MySpace Advertising To Become Much More Targeted

The LA Times is reporting that MySpace ads are about to get much more targeted. Soon, small businesses and individuals will be able to use templates to create banners ads. They will then be able to specify the characteristics of users they want to reach. User’s profiles will be mined for data that indicates their individual tastes and habits.

“We’re looking at everything people put into their profiles and what their friends are into,” said Arnie Gullov-Singh, a Fox Interactive vice president.

The announcement comes a day ahead of the planned introduction of a new advertising system by MySpace’s chief rival, Facebook Inc. MySpace is larger by most measures, but Facebook is growing faster and lately has attracted more attention from technology companies.

Facebook’s plan also is expected to use information from user profiles and may target ads to those users even as they view pages elsewhere on the Web.

MySpace’s so-called hyper-targeting takes into account the obvious — such as hobbies and interests posted by MySpace’s 110 million registered users — but also more subtle clues, such as the pictures they use in the background of their pages and what they blog about.

MySpace will let users aim advertising at site members


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  1. 7j6cei says:

    So, does that mean all the pictures of the strip clubs I have up on my MYSPACE page means I get add’s now for those……. ;-)

    he he he he he

  2. Galls says:

    And this is why I never touched myspace or facebook.

    Because I saw this coming from years away.

  3. Hoborg says:

    You my-space whippersnappers are lucky! Back in my day, all we got was the same ad for the X10 Camera. And we LIKED it.

  4. bsankr says:

    i haven’t used myspace in a long while, but all i remember were those scary TRUE ads on every page i visited.

  5. canerican says:

    I really don’t care. I don’t use MySpace, but I used FaceBook, if I don’t like them trying to make better profits by targeted ads at me… I’ll leave.

  6. theblackdog says:

    That’s why Firefox with Adblock Plus is so great. I haven’t seen a MySpace Ad in years!

  7. stubar says:

    I have a soft spot in my heart for myspace targeted ads. I remember when I decided to spell out my sexual preference in my profile, and suddenly all the pictures of “hot” girls turned into pictures of really hot shirtless guys. Sure, I guess it does seem like a minor invasion of privacy, but hey, SHIRTLESS GUYS!

  8. *sigh* they already do this on MySpace with their GoogleAds. Hopefully, though, the upgrade in technology will at least spare me from all the Christian ads, just because I put “atheist” in my profile.

  9. morganlh85 says:

    It’s not the PAID advertising on Myspace I worry about. It’s the stealth advertising placed on my comments by my “friends” who want me to check out their webcam or find out how to get a Chanel bag “for free.”

  10. AbstractConcept says:

    I think this is good news.. People don’t like advertising because they’re presented with things they don’t want or need. If people are targeted more specifically at least they can be sold things they want.

  11. @AbstractConcept: Depends on the targeting algorithm though. Again, a lot of atheists and agnostics on MySpace get ads for Christian services because something in Google’s ad thingy targets those words.

  12. MaliBoo Radley says:


    Exactly .. I get ads on my myspace for vegan stuff because I happen to mention meat … sweet, delicious meat. It’s more funny than annoying, but only a bit.

  13. Maulleigh says:

    ANYTHING is better than the dumb smiley banners that yell “HELLO!!!” every time I mistakenly roll over them.

    I, for one, welcome our new advertising overlords.

  14. tspack says:

    Myspace has ads?

    (Firefox’s Adblock is wonderful.)

  15. WV.Hillbilly says:

    Just another reason to use Firefox and the Ad Block extension.
    I haven’t seen an ad on any site for years.

  16. Moimeme says:

    Hmmm…I dunno if I care too much about them mining my tastes and giving me advertising related to what I actually LIKE. I would much prefer it to the current slew of barely clad butts. Though I might miss the dancing super-mortage alien.