Sprint Joins The "Prorated ETFs, No Contract Extension For Rate Plan Changes" Pool Party

Sprint decided yesterday that the water was fine at the “prorated ETF/ no contract extensions for rate plan changes” pool party and has jumped right in. You can change your rate plan starting Monday, but will have to wait until sometime next year for the prorated ETFs.

From their press release:

Beginning Monday, Nov. 12, as part of the company’s pledge to enhance the overall customer experience, customers will have even more flexibility by being able to change their rate plans without having to renew their contracts.

Plus during 2008, Sprint plans to implement a new prorated early termination fee (ETF) policy. More specific launch information and details of that policy will be announced next year.

We can’t wait.

Sprint Announces New Programs to Deliver Better Customer Experience (Press Release)
(Photo:Alan Light)

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