U.S. Government Guilty Of Passport Price Gouging?

NY Senator Chuck Schumer says that the state department is price gouging by charging $97 to process a passport. Apparently, it doesn’t cost nearly that much, according to a new congressional investigation.

From the AP:

At issue is a $30 portion of the fee intended to cover the cost of clerks examining and accepting passport applications.

Congressional investigators found that the fee was roughly double the actual cost when it was imposed in 2002.

And calculations show that this year, the government collected at least 111 million dollars more in fees than its stated costs.

The senators say passports shouldn’t be used to make profits and they want to know where that money went.

You can add us to the list of people who would also like to know where that money went.

Two Senators Think Travelers Were Gouged Over Passport Fees [WGRZ]

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