Capital One Bills You Twice In One Month

I had an interesting experience with Capital One this morning. After paying our bill in full promptly for 10 years we were notified today that we owe the company a couple of hundred dollars due tomorrow November 09, 2007.

The bill due November 09, 2007 was already paid. We are being recharged before our statement date.

Basically the company double billed us in the same billing cycle. The charge amounts are for purchases that have not been posted to a bill yet. We have not received a statement for the November billing cycle, The representative who was in some foreign country told us to pay what we owed. The charges are correct, however they should have been applied to the November statement which we never received and is not due. All our statements are online and should be current. There is no statement showing these charges as the billing cycle has not closed. The money is chump change, I paid the charges before the statement was posted. I bet they bill me again for the same charges at the end of this billing cycle. We are closing our accounts with Capital One.

To this point I couldn’t believe the horror stories I heard about this company. I am a believer now.

Good for you. CapitalOne isn’t actually a “No Hassle” card, they just play one on TV.


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