Home Depot Employee Caught Issuing Store Cards To Fake Customers

Apparently, security is such at the Home Depot that an employee can ID theft his imagination. According to Newsday, an employee of Home Depot was caught issuing cards to fake people and then using them at other stores.

Darwin Munro, 41, of Jamaica, was arrested at 4:45 p.m. Thursday in Elmont and faces numerous charges including first-degree identity theft, falsifying business records, fraud and grand larceny.

Criminals beware. You can be charged with “first-degree id theft” even if the “person” you’re “ID thefting” is Harvey the Rabbit.

Elmont Home Depot employee charged with scam [Newsday]


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  1. brew400 says:

    i love swift justice

  2. HeyThereKiller says:

    a whopping 15 minute drive from the Green Acres Mall ID Theft kiosk

  3. schiff says:

    I hate to say it but this doesnt surprise me in the least. Thats the closest home depot to me and the employees are poorly supervised, and the store is mis-managed on a whole.

  4. TurboWagon00 says:

    Yeah, Home Depot’s credit dept is pretty much a joke. I received a PRE-ACTIVATED credit card with a $5000 (five thousand dollar) limit in the mail a few weeks back. Only problem ? Not my name on the card, but the name of a neighbor who lives at 12×4 Main Street (I live on 12y4 Main Street). It took a 15 minute phone call and two transfers to figure out what happened, and why it was an issue.

    I also cancelled my actual HD card, if this is how lax they are with things.

  5. BigNutty says:

    Good old employee theft. Believe me when I say the cameras and security are supposed to watch over the employees more than the customers.

    Vegas has brought this idea of watching employees to the ultimate level.

    I have had many jobs over several years and one was undercover security at thrifty drug stores in CA. Sure customers would steal, but the employees were the worst. You can’t even trust the undercover security employee.