20 Sites Where You Can Find Deals

Maybe you’re one of those people who will manage to actually follow through with the whole “home-made, simpler gift giving” concept this season. For the rest of you who don’t want to sit around making dolls and paper-mache serving dishes over the next six weeks, Kiplinger’s has a list of 20 sites to help you score the best prices on your holiday shopping this year.

You might recognize most, if not all, of their suggestions—places like PriceGrabber, Pronto, Froogle, and FatWallet—but hey, looking is free, so why not check it out before your big gift shopping sprees begin?

“Amazing Holiday Deals Online” [Kiplinger’s]
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  1. BigNutty says:

    Who determines which one of these businesses is actually a “great deal”. With so many places to shop and find deals, it seems like an advertisement unless the place has something to offer that is priced so low everyone will recognize the savings immediately.

  2. harleymcc says:

    If you’re Canadian http://www.Dealguild.com is the site for deals and you get cash-back.

    Since March I’ve gotten $200CA ($214US) back for buying stuff at Dell, EBay, and such.

  3. SexCpotatoes says:

    dealers determine the deals, big nutty, it’s fairly elementary that way.

  4. Asvetic says:

    I use 4 different sites, and not one of them was listed in this article. [www.Dealnews.com], [www.Dealhack.com], [Dealighted.com] and [www.Bargainist.com] and for coupon codes [retailmenot.com]

    They’re the easiest I’ve found to navigate (especially dealnews) and they’ve had the lowest prices usually.

  5. Landru says:

    I dunno. I think I might pay just a little more to know what I’m getting and when. All this having to buy it at the absolute least price is a little corrosive. Customer service and reliability is worth something.

  6. MENDOZA!!!!! says:

    Lately I’m in the “get what you pay for camp”.
    I’d be suspect of these if I was buying an HDTV or something of that ilk.

  7. bbbici says:

    Google and Ebay seem to be the best dealfinder. These supposed dealfinder sites simply don’t have the critical mass to be very good.

  8. j3s says:

    @Asvetic: One possible reason for some of the sites you listed not being in the original article might be the simple fact that they are nothing more than front-ends/portals that “borrow” postings and information from other sites such as FatWallet and SlickDeals.