Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Tells People To Cancel Comcast, Time Warner

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones respectfully requests that you cancel Time Warner Cable and/or Comcast for not letting you have the NFL network on regular basic cable.

TWC, Comcast and other cable companies have refused to carry the channel on basic cable because they say it costs too much and they don’t want to raise rates for all of their subscribers to pay for a channel that only a few people want.

Comcast briefly carried the channel on its basic cable package, but sued to have it moved to a more “a la carte” sports tier and won. Neither they, nor Time Warner cable, seem too concerned about a backlash.

“We don’t think any of our customers will disconnect just because Jerry Jones tells them to do so.” said Time Warner spokesperson Maureen Huff.

Until Sunday Ticket isn’t DirecTV only, the NFL, including Jerry Jones, should really just shut the hell up.

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(Photo:Traveling Fools Of America)