Blue Shield lies to popular political blogger, his wife, and anesthesiologist, to avoid paying fully for an epidural. [Daily Kos]


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  1. JiminyChristmas says:

    Way to go Blue Shield of California!

    I wonder if they have realized yet that they landed themselves on the front page of a blog, and not in a good way, that gets 500,000 unique site visits every day?

  2. mconfoy says:

    What is Blue Shield as opposed to Blue Cross? Is the cross mightier than the shield?

  3. powerjhb says:

    It is not Blue Shield who is entirely in the wrong here. The anesthesiologist is partly at fault. Although Blue Shield should be helping Kos resolve the issue.

    I had a similar problem with HealthNet whereby the lab tried to charge me the difference from the preferred rate. HealthNet told me it was illegal for the lab to charge me once they had accepted any payment from them for the services. They actually sent the lab a cease and desist order on my behalf and told them not to contact me any longer or else there would be legal consequences.

    By the way, the help from HealthNet came after I was forced to leave them since they were no longer one of the plans offered by my employer. I just got the bill 6 months after the services were rendered and I had already changed insurance companies.

  4. Tristan Smith says:

    I dont know if he was being sarcastic or not, but a government run health care program would be way worse. I love my country, but the system is flawed. For example, the patent system is a mess, so is social security, the CPSC, Postal system and Public education. Get these things right then i’ll concider them any where near my organs.

  5. TurboWagon00 says:

    Talk about screwing with the wrong guy, at the wrong time. I expect an update shortly “BCBS is very concerned about our customers privacy and is looking into this very important matter”.

  6. internal says:

    This is typical for anesthesiologists. Most are not a part of any health plan or system so they can charge the most money. They are among the best paid in healthcare for a reason.

    I ran into this same problem before. We simply called Aetna and explained and they paid the charges. If they will not pay the full bill, you then call the doctors billing office and ask them if they will reduce the bill. 9 times out of 10 they will and it is all taken care of.

  7. 13743an says:

    Just to clarify… BCBS is an affiliation and each Blue plan is separate. Some are non-profits, some are private companies and some are part of WellPoint, a public insurance company that owns all Anthems and a few other Blue plans. BSCA is a non-profit where as BCCA is a subsidiary of WellPoint. Not all Blue plans are the same.

  8. cef21 says:

    This illustrates one of my big frustrations with managed care plans and the administration of hospitals. Most hospitals no longer have their own anesthesiologists or radiologists. Instead, they contract that work out to outside practices. And those practices are often not part of the same health plans that the hospital is.

    As a result, it’s easy to go to a hospital for surgery, expecting it all to be covered in-network, but then get large out-of-network bills for anesthesia and radiology.

  9. xanax25mg says:

    now i’m a young, single guy in my first grown up job, but is $800 a month insanely expensive for insurance? I pay $88 for BCBS in Indianapolis and taking a peek at the rates for a family of 4, it would be $289/mos. How the hell is this guy paying $800 a month? Does he have 15 kids?