any merchant that charges me with authorization for a service contract with me will get billed onto the new card.

‘WHAT?!’ I exclaim.

So I get pissed at this point, and describe a ‘hypothetical’ situation (which happens to be exactly what’s going on now, and he knows this) about how a fraud company could say they had my authorization and continue to charge me. This makes him angry. Then I ask him how they would charge me when I took my accounts to another bank. This makes him angrier. So after he’s done raising his voice, I ask for a manager.

She tells me basically the same thing, only this time, a new nugget of information: Your previously closed accounts can be re-opened and charged by service companies that say they have your authorization to charge that card for services.

I.e. I can take my BofA accounts and credit cards to Wells Fargo, and 3 months later, BofA will reopen my closed credit cards and hand me a bill if they keep charging me.

So, let’s recap: I can – request a new number because of fraud, report my card lost or stolen, cancel my card entirely, and change banks.

And fraudulent charges will still be my responsibility. On closed credit cards.

So much for credit cards being safer than debit cards – no type of card is safe.



There’s a complaint on RipOffReport describing a marketing company offering a similar “Home’s Club Insurance” for DISH network that also was a huge hassle with erroneous charges that they resisted returning to customers. Sounds like a sleazy operation. You might want to contact DISH and see what they have to say as well.

We’re pretty sure the Bank of America’s rep excuse about the charge being too old to reverse is false.

And a new account will be linked to the old and charges can still be passed on? What the hell? Closing your account is supposed to be the number one way to stop fraudulent transactions. So Bank of America is telling us that we can continue to be defrauded forever as long as the company keeps saying we gave them an authorization? So Bank of America is basically powerless to stop credit card fraud?

Apparently, yes, and not just credit card fraud. In May, a Chicago Tribune reporter and Bank of America customer was a victim of old fashioned check washing fraud. The perp stole an envelope containing a payment the reporter had made for his student loans, and changed it to make himself the payee. The reporter closed the account, got a new one, placed a fraud alert, and filed a police report. The thief was still able to cash the check because Bank of America linked the old account to the new.

Try calling back again. This time, don’t get testy. The moment you lose your cool is the moment you lose.

There’s also these escalation numbers:

Executive Customer Relations: 704-386-5687
Corporate Headquarters: 704-386-5972 / 704-386-5681
Operator: 800-900-9000 (press 0 twice)

And writing the CEO:

Mr. Kenneth D. Lewis
100 N. Tryon Street.
Mail Code NC-1-007-18-01
Charlotte, NC 28255

American Express is much better about doing chargebacks and finding in favor of the customer. Consider switching.

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