Reach Verizon Internet Executive Customer Service

Cassandra Flippin
Consumer Advocate in the Verizon Executive Offices

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(Photo: Sam Wilkinson)


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  1. BigNutty says:

    I just called the number and reached a recording from a woman named Cassadra from Verizon customer advocacy. The great customer runaround game continues.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    @BigNutty: If you have an issue, try leaving her a message.

  3. synergy says:

    Her last name is Flippin awesome.

  4. citking says:

    She is the one who helped me get a new DSL modem after 2 technicians from Verizon said the reason my DSL modem’s web management page wouldn’t come up was due to a defective phone line (figure that one out). She’s great at follow-up and will get things solved quickly. I sent Verizon an EECB on Friday, she called Saturday, and I had my modem on Tuesday. I recommend her for any Verizon-related issue.

  5. HaddenPers?phon says:

    I tried Cassandra’s number tonight and it is now an invalid number.
    If anyone has a newer contact number for large Verizon customer
    service issues, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been pulling
    my hair out all day dealing with this company. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just mentioning Cassandra’s name may do the trick. It did for me, but I may just have been lucky.

    I just cancelled my phone service portion with Verizon while keeping my DSL (got Vonage for international calling), and received an email from Verizon stating my monthly bill was going to increase to $49.99 for Internet Only service. Looking at, I should be charged only $29.99 for the “dry loop DSL”, or internet-only service.

    I called and got the usual runaround from the first level billing rep. I then asked to be transferred to a supervisor and he gave me the runaround; “nothing we can do, that is the charge…” etc. etc.

    I then did this:
    – advised that shows the charge should be $29.99 for DSL only, and that was what I should be charged now
    – asked for this Supervisors name and office and any unique identifier (he only gave his name and office)
    – THEN advised him I needed this information for when I would contact Cassandra Flippin in Executive Customer Service should nothing be resolved about this erroneous increase in my billing.

    He then said “oh, you know someone in Executive Customer Service?” He hemmed and hawed a bit, then said “let me get a Manager….can you hold?”

    10 minutes later my issue was resolved. $29.99 per month.

    Thank you Consumerist!!!

  7. Jon0415 says:

    im debating calling this number. A few months ago I upgraded to the Samsung Glyde, after going through 4 in a month they allowed me to swap to the LG Dare. While this was going on I kept seeing the same Tech rep at the Verizon store near me. Well, a few weeks later this rep called me offering a job, I assumed it was with Verizon because I had just applied.

    He called me numerous times always saying he was Kenny with Verizon, I agreed to an interview and low and behold he was trying to recruit me to sell Amway. I reported him and asked to get my ETF waived because this was a violation of my privacy since he got my number by accessing my account. I was just contacted today and told they will not waive the ETF because they do not judge this as a breech of contract.

    What can I do?

  8. Erie Tan says:

    Phone number no longer works.
    It’s now been 21 days since I put an order to upgrade my dsl from 3mbps to 7.1mbps.
    I placed order Dec. 1 online to go from 3mbps to 5mbps.
    The next day I call Verizon Online billing department to make sure the order was received and to confirm the order. They said they got the order and that it’s for 7.1mbps. So I said great, even better, I asked for an activation date, was given Dec. 10.
    Dec. 11 rolls around, and I’m still 3mbps. I call and was told to wait 7 more days.
    8 days later nothing. I call again, (a Friday), was told to wait 72 hours now. It’s now Dec. 22, 21 days after I placed my order and still nothing higher than 3mbps. SIGH!!!!

  9. daniellefriedland says:

    As of this week, the number for executive customer service that worked is (800) 483-7988, option 3.

    I tried calling and asking for Ivan G. Seidenberg, the CEO, or his executive assistant but they wouldn’t connect me.

    • djreedps says:

      @daniellefriedland: That number worked for me. I had been put on an endless hold with Verizon business department. A message while I was waiting told me to go online to handle my problem. I tried a live chat with Verizon online. After jumping through hoops and a lot of chatting, the moron from Verizon told me he could only handle technical support issues! So why did their business department number tell me to go online? WTF?

      I called the 800-483-7988 number, option 3. The first time, the woman put me on hold and hung up on me. But the second time, I got help. After four phone calls and a useless online chat, I finally got through to Verizon.

      • djreedps says:

        @djreedps: Verizon is screwing me over. I was able to reach them last month to cancel my DSL service. Now I see that they are still charging me after their customer service rep told me that my service had been canceled. After waiting on hold for 7 minutes to talk with a call center supervisor, apparently in India by the accent of the first woman who answered my call, I hung up. I called the executive customer service number, and got through right away. The woman there, who spoke very clearly and in English, told me the business office I needed to speak with was already closed because it was after 5pm.

        Argh! Why do companies like Verizon hire customer service people who LIE?!? Why did the guy last month tell me my service was canceled when it obviously was not?!? I HATE VERIZON!

  10. djreedps says:

    Verizon did call me back this morning. The guy from Verizon did confirm that I had canceled my account last month. He said they are going to credit back any charges made after that time. I had wanted to ask him why their customer service rep who last month had confirmed that my account was canceled either lied to me or else somehow made a mistake, but after the guy today agreed to fix their problem I didn’t want to get into anything else. I still am trying to find out how they could have told me last month for certain that my account was canceled but then still go on charging me.

    This won’t be over until I actually see the charges credited back to my credit card and no additional charges made. But why did I have to go through this? Consolidated Edison, the electric utility in Brooklyn, allowed me to cancel my service via their website, and after I canceled it they no longer charged me. With Verizon, an internet service provider, I had to call them, wait on hold, then talk to someone who tried to sell me more service at my new address which I declined, and then said my account was canceled when it was not.