Consumer Groups Ask FCC To Ban Comcast From Blocking Any Peer-To-Peer Activity

Advocacy groups and legal scholars filed a network neutrality complaint with the FCC today against Comcast, asking the government to issue a temporary injunction against the cable company that forces it to “stop degrading any applications. Upon deciding the merits, the Commission should issue a permanent injunction ending Comcast’s discrimination.” More importantly, the complaint asks the FCC to classify any blocking of peer-to-peer file sharing as a violation of the agency’s Internet Policy Statement, “four principles issued in 2005 that are supposed to ‘guarantee consumers competition among providers and access to all content, applications and services.'”

“Comcast’s blatant and deceptive BitTorrent blocking is exactly the type of problem advocates warned would occur without net neutrality laws,” Ben Scott, policy director at Free Press, also in Washington, said in a statement. “Our message to both the FCC and Congress is simple: We told you so, now do something about it.”

“Comcast Hit with FCC Network Neutrality Complaint” [eWeek]
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