Get Last Minute Holiday Travel Deals

FareCompare found some late-breaking deals good for Thanksgiving and Christmas travel. The deals are on specific routes. If you can be flexible with your dates, there’s savings to be found. You must book at least 7 days in advance, and at least 14 is preferable. Even Johnny-come-latelys can to grandma’s house go.

Amazing – Last Minute Holiday Airfare Sales [FareCompare]
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  1. protest says:

    maybe i did this wrong, but that site really p*ssed me off. don’t show me a calander of $99 dates for my route, and then calculate a $500 flight. gave me the same price as travelocity.

  2. chicagojim says:

    Yep – farecompare is nothing special. I prefer kayak for better searching tools. This told me 99 R/T from Chicago to Orlando – Actual price: $154, same as I found on kayak :(

  3. kimmie says:

    Wow… that’s some serious flexibility they ask for. I put in 12/21 to 1/1. It came back with Nov something to January 11.

  4. Trackback says:

    If you’re concerned with hefty flight prices this holiday season, Consumerist has just announced that Farecompare will be posting late-breaking deals for flights over the next couple of months. Criteria includes being flexible with your dates and booking at least seven days before your trip.