IRS Warns Consumers Of "California Wildfire" Phishing Scam

The IRS is warning consumers of a new email scam going around posing as the IRS and soliciting donations for the California wildfire victims.

From the IRS:

In an effort to appear legitimate, the bogus e-mails include text from an actual speech about the wildfires by a member of the California Assembly.

The scam e-mail urges recipients to click on a link, which then opens what appears to be the IRS Web site but which is, in fact, a fake. An item on the phony Web site urges donations and includes a link that opens a donation form which requests the recipient’s personal and financial information.

The IRS also warns that clicking the link downloads malware. “The malware will steal passwords and other account information it finds on the victim’s computer system and send them to the scamster.”

The IRS asks you to forward this email and any other IRS-related phishing scams you get to

IRS Warns of E-mail Scam Soliciting Donations to California Wildfire Victims
(Photo:Richard DS)

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