JetBlue Wants You, Canada

Increased competition may drive airfares to Canada lower if JetBlue gets it way. The low-cost airline has applied to begin serving our neighbor to the north, says the Globe and Mail.

Low-cost U.S. carrier JetBlue Airways Corp. is applying to launch charter and scheduled service between Canada and the United States, a move that is expected to shake up Canadian rivals and reduce transborder fares.

JetBlue, which built its reputation on a combination of low fares and in-flight services such as free snacks and seatback screens with live television, proposes to use 150-seat Airbus A320s and 100-seat Embraer ERJ-190s for new flights into Canada.

JetBlue will start flying private charter jets to and from Canada next spring and are waiting on regulatory approval to begin regular commercial service.

Domestic airlines face low-cost rival from U.S. [Globe and Mail]


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  1. VaMPKiSS1 says:

    YAY! I’ve been waiting for this forever! I’ve been bussing it up to Vancouver from Seattle the last few times I went just because that was the closest JetBlue would fly me.

  2. huadpe says:

    I too hope this comes to pass, I’m from NY, but go to school in Montreal, and airplanes are ‘spensive on that route, despite it being shorter than NYC-Buffalo, which JetBlue does do.

  3. PaulS says:

    I’m concerned about the overall effect companies like JetBlue have on the industry.

    Let’s be honest – JetBlue and other low-cost carriers are essentially a parasite on the industry.

    Is it fair to the industry to have JetBlue flying only the highly profitable routes (to/from Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto), and competing with Air Canada and other carriers that are required to fly to Sydney, Halifax, and St. John’s?

    Right now, I can fly to London, England from vancouver for about 1/2 the price of a ticket from Vancouver to Halifax. Let’s get situations like that remedied before we allow foreign companies to cherry-pick profitable routes.

  4. typetive says:

    Hey Meg – That’s not how I asked for my photo to be credited.

  5. synergy says:

    Jetblue needs to have flights in parts of the country completely away from the coasts. You know, where most of the country lives.

  6. Benny Gesserit says:

    @PaulS: I largely agree with your thoughts – but I think “parasites” is a bit harsh.

    But, then, I’m reminded of “WardAir”, “CanJet” and even the “Canada3000” debacle — thousands(?) of people trapped in all over the country when they went belly up over a weekend. JetBlue may fall prey to the curse of cheap Canadian airlines.

    While I’m nostalgic about Canadian airline horror, remember “Canadian Airlines”? To steal a line from Joan Rivers, the WORST! They didn’t even fly, they just TAXIED to Toronto!

  7. lyndyn29 says:

    @synergy: JetBlue started as a small Atlantic Coast carrier. Given that their primary hubs ARE in Boston and JFK and probably always will be, they’ve done pretty well expanding over the last few years. It looks like they’re building up Salt Lake City to be a major interior hub – it would be nice if they’d connect Denver to SLC, then I could get just about anywhere they fly easily from Denver.

    I would love and use a Montreal connection, but Burlington’s really not that far away.

  8. lyndyn29 says:

    @PaulS: Actually, they’ve built their business on nonstop flights from big hubs to exactly those little airports that usually require an outrageously expensive connection through a smaller regional hub. (Tucson’s not a big market, but you can sell a lot of nonstop tickets from Tucson to New York when the other airlines are only selling flights that route through Houston and Detroit and cost three times as much.)

    A Canadian set of routes would probably follow this model and serve exactly those small cities you’re concerned about, but only by connecting each of them to ONLY, say, Toronto and Vancouver, not each other.

  9. avantartist says:

    despite everything stated, i’m all for jet blue increasing their locations. i would have to say it’s hands down the best airline carrier i’ve ever flown [even with their problems]. JetBlue and other low-cost carriers have to start somewhere.

  10. jonnypage says:

    If only WestJet flew more places in the US. Now that would be sweet.