Canon's Customer Service Is Helpful, Painless

A reader writes in to commend Canon for their efficient and—brace yourselves—helpful customer service: “I was on the phone less than two minutes beginning to end.” Among the surprises: the customer service department was based in the U.S., he was called back when a rep was available instead of being abandoned in an endless hold loop, the people he spoke with seemed motivated to help him, and the Canon rep had enough autonomy and intelligence to come up with an alternative solution when the original problem couldn’t be solved.

When I called the main number,I was asked by the computer what product I was called about (Printers), then department (support), and asked the type of printer (pixma).  They said “You are now being transfered to our Virginia based customer service center.”

…after a minute, they offered to call *me* back after 3-5 minutes when a agent was available.  Wow.  No listening to hold music.  I can dig that. Three minutes later the phone rang, connected me immediately and a friendly southern gentlemen (perhaps on the veranda with a mint julep) answered and I asked him to describe the markings of the power cable that went in the back of the printer.  He said he wasn’t sure, but parts should know. I was transferred to parts and the guy was looking the info up, but coming up short on what the cable would look like.

I figured this could be a lost cause, so I asked how much it was (figuring $10-$15 and getting it resolved quickly).  The guy said “Since we should be able to tell you something simple like that, and we can’t, I’ll send the cord no charge.”

Now if only they could fix my Pixma printer, which apparently has an Altoid jammed so far into the paper feeder that I can’t reach it.

(thanks to Dave!)